Gara Build – A Complete Guide

Gara is a glass warrior having crystalline power that transforms the opponents into a glass and shatters them. She has a unique ability to trap the enemies in the mirror and make them attack their true selves.

Being glass-themed, Gara uses glass for attacks as well as defenses. Released in update 22.0, she is the only Warframe having three signature weapons.

Gara is a balanced Warframe in terms of health, shields, armor, and energy which makes her desirable for almost all kinds of missions. Her abilities are astonishing and unique with decent AoE damage and a fair sprint speed.

Gara Builds Guide

Gara is a versatile Warframe and can be used as support as well as offense and is easy to farm as well. However, a bit of downside is the slow burst damage, low energy pool, and also requires a lot of forma.


  • 💥 The ultimate red crit gar for the people who know gar for her fourth ability synergizing with her second ability so she can nuke the area around her.
  • 🔍 The only way to increase crit damage is through modding, and the crit damage mods are present on the weapon and companion.
  • 🐍 Gara’s combo is crucial for a 3.75 times final damage multiplier, making it essential for maximizing her damage output.
  • 🗡️ The Mecha Empowered aura with three Mecha Mons allows for a 22m spread of status effects, making it a powerful tool for bonus damage.
  • 🏹 The choice of bow for the stat stick build is flexible, as long as it provides a slight increase in status chance.
  • 🛡️ Weeping wounds will scale off the base 30% that is applied to my shattered lash of course.
  • 🗡️ Tenacious bond provides a final crit damage increase when your companion has over 50% crit chance.
  • 🎯 This is the ultimate red crit Gara that can go invisible or have its own grouping.

How to acquire Gara?

Complete the Saya’s Vigil quest to obtain the main blueprint of Gara Warframe. For the components’ blueprints, you will have to play the Plains of Eidolon Bounties.

Abilities of Gara:

  1. Shattered Lash – Being a glass Warframe, Gara uses this ability to create a wave of shattered glass to attack her opponents.
  2. Splinter Storm – Using this ability, Gara creates a storm of shattered glass from her armor. This shattered glass storm devastates the enemies by slicing them. If the allies come in to contact with this storm, it acts as a protective shield for them.
  3. Spectrorage – Gara creates a glass carousel to trap and annihilate her enemies. The enemies start attacking their own reflection. Damaging the glass gives back damage to them and the collapse of the carousel also gives them a mighty blow.
  4. Mass Vitrify – Gara the glass queen, creates a ring of molten glass which keeps expanding and crystallizes the enemies entering inside. Once it is fully expanded, it blocks the weapons. The ring keeps drawing energy out of the crystallized enemies. On blast, shattered glass pieces fly in the air piercing the enemies.

Gara Builds:

Gara being a powerful and balanced Warframe is suitable for all mission levels. You can create different Gara builds based on her abilities to make her master for a specific mission. Let us take a look at some of the most popular Gara builds.

Gara Tank Damage Build (Area-of-Effect Damage Build)

Area-of-Effect Damage Build

The Gara tank damage build has three major Arcanes that are mainly in use. These three arcane are Arcane Energize, Arcane aegis, and Arcane Flury. These arcane helps in increasing the efficiency and the damage reduction. The tank damage has a Streamline mod that allows the player to increase the ability efficiency and the Augur Message mod allows to increase the ability duration.

However, the overall reduction reduces, and for this, you will be needed to use the Corrosive Projection and Energy Siphon mod to balance the ability strength and energy level. The Sprint Speed and range in this build are high and thus attract a lot of enemies towards you that you can kill in no time.

However, the damage reduction is relatively low, but for that, you can use the Adaptation mod for increasing the damage resistance.

Gara – Ultimate Endgame Build (Crowd Control Build)

Crowd Control Build

The Gara Ultimate endgame build has a high shield and health capability. It also goes pretty high with the efficiency and duration but somewhat low in damage reduction. As it is pretty low in damage reduction, you can use the Corrosive projection mod to increase the armor damage.

The Fleeting Expertise and the Streamline mods are used in increasing the ability efficiency and ability strength. This build has the highest shield capacity, and hence chances of surviving this build are more than any other build.

Gara Wall Build (The Melee Build)

The Melee Build

The third most crucial build is the Gara wall build. This build is pretty good with the duration but lacks efficiency control. Also, it goes well with the energy and the health level, and Armored agility is one of the best choices of build that can be used in this build.

There are certain combinations that are usually preferred in this build. The Transient Fortitude is one of the best parts connected with the Primed continuity. It is relatively low in the ability duration, and the primed continuity is pretty high with that. So, these two combinations overcome the weakness of ability duration.


Gara is one of the deadliest Warframe that you can take in any mission. It has got many ruthless and lethal abilities and mods that can be used in the mission, but it has few drawbacks also.

It does not go well with the ability strength and that is why you will be needed to get along some augmented mods that will be covering up for the ability strength and ability duration. Overall, Gara is an ough but fun Warframe to explore.

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