How To Master The Argon Crystal Farm For Warframe

What if we told you that we have a way to master Argon Crystal farming? Well, Argon Crystals are vital resources in the Warframe universe, used for crafting and upgrading your gear.

To ensure you have a steady supply of these valuable crystals, mastering the art of warframe argon crystal farm is essential. But they can be a bit tricky to obtain as they decay over time.

That’s why knowing how to farm them efficiently is crucial. We’ll cover the basics of Argon Crystal farming, from where to find them to the best strategies for collecting them quickly. We’ll also discuss the best squad for farming Argon Crystals.

We’ll see some Argon Crystal farming locations and check the list of blueprints that require argon crystals. If you’re a new player looking to boost your Argon Crystal collection, we will help you find the vast Warframe world and become a hero of Argon Crystal farming.

Let’s get started!


  • 💎 Argon crystals are inefficient to farm from enemies, it’s better to focus on the argon pegmatite for better drop rates.
  • ⚡ The most efficient way to farm Argon Crystals is through kata bombing, with Zaku’s Vast Untime ability being the most popular and fastest method.
  • 🌟 Using loot radar and abilities like Aku’s Portability can help identify valuable items in Warframe, making farming more efficient.
  • 📏 The Vast Untime ability only costs 25 energy and has an impressive range of 66.2 meters, making it a powerful tool for farming.
  • 🎮 Limbo can do this really well too and he uses basically the same setup.
  • 📦 Combining the use of weapons to break boxes with abilities like desecrate can maximize loot from enemies, providing a more efficient farming method.
  • 📦 Breaking boxes with an aoe weapon and desecrating enemies provides two chances of argon drop, making it a viable farming method.
  • 💎 Using loot radar to scan for resource nodes and breaking them can lead to finding rare orokin storage containers with valuable items like boosters and forma.

What is Argon Crystal?

What is Argon Crystal?

Argon Crystals are rare and valuable resources in the popular video game Warframe. These crystals are important for crafting various advanced Warframe components and weapons. warframe argon crystal farms are unique because they decay over time, making them even more elusive. Each Argon Crystal has a half-life of 24 hours in real-time, which means that if you don’t use them quickly, they will disappear from your collection.

How to Farm Argon Crystal in Warframe

How to Farm Argon Crystal in Warframe

Farming Argon Crystals can be a bit tricky due to their limited availability. However, you can increase your chances of obtaining them by visiting the Void, a special region in Warframe. Within the Void, you’ll face Argon Pegmatites, which have a higher chance of dropping Argon Crystals when destroyed.

You can locate warframe argon crystal farm Pegmatites by finding Void missions, such as capture, kill, or survival. Additionally, running Void Fissure missions, especially those with endless objectives like Defense or Survival.

That can yield Argon Crystals as rewards from cracking relics. Remember that Argon crystals decay, so try to farm them when you need them to avoid wasting their potential.

The Best Squad for Farming Argon Crystals

The Best Squad for Farming Argon Crystals

To maximize your Argon Crystal farming efficiency, assembling the right squad is crucial. Here’s an ideal squad composition.

1. Pilfering Swarm Hydroid

Hydroid’s Pilfering Swarm ability increases loot drop chances, including Argon Crystals. Cast this ability in areas with high enemy density to improve your crystal purchase rate.

2. Speed Nova

Nova can speed up mission runs, allowing you to quickly complete Void missions. Faster missions mean more chances to face Argon Pegmatites.

3. Energy Vampire Trinity

Trinity’s Energy Vampire ability ensures you have a steady supply of energy to use your Warframe abilities, increasing your squad’s efficiency.

4. Desecrate Nekros

Nekros can use Desecrate to increase loot drops, potentially providing extra warframe argon crystal farm from fallen enemies.

Argon Crystal Farming Locations

1. Teshub


Teshub, a node on the planet Europa, is a popular destination for Argon Crystal farming. To access Teshub, you must have unlocked Europa by completing the relevant missions. Once there, you’ll find the perfect environment for a warframe argon crystal farm.

These crystals are often found within breakable containers, so bring a weapon with good area damage to maximize your harvest. Don’t forget to utilize a Warframe with loot-increasing abilities such as Nekros or Hydroid to increase your chances even further.

2. Ani


Ani, another excellent choice for Argon Crystal farming, can be located on the planet Void. To access this Void, you must have reached Phobos and completed the relevant junction. Ani is known for its Defense missions, which can be ideal for crystal farming.

The enemies here have a higher chance of dropping Argon Crystals, especially as you progress through the waves. Equipping a Warframe with crowd-control abilities such as Frost or Limbo can help you manage the attack while you focus on collecting crystals.

3. Stribog


Stribog, situated on the planet Sedna, is our third destination for Argon Crystal farming. Sedna is a higher-level planet, so be prepared for tougher enemies. The Capture mission on Stribog is particularly high-paying for crystal hunters.

Capture the target quickly, then scour the map for warframe argon crystal farm. You can repeat this mission efficiently to gather supplies. Consider using a Warframe with mobility skills like Nova or Volt to expedite the process.

4. Oxomoco

Oxomoco .png

Oxomoco is another notable location in Warframe for Argon Crystal farming. It’s a Defense mission found on the planet Lua, which is the Moon. To access Lua, you must complete specific requirements during your gameplay. Oxomoco’s unique terrain and architecture provide opportunities to see Argon Crystals, often hidden within containers or dropped by enemies. Warframes with abilities that improve loot drops, such as Ivara’s Prowl, can be valuable assets here.

5. Ukko

Ukko .jpg

Ukko is a Capture mission situated on the planet Void, another prime destination for Argon Crystal farming. To access Ukko, you’ll need to unlock the Void by progressing through the game’s star chart. This mission is known for its efficiency in collecting warframe argon crystal farms, as the target can be captured swiftly. Allowing you to focus on finding. Remember to bring a Warframe with crowd control abilities to handle the enemies effectively while you scour the map for crystals.

6. Mot


Mot is a Survival mission located on the planet Void, and it’s known for its challenging gameplay. To access Mot, you’ll need to unlock the Void, which requires completing specific junctions. The enemies here have a high chance of dropping Argon Crystals, making it an excellent choice for farming if you’re up for a more challenge.

Ensure that your Warframe and weapons are well-modded and equipped to handle the tougher foes. You can stay on the mission as long as you can survive, collecting Argon Crystals over time.

7. Marduk


Marduk is a Sabotage mission on the planet Uranus and offers yet another option for Argon Crystal farming. To access Marduk, you must unlock Uranus through the star chart progression. This mission features underwater sections where warframe argon crystal farm can be found in breakable containers or as drops from enemies.

It’s advisable to bring a Warframe with mobility and loot-increasing abilities to maximize your efficiency. The unique underwater environment adds a refreshing twist to your crystal farming.

List of Blueprints That Require Argon Crystals

List of Blueprints That Require Argon Crystals

1. Dragon Nikana

The Dragon Nikana is a powerful melee weapon in Warframe, favored by many for its swift and deadly hit. To craft this formidable sword, you’ll need Argon Crystals, among other materials. It’s a weapon that can slice through enemies with ease, making it a favorite among melee fans.

2. Vauban Prime Chassis

Vauban Prime is a highly sought-after Warframe known for its crowd-control abilities. To craft his Prime Chassis, a warframe argon crystal farm is one of the important components. Mastering the Argon Crystal farm will bring you one step closer to obtaining this valuable Warframe.

3. Pandero

The Pandero is a beautifully crafted pistol that can deal destructive damage with its semi-automatic and burst-fire modes. Crafting this weapon requires Argon Crystals, making it a worthy addition to your weapons for both style and power.

4. Nekros Prime Chassis

Nekros is the master of summoning, making him an invaluable asset in farming various resources. Crafting his Prime Chassis, which requires Argon Crystals, will enable you to harness Nekros’s abilities to their fullest.

5. Arca Titron

The Arca Titron is a massive and devastating Warframe melee weapon known for its incredible damage potential and unique electromagnetic shockwaves. Crafting this huge number of a weapon requires a warframe argon crystal farm, making it important for gamers who is looking to wield raw power in close combat.

6. Oberon Prime Systems

Oberon Prime is a versatile Warframe with a blend of offensive and supportive abilities. Crafting his Prime Systems component requires Argon Crystals. Mastering the art of Argon Crystal farming will be an important step toward obtaining Oberon Prime and unlocking his potential on the battlefield.

7. Zhuge

The Zhuge is a powerful Warframe crossbow that can deliver rapid, precise shots with a high critical chance. Crafting this weapon requires Argon Crystals, making it a favored choice for those who appreciate stealthy and deadly ranged combat. You can have a great time hunting for Zhuge while using a gaming chair.

8. Valkyr Prime Chassis

Valkyr Prime is a formidable melee-focused Warframe with incredible durability and berserker-like abilities. To construct her Prime Chassis, a warframe argon crystal farm are among the important crafting components.

Best Ways to Farm Argon Crystals

Best Ways to Farm Argon Crystals .png

Argon Crystals are important resources in Warframe, often used in crafting high-level weapons and Warframes. Mastering the art of farming Argon Crystals can improve your gameplay experience. Here, we’ll find three of the best methods to acquire these precious crystals in an easy-to-read manner.

Method 1: Complete a Capture Exterminate Mission

Argon Crystals can be found in various missions, but they are more common in the Void, a mysterious and tough area in Warframe. If you want to collect warframe argon crystal farm quickly, try Capture and Void Exterminate missions.

In these missions, your main goal is to defeat enemies and break containers. You might find crystals as rewards or inside those containers. Just keep in mind that Argon Crystals disappear after 24 hours, so make sure to farm them when you actually need them.

Method 2: Complete a Defense and Void Survival Mission

Defense and Void Survival missions offer unique ways to collect Argon Crystals. In Defense missions, you’ll encounter waves of enemies. Every five waves, you get a reward. You can find Argon Crystals as rewards in these rotations.

On the flip side, Void Survival missions task you with staying alive for as long as possible. Argon Crystals may drop from enemies and supply caches during the mission. These missions are great for steadily gathering Argon Crystals.

Method 3: Head to the Weekly Ayatan Sculpture Mission

In Warframe, there are weekly missions called Ayatan Treasure Hunts. These missions are great for getting warframe argon crystal farm and Ayatan Sculptures, which you can trade for Endo.

When you finish an Ayatan Treasure Hunt, you not only get Argon Crystals but also mix things up in your farming routine. Make sure to check when the mission is available so you can collect more Argon Crystals.


Mastering the warframe argon crystal farm can greatly benefit your gaming experience. These shiny crystals are essential for crafting powerful weapons and Warframes. Firstly, find the Void missions, as this is where Argon Crystals hide.

Bring along a team or a resource-boosting Warframe such as Nekros for better results. Don’t forget to look out for Argon Crystals while completing other missions in the Void.

You might find them as a bonus. If you need a bunch of Argon Crystals quickly, try running Void Fissure missions with a group. You can earn Argon Crystals as rewards and react quickly to their decay timer.

In the vast Warframe universe, learning the Argon Crystal farm may take some time, but with blueprints, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a pro crystal collector.

So, keep finding the Void, gather those shiny crystals, and work your way to victory.

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