Choosing Your Path in Final Fantasy XIV: A Complete Guide to Job Roles


Final Fantasy XIV is a very interesting and addictive game that has attracted many players and made them its fans. The process of leveling up characters is very interesting, but some may find it complicated, so it would be wise to use ffxiv boost to simplify it. There are many characters in this game that will catch your attention, so let’s understand each of them.

Healers in Final Fantasy XIV

Just like in any other game, healers in FFXIV are responsible for supporting the party. They maintain health and enhance some of the skills of attacking characters.

There are four classes in this role:

  • White Mage

This class of healers is universal and one of the simplest to use. All spells from the White Mages set are regenerating and healing. These healers also have a function that allows them to use a strong healing potion once every 30 seconds.

  • Scholar

Scholars are responsible for reducing the damage their team takes. They act as a shield that not only protects you from attacks, but also allows you to heal. Also, this type of healer can summon a fairy, which helps maintain the condition of allies.

  • Astrologian

Astrologians have rare regeneration spells. In addition, they have the gift of foreseeing the future, thanks to which they can show the player in advance how the battle will develop.

  • Sage

Sage can heal his comrades with weapons, because this class is capable of attacking. Thanks to this, Sage has the strongest damage among healers, while not losing its usefulness as a healer.

Tank in Final Fantasy XIV

Tank in Final Fantasy XIV

The tank is the leading character in the team structure. Since these players distract the enemy and provoke them into aggression, they act as the team’s defender, just like healers.

Tanks also have 4 jobs:

  • Paladin

This clan is somewhat similar to healers, as they have healing skills. However, he can also protect himself and his allies using the skill of mitigating damage and delivering attacks that are quite powerful.

  • Warrior

Warriors attract enemies with their ax, and rely heavily on their offensive abilities. Also, warriors have a large amount of health and can heal. Another interesting feature of the warriors is the huge burst damage phase, which allows you to deal a strong blow to your opponents.

  • Dark Knight

Dark Knights can absorb enemy attacks and channel the resulting power back at the enemy. Since they do not have the ability to self-heal, but dark knights have a high level of defensive skills, they are difficult to hit.

  • Gunbreaker

This version of the tank is more like an attacking type of character, as it can deal huge damage to the enemy. But they also have a large number of healing spells that can heal both themselves and their allies.

DPS in Final Fantasy XIV

DPS in Final Fantasy XIV

This type of character is attacking; there are 12 classes of DPS characters available in the game, which are divided among themselves according to their fighting style.

There are only three of these subgroups:

Melee DPS jobs

This category includes the Monk, Dragoon, Ninja, Samurai, and Reaper classes.

Monk is a fast-growing class that has a wide range of skills that will be extremely useful on the battlefield.

Dragoons are also called flyers, as during battle they use jumping to reach the enemy and strike.

Ninja is the most versatile character type that has good attacking skills that form powerful combos.

Samurai is a strong attacking character who deals a lot of damage to enemies, but does not support his team in any way, although he allows him to quickly destroy enemies due to his strength.

Reapers have a large number of buffing abilities that, when used, introduce a burst damage phase feature.

The Physical Ranged DPS jobs

This category includes 3 classes: Bard, Machinist and Dancer.

Bard uses his musical abilities to attack opponents or buff teammates. This class allows you to use many abilities that change the course of the game.

The Machinist has a large arsenal of weapons that allows them to deal heavy damage to their opponents. Despite this, this class does not provide support to its teammates and is quite difficult to use.

Dancer uses dance moves as an attack. During the battle, the dancer chooses an enemy character as his partner and inflicts damage on him with his dance.

Caster DPS jobs

The Physical Ranged DPS jobs

This category includes the Black Mage, Summoner, Red Mage, and Blue Mage classes.

Black Mage uses rare spells to deal high damage. Therefore, Black Mages are one of the most powerful classes in the game.

Summoners can summon powerful creatures that deal damage to the enemy. Different creatures have different fighting styles, which makes this character class quite versatile.

Red Mages can use magic or melee combat. In addition, red mages have healing and defense abilities, which is why they are considered one of the best attacking characters in the game.

Blue Mages use their skills to analyze enemies in order to “steal” their abilities. A convenient skill, but limited by the game, as it cannot be used in dungeons, quests and roulettes.

All characters differ from each other in abilities and characteristics. Therefore, choose carefully, because leveling them up may be difficult, but, in any case, the game will be simply unforgettable.


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