Anime Mobile Games Vs. Traditional Gaming: Pros And Cons

Over 227 million people in the US play video games – a popular pastime that can boost your mood and lessen anxiety. Who doesn’t want to live in a fantasy world and experience the thrill of a good game?

Are you considering picking up gaming for your alone time? Well, you need to decide which games to play.

Keep reading as we discuss the differences between mobile anime games and traditional gaming, helping you decide which is best for you!

Why Is Gaming A Good Hobby?

A video game is like reality, only without the consequences. You can fight a battle, build a house, or even die without the repercussions of failure. Games present the chance for consequence-free fun – which is seldom found in reality. And, there are even handy gaming guides to help you when you get stuck!

But, other than providing fun and entertainment, a video game can provide the following benefits in your life:

  • Building skills – in games, you can learn valuable problem-solving, prioritization, and strategic skills that will apply in your daily life and even your career.
  • Stress management – gaming is an excellent hobby for those looking for a distraction from their daily routine. Overthinkers can struggle to focus when watching TV, reading, or enjoying other passive hobbies. Gaming requires you to take an active role in the gameplay, allowing it to consume your focus and distract you from stress and worry.
  • Socialization – depending on your game, you can play online with others or invite your friends over for a competitive or cooperative match. Gaming doesn’t need to be a solo hobby; it can help you bond with your friends (without hitting the clubs and bars, which might drain your energy and your wallet!).

Gaming is a great recreational activity for those seeking an escape, a way to bond with friends, or enhance their problem-solving abilities. However, there are some pre-warnings you should know about before you embark on your gaming adventure.

How To Game In A Mindful Way

Gaming can also affect our digital health, as with our mobile phones, tablets, and TVs. Screen time is becoming a significant concern for many, and managing digital health in the modern age is essential. Here are some best practices to help your game in a mindful, self-honoring way:

  • Set time limits – the last thing you need from a relaxing hobby is a poor night’s sleep. So, set the alarm for bedtime before you begin your gaming session. You could easily get distracted and lose track of time, eating away at your precious sleep time.
  • Take frequent breaks – staring at a screen for too long isn’t suitable for anyone. Take regular breaks, get outside to ‘touch some grass’, and breathe fresh air. Sitting in one place for too long will be bad for your spinal and physical health and mental health.
  • Prioritize – don’t let gaming get in the way of life. See your friends, go to that lunch, and take that hike. Gaming is a great hobby, but it shouldn’t take priority over living your own fantastic life!

Now that you know how to game mindfully, it’s time to choose which game to play. So – should you choose anime mobile games or traditional gaming? Which is best for you?

What Is An Anime Mobile Game?

Anime mobile games are typically interactive story games with characters designed in the ‘anime’ style. They have a cutesy, lighthearted tone and plenty of options!


Why play anime mobile games? Here’s what you’re in for:

  • Suitable for all ages – want something you can play with your kids or nieces and nephews? Anime games are typically well-suited to all age groups, with fun campaigns you can play together.
  • Cheap – a mobile game is always more affordable than a console game. You don’t need to buy controllers, a console, and a game. All you need to do is purchase the game on the app store.
  • Play anywhere – unlike with console or PC games, you can play an anime mobile game anywhere! If it’s an online game, all you need is an internet connection to enjoy the game while you’re waiting in a queue or sitting in your car waiting for the kids to come out of school!


Nothing’s perfect! Here are the downsides to anime mobile games:

  • One genre – if you’re looking to play a shooter or war game, you’ll likely need to branch out from anime mobile games towards different types of mobile games.
  • Smaller screen – unless you can cast the game to your TV, you’ll be stuck playing anime games on a smaller screen.

What Is Traditional Gaming?

Traditional gaming is any gaming that takes place using a console or PC – for example, a Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. You can read reviews to find the best games for your console and have a rad time!

Here’s what to consider when considering traditional gaming for your free time.


Here are the benefits of choosing traditional gaming:

  • Many games – you can access many games, including free options, in different categories and subcategories with traditional gaming.
  • Bigger screen – unless you’re using a switch lite, you can connect your gaming console to your TV and play on a big screen for great quality gaming.
  • Controller – if you’re not a fan of touchscreens, you’ll love using a controller or keyboard for more agile gaming (perfect for competitive shooter games).


Here are the downsides to traditional gaming:

  • Costly – you’ll need to fork out for a computer with excellent gaming capacity or a game console if you want to play traditional games, which could cost you a pretty penny!
  • Not mobile – you can’t carry traditional game consoles and PCs in your pocket, making them less convenient than mobile games.


No matter which type of gaming you choose, you’re bound to have a great time and enjoy some relief from the stresses of day-to-day life. Consider whether you’d prefer a big screen or a more portable gaming experience for when you’re left bored in the dentist’s office. And always remember to game mindfully, considering the impact on your health and quality of life!

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