How to Get Caliban in Warframe (2023)

Hello, fellow players! If you want to know how to get a Caliban warframe in 2023 and want to add the special Caliban frame to your collection, we’ve got you covered. Caliban brings nature-inspired powers to your gameplay, and getting it is simpler than you might think. Caliban’s unique playstyle, rooted in earth and growth, appeals to many players.

To add this frame to your arsenal, head to Deimos, the setting for the Heart of Deimos expansion. Be ready to complete your kills, take on several tasks, and earn Mother tokens. These tokens can be exchanged for Caliban’s parts and blueprints. By assembling these pieces, you’ll unlock Caliban’s distinctive abilities.

So, gamers, follow the steps to learn how to gather the parts and bring this earthy warrior to life in your Warframe collection!


  • 📈 “Today’s build is best suited for shorter steel path runs, but after the update arrives it will be viable for endurance.”
  • 🛡️ Caliban’s Shield tankiness has been improved with Shield all resist being increased from 25 to 50% damage reduction after abyss of dagus, making it a more efficient frame for tanking.
  • ⏳ Reaching 325 Shields allows for a 1.3 seconds Shield gate, giving more time for Shields to recharge before HP can be hit.
  • 🤯 Shield gate ensures that even if you forget to cast an ability when your Shield breaks, you’re very likely to start regenerating Shields before your HP can be hit.
  • 💡 Two shards for casting speed are lightly recommended if you don’t use mized power chats for cast buff or natural Talent.
  • 🛡️ The goal of this build is to regenerate Shields at least as fast as you tank damage to reach a sort of equilibrium.
  • 🛡️ The new Shield changes in Warframe are a massive buff, allowing for faster and more efficient Shield regeneration.
  • 🔫 There’s a lot of freedom in choosing guns and melee with Caliban, making the possibilities endless for players.

How to Get the Caliban Warframe Blueprint?

How to Get the Caliban Warframe Blueprint?

Obtaining the Caliban blueprint in Warframe is an important step in crafting this unique Warframe. Using a high-quality gaming mouse helps you to improve your gameplay and also supports you in collecting blueprints. The blueprint serves as the foundation for building Caliban Warframe farming.

To get it, you’ll need to engage in Void Storms, which are special missions that offer a chance to collect rare items. The Caliban blueprint has a chance to drop from these Void Storm missions. Ensure you’re well-prepared for these missions, which can be challenging but rewarding.

How to Get Caliban Components?

How to Get Caliban Components? .jpg

Collecting the parts for Caliban is important to put the whole frame together. First, when you have the Caliban blueprint, you need to get three different parts: the Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems. These parts can be obtained by playing various missions in the Void Storm. Each part is found in special places during these missions.

To find out the best mission to get each part, it’s a good idea to check the game’s lists of where things drop or ask other players. Once you have all three parts, you can build a Caliban Warframe in your Orbiter’s Foundry. Just remember, you’ll need to be patient and keep trying in the Void Storms to get all these parts.

Pre-Conditions for Earning Caliban

Pre-Conditions for Earning Caliban

Before you can get the special frame of Caliban Warframe farming (2023), there are a few things you need to do first. Number one, ensure you’ve reached Mastery Rank 8 or even higher. This shows that you’re good at playing the game. Next, you have to finish something called the Sedna Junction on Pluto. This shows that you’ve made good progress in the game’s map of stars.

Also, you’ll have to do some tasks for Mother in Fortuna on Venus. And don’t forget you need to have enough Credits and Standing with Solaris United. That’s important so you can build Caliban warframe abilities once you have all the parts you need.

Bounty Hunting for Caliban Parts

Bounty Hunting for Caliban Parts .jpg

To get the parts of Caliban warframe farming, you must go on bounty-hunting missions. First, go to Fortuna on Venus and talk to Mother. She will give you different tasks to do, which are called bounties.

These are important to get Caliban’s parts. There are three types of parts you need: Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems. Different bounties have different chances of giving you these parts. For example, you might get Neuroptics from easier bounties, Chassis from a bit harder ones, and Systems from the hardest ones.

Keep doing these bounties over and over to improve your chances of getting all the parts you need. Once you have all the parts, you can assemble them to make the Caliban warframe abilities. You do this in your Foundry using the blueprint you got.

Caliban Crafing Requirements

Caliban Crafing Requirements .jpg

1. Caliban Neuroptics

The Caliban Neuroptics is an important part of the blueprint needed to build the Caliban Warframe. Neuroptics are specialized systems that influence the Warframe’s cognitive functions and powers. Acquiring these neuroptics is a necessary step towards unlocking Caliban’s potential.

  • Collect 15,000 Credits: Gather 15,000 in-game Credits to help create Caliban’s Neuroptics. These Credits are essential for the complex construction process.
  • Get 3x Anomaly Shards: Go on missions throughout the game’s universe to find Anomaly Shards. These special artifacts contain the essence needed for Caliban’s Neuroptics. You can find them by joining Void Fissure missions or participating in Railjack expeditions.
  • Collect 12x Narmer Isoplast: Find out different landscapes and defeat tough enemies to gather Narmer Isoplast. These rare parts are important for building Caliban’s Neuroptics. You can earn them by completing bounties on Deimos or finding the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Obtain 10x Neural Sensors: Visit places where Neural Sensors are common, as they are important for creating Caliban’s Neuroptics. Fight against the Corpus, loot their technology, or take on Orokin Derelict missions to gather these valuable components.
  • Acquire 20x Tralok Eyes: Travel across the various realms in Warframe to find Tralok Eyes, which are necessary for Caliban’s Neuroptics. Defeat Sentients on sentient-origin planets or join Empyrean missions to collect these eerie yet valuable parts.

