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Amidst the wide variety of online slots available today, some people still prefer classic slots that evoke the nostalgia of traditional casinos. The great thing is that in online casinos, classic slots have been given a modern twist. They now come with interesting stories, eye-catching graphics, and exciting bonuses. One of the current favourite classic slots is Book of Sun, and it’s loved by many for good reasons.

About the game

Embark on a journey to Ancient Egypt and join a thrilling treasure hunt for big wins with the popular slot game, Book of Sun. This classic video slot features 5 reels and 3 rows, offering you 10 paylines to explore. Created by the renowned game provider Booongo, this game guarantees a superior gaming experience.

With a high Return to Player (RTP) rate of 95.31%, Book of Sun offers promising chances of winning. The game’s high volatility means that you have the potential for big wins. In fact, you have the opportunity to win up to 5000x your initial bet, which could lead to some impressive payouts!

To get started, you can place bets ranging from €0.20 to €30 per spin. Keep in mind that the higher the bet, the greater your potential winnings. If luck is on your side, you could even hit the jackpot of €15,000, adding an extra dose of excitement to your gameplay.

Theme and symbols

Imagine stepping into the shoes of an archaeologist, ready to explore a mysterious lost temple. As you delve into its secrets, you will uncover fascinating history and myths from a time long ago. Book of Sun is set in a stunning backdrop of the Temple of Ra which stands in a vast desert landscape, with majestic pyramids as protectors of ancient secrets.

As the reels spin, you will encounter an array of symbols that bring the ancient Egyptian world to life. The pharaoh, a symbol of power and royalty, and Anubis, a fearsome god with the head of a jackal, add a sense of mystery to the game. You may also keep an eye out for the mighty scarabs, believed to bring good luck, and a graceful falcon, representing beauty and divinity.

Speaking of which, each symbol on the reels has a special meaning and can help you win big prizes! There are 10 different symbols to discover as you explore the temple and search for the mysterious Book of the Sun. Here are the significant values of each.

Symbol Set of 2 Set of 3 Set of 4 Set of 5
Book of Sun X €2.00 €20.00 €200.00
Pharaoh €1.00 €10.00 €100.00 €500.00
Anubis €0.50 €4.00 €40.00 €200.00
Scarabs €0.50 €3.00 €10.00 €75.00
Falcon €0.50 €3.00 €10.00 €75.00
A X €0.50 €4.00 €15.00
K X €0.50 €4.00 €15.00
Q X €0.50 €2.50 €10.00
J X €0.50 €2.50 €10.00
10 X €0.50 €2.50 €10.00

Special features

In the world of slot games, ‘Book of Sun’ shines brightly not just for its captivating theme but also for its array of special features that will elevate your gaming adventure. Keep a keen eye out for these thrilling bonuses:

Book Wild/Scatter

The Book of Sun is a key element in the game, representing wealth and prosperity! It is a special symbol that serves two important roles: it acts as both a Wild symbol and a Scatter symbol. As a Wild, it can replace any regular symbol to help create winning combinations. As a Scatter, it can pay out prizes no matter where it appears on the reels.

Free spin bonuses

If you manage to get 3 or more book symbols in a single round, you will unlock an exciting bonus: 12 Free Spins! At the beginning of the Free Spins, one regular symbol will be chosen randomly. This selected symbol becomes a special expanding symbol, meaning it can expand and fill the entire reel to create more winning combinations.

Here’s another twist: If you manage to get 3 or more Book of the Sun symbols during the Free Spins, you will trigger an additional 12 Free Spins, giving you even more chances to win big!

Spin the reels now!

Book of Sun showcases the timeless appeal of classic slots. If you’re a fan of Ancient Egyptian-themed games, you’re in for a treat! Booongo, the game developer, offers other exciting titles like Book of Sun: Choice and Book of Sun: Multichance.

Visit your favourite online casino, navigate to the slot games section, and start spinning the reels. Start your adventure in search of the mysterious Book of Sun, which holds the promise of bringing you big wins!

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