The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) is organized by Riot Games. The tournament is restricted to just ten teams, but it has still produced many accomplished professional players. Veteran players can never rest easy as they are always under pressure from the newcomers who are making names for themselves in the LEC.

1. Nisqy

Team MAD Lions continues to make consistent progress at the LEC. The team’s success is due to a strong pool of players. The team relies heavily on the skills of the mid-laner, Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer.Nisqy

He was born in 1998 of Turkish and Belgian heritage. The role of mid-laner is often an understated one. However, Nisqy is one player who has managed to entrance the audiences following the LEC. He is currently a highly valued team member of SK Gaming.

2. Photon

Gyutae “Photon” Kyeong is a promising young player from South Korea. He was born in 2001 and as a teenager, he joined the academy wing of Team T1. Photon has become a reliable top laner for Team Vitality.

Although the role is highly competitive, Photon has a playing style that should help him withstand the pressure.

3. Yike

G2 Esports is based in the German city of Berlin. One of the team’s rising stars is Martin “Yike” Sundelin. He was born in 200 of mixed Peruvian and Swedish parentage.

Since turning professional, he has impressed G2 Esports fans with his skills as a jungler. Yike has a strong presence in the arena, taking a prominent role in tournaments.

4. Mikyx

G2 Esports can rely on the skills of Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle to help them continue making an impact in the LEC. Mikyx has been an active gamer since he discovered esports at the age of ten. His accomplished playing style soon brought him to the attention of G2 Esports.

The team knows it can rely on Mikyx to outwit the opposition and supply whatever is needed to be a dynamic force in LEC tournaments.

5. Crownie

Team BDS has discovered a first-class bot laner in Jus “Crownie” Marusic of Slovenia.

CrownieHis matchplay has revealed him to be a highly efficient marksman. He has also become a reliable team member, encouraging everyone to pull together to overcome enemies.

It is strongly rumored that thanks to Crownie, Team BDS now has the ability to progress through the LEC with relative ease.

6. Elyoya

Twenty-four-year-old Javier “Elyoya” Prades has been a star player for MAD Lions at the last couple of LEC tournaments. His ability to concentrate on his duties as a jungler helps him perform to the highest quality.

Elyoya is a dedicated team member, trading personal glory for a solid MAD Lions performance.

Visit the LEC schedule at and discover when to see these great players in action.

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