Fauna Animal Conservation Warframe Guide: How to Track Animals

The presence of the Greener and Corps units, which are running here and there on Earth and Venus, makes the Fauna very difficult to survive. You must find and capture all the different animals from the planet.

You can easily do this by getting out and searching for the right tracks and by using the right tactics.

Fauna Animal Conservation

This guide will discuss how to hunt and capture all the different animals from different planets in detail. We will also discuss different methods of capturing Fauna and the best Warframes for hunting.


  • 🌿 The update introduces environmental aspects of the plains that players will need to keep in mind while hunting, adding a layer of complexity to the gameplay.
  • 🦌 The pheromone items work really well and are mighty helpful in tracking the rarest subspecies during the hunt.
  • 🏹 Using sleep arrow on Quackers and tranq rifle on conned rocks & mugeez makes the capture process more efficient and effective.
  • 🌿 Tranquilizer ready a less common variant with the plumage that makes it difficult for a hunter to spot them amongst the foliage.
  • 🔍 Tracking on the plains can be challenging due to agro from grenier units and frequent drop ships.
  • 🦟 Diegans on the Plains of Eidolon are a constant nuisance for players, with their ability to agro and pinpoint players even when cloaked.
  • 🦜 The plains of Eidolon conservation side offers fun track and tranq experiences, especially when going after the stylish critters.

Hunting and Conserving the Local Fauna

Before entering the open world, you need to get some essential equipment such as a Tranq Rifle, obtained by the bUsiness on Fortuna or from the Master Teasonai, only if you have reached a high rank.

You will also need an Echo Lure, which is helpful in hunting. If you have reached a high rank, it is recommended for you to buy all the lures.

After collecting the Tranq Rifle, you will need to equip gear wheels before heading to the open world. Echo Lure is not very important in this mission, and you can successfully hunt Fortuna without equipping any Echo Lure.

How to Capture the Fauna

How to Capture the Fauna

To successfully capture the Fauna, you need to start tracking down different animals. After equipping the Tranq Rifles, you must open the conservation menu, which looks like the fishing menu, and it has three slots present at the bottom right of the screen.

You can use Tranq Rifle in the first slot, the second slot is reserved for lures, and the third slot is used to equip a pheromone. Pheromone is mainly helpful in spawning a rare animal.

The hunting and capturing are divided into four main steps:

Step 1: Firstly, you must start heading toward one of the symbols and fix a starting point of your hunt, such as something relatable to the animal. You must move toward the pile and press the Track button to start the hunt. After pressing the track button, a trail of that animal’s footprint will appear, and you must follow the path until you find a calling point.

Step 2: After following the footprints and reaching a final calling point, you need to equip the right lure in the second slot and use it appropriately. After the first use, the animal will respond. You must mimic the same sound.

It is very complicated as you must match your voice’s frequency to that of an animal. You must follow the blue or purple dot on the indicator to mimic the call successfully.

Step 3: After successfully imitating the call, the creature will automatically spawn closer to you. You must make sure that you use your audio input to hear from where it is called before.

You can also use the Pinned Animal Extinct, which allows you to see the animals on the radar while they approach you. Now, you must take your positions and equip the Tranq Rifle from Slot 1. You must wait for a clear shot, and after getting one, you must use the Tranq Rifle to Tranquilize the animal.

Step 4: After tranquilizing the animal successfully, you must approach it quickly. You must call a remote pickup, and then you are done. The effect of a Tranq rifle lasts for a few seconds only, so you must do everything very quickly.

How to Capture the Fauna 2

After successfully capturing an animal, you must again head to the starting point and repeat all four steps.

How to Capture the Fauna 3

Conservation Warframe Rewards

Capturing and conserving the animal will give you a so-called tag, which can help trade as a respective trader such as Master Teasonai or The Business.

Conservation Warframe Rewards

The Conservation Warframe can be found weekly, the same as the Nightwave mission. It can help give you a tag and stand toward the major syndicates of open-world cities.

Conservation Warframe Rewards 2

Best Warframes for Hunting

Some of the Warframes will make the capture mission so easy, such as Equinox, Ivara, or Excalibur. Using them as your Warframe has many pros, but they also have some cons, such as they will result in decreasing the quality of capture.

1. Equinox


Equinox is considered one of the best warframes for conservation. It has a remarkable ability to put animals to a deep sleep from a very far range and without aiming at them directly.

You must follow the above step until the hidden animal comes out. You can also use the Tranq Rifle to locate nearby enemies. After locating the animal, you must use Equinox’s rest ability on them.

After casting the ability, the animals will go into deep sleep mode then you will have to locate the sleeping animal and recover it.

2. Ivara


Ivara is another excellent choice when it comes to the conservation of animals. It has a unique ability known as Sleep Arrow, which she uses to make the animals asleep. She also can be invisible using her Prowl ability, so it is nearly impossible for the animals to detect her.

You must use a mod for high range, moderate duration, and moderate efficiency.

Final Words

It is a very good game mode of the Warframe, as it does not reward you with some weapons or mods, but it will reward you with Floofs, which is entirely worth it.

If you have decided to complete this mission of conserving animals, you must have to make sure that you choose a powerful Warframe. Otherwise, you will find yourself running with an animal behind you.

This is all about this guide. If you found this guide useful, then please share it once. If you have any questions regarding this topic, you can ask them by commenting down below.

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