2. Caliban Chassis

The Caliban Chassis is another essential piece of the blueprint puzzle. The chassis forms the structural foundation of the Warframe, influencing its durability and overall form. Crafting this component is a vital part of the process of bringing the Caliban Warframe lore to life.

  • 15,000 Credits: To get the Caliban Chassis, you’ll need 15,000 Credits. If you’ve been playing the game, you should have earned enough Credits by finishing missions and tasks. If not, do missions that give Credits to boost your balance.
  • 3x Anomaly Shards: You’ll need 3 Anomaly Shards. Get them by completing Empyrean missions or joining Sentient anomalies. These are tough fights, so be ready for challenging battles.
  • 16x Narmer Isoplast: Now gather 16 Narmer Isoplasts. Find these on Railjack missions. Use your Archwing to search for wreckage zones and fighting; using a gaming keyboard will help you to collect Narmer isolate quickly. Watch out for glowing containers. They often have narrow isolates.
  • 20x Mortus Horn: Your next task is the rare Mortus Horn. Fight Necramechs in the Cambion Drift on Deimos to get them—team up with other players for a better chance.
  • 100x Hespazym Alloy: You need 100 Hespazym Alloys. These are all over the Cambion warframe Drift landscape. Look for shiny rocks to mine them. A good mining tool and patience will help you succeed.

3. Caliban Systems

The Caliban Systems are a key aspect of the blueprint required for crafting the Caliban Warframe lore. These systems govern various functions of the Warframe, affecting its performance and abilities. Including these systems in the blueprint is essential for the Warframe’s successful construction.

  • 15,000 Credits: To build any Caliban warframe, like Caliban, you need 15,000 Credits. You earn Credits by doing missions, quests, and trading in Warframe. Being good with money is just as important as being good in fights to get Caliban.
  • 3x Anomaly Shards: Anomaly Shards are special pieces you get from Railjack missions in the Veil Proxima area. You must fight in space and search for wreckage to find these shards. Anomaly Shards are like bits of the universe, and they’re really important to make Caliban.
  • 12x Narmer Isoplast: You can find a Narmer Isoplast by doing the Orphix Venom event or facing Necramechs in Isolation Vaults on Deimos. These tough materials are really important to make Caliban a strong body. They’re all about making Caliban tough and ready for battles.
  • 30x Breath of the Eidolon: To get Breath of the Eidolon, you must go to the Plains of Eidolon. During the night, you can hunt Eidolon creatures or mine for special things. These items hold the essence of Eidolon creatures, and they’re super important for Caliban’s insides.
  • 30x Hexenon: Hexenon is a rare material found on a big planet called Amalthea, which is part of Jupiter. You have to do missions there to get Hexenon. This special element, Hexenon, is great for making Caliban’s complex technology even better.

Different Types of Caliban Abilities

Different Types of Caliban Abilities

1. Passive

Caliban is a powerful Warframe with special skills that make it stand out in battles. One of its abilities, called Survival Instinct, makes it tougher against bad effects. This helps Caliban stay strong even when things get messy in fights.

2. Razor Gyre

Caliban Warframe lore has a cool move called Razor Gyre. With this move, he can throw spinning blades accurately at enemies. These blades bounce off things and chase after enemies, causing big slicing damage. Razor Gyre shows Caliban is good at fighting from far away, making him dangerous.

3. Sentient Wrath

Caliban’s Sentient Wrath skill uses primary power to strike back when hurt. When Caliban gets hurt, it gathers energy and then releases it in a burst, damaging enemies all around. The kind of damage it does depends on the harm it receives, which helps the Caliban warframe handle various fights effectively.

4. Lethal Progeny

Lethal Progeny, another of Caliban’s abilities, focuses on strategic disturbance. It allows Caliban to build a guide to spawn pods that attach to surfaces and enemies. These pods can be remotely detonated, inflicting damage and creating chaotic explosions that cause and weaken adversaries, turning the battlefield to Caliban’s advantage.

5. Fusion Strike

Caliban’s super move, Fusion Strike, shows how adaptable it is. This move blends Razor Gyre and Sentient Wrath powers, making Caliban’s close-up hits stronger with elemental blades. This mix creates super-powerful attacks with pure strength and elemental effects, turning Caliban’s build guide into an unbeatable force in close combat.


Getting the Warframe Caliban in 2023 needs a smart approach. First, finish the special quest called The Silver Grove to unlock Titania’s blueprint. Then, gather the materials you need, like plant samples and parts. Use these to create Titania in your Foundry. After that, equip and level up Titania to improve your mastery rank.

Take part in Arbitrations to earn Vitus Essence, which you can spend to buy the Caliban build guide Blueprint from the Arbiters. Collect the required parts like Chassis, Neuroptics, and Systems. Once you have all the parts, assemble Caliban warframe abilities in your workshop. Remember, being patient and persistent is important.

Joining a clan or asking other Tenno for help can make things easier. Keep working on your Warframe skills and gathering materials. Good luck, Players!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Caliban Warframe?

Caliban Warframe is a powerful exo-suit with unique abilities and characteristics in the popular online multiplayer game Warframe. It was introduced in a recent update and has gathered important interest among players.

How Do I Obtain Caliban in Warframe?

To obtain Caliban, you need to complete the associated questline known as Quest Name. This questline guides you through the process of securing the blueprint and crafting components required for the Caliban build guide.

What Are the Prerequisites for Accessing the Caliban Quest?

Most quests in Warframe have certain prerequisites, such as completing specific story quests or reaching a certain Mastery Rank. Check-in your Codex or with other players to determine the prerequisites for accessing the Caliban warframe quest.

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