A Few Things That Make Warframe Worth Playing

We know that people tend to be skeptical when they encounter video games released over a decade ago that are also free to play. Additionally, they may also feel that titles like this should be avoided. Still, once you try Warframe for the first time, you’ll known that this game is not among them.

Released in March 2013, this action role-playing multiplayer online game with a third-person shooting concept stood the test of time. Hundreds of players across the globe are still active and in the mood to fight other players in the virtual arena where the race of ancient warriors (Tenno) fights each other.

If you want to understand the hype surrounding the Warframe video game after so many years, you should check our list of things that make it worth playing. Let’s begin!

Diverse Combat Mechanics

We have video games known for their hack-n-slasher fighting style. Others are known as platformers or third-person shooters. Even though Warframe is classified as a third-person shooter, this game offers a wide range of combat technics found in other action games.

So, in addition to some third-person shooting action, you can hack and slash hordes of enemies, get involved in platformer-style duels, or even use stealth action like in Hitman or similar games.

The good news is that regardless of your gaming style, you’ll still find a way to progress in Warframe. So, depending on your style and mood, you can start a session of (almost) mindless shooting or be cautious and eliminate your opponents one by one.

Remember that Warframe lets you perform sliding, sprinting, so-called bullet jumping, and other movements that make the combat mechanics memorable. Be patient because it takes some time to learn all these moves and become an experienced player, but it’s worth it.

Resource and Item Drops

You should focus on the methods that can help you gather resources and item drops more often if you want to improve your results at Warframe. You can expect something like that when you engage in missions on various planets and locations. These are the places where you can get resources, mods, blueprints, and other items used for crafting.

This system has a lot in