WarGame RD - About Us

Welcome to Wargame-RD, your prime online destination for PC and console gaming coverage.

As avid gamers ourselves, we created this site to provide top-notch guides, news, reviews, strategies, and community for today’s biggest AAA video game titles.

Established in 2019, Wargame-RD first started when a group of college friends turned their passion for games like Minecraft, DOTA, and early Call of Duty releases into an online home for fellow players.

After gaining popularity on campus through gaming LAN parties and tournaments, we decided to take things to the next level by launching a website.

Fast forward to today, and Wargame-RD has rapidly grown into a go-to hub serving millions of gamers per month. But our roots remain firm – you’ll still find many of those original founders editing content and moderating forums. We live and breathe the same epic virtual worlds we write about daily.

At Wargame-RD, we provide:

  • Early Access Game Reviews: We receive pre-launch review copies of highly anticipated titles to provide our take on gameplay, graphics, progression systems, and more while you decide on buying.
  • Leveling & Achievement Guides: Stuck trying to clear that one infamously difficult mission or boss? Check our wikis for step-by-step walkthroughs contributed by staff and community members who have mastered the games inside and out.
  • Esports News & Pro Player Spotlights: Get the latest on developments in professional gaming leagues like the ESL and roster changes impacting top-level play through our dedicated esports coverage.
  • Mod Recommendations: We highlight can’t-miss user-made mods across singleplayer experiences to refresh experiences or unlock new ways to play.
  • Active Forums: Our community represents one of the most passionate and engaged groups of gamers online discussing releases big and small daily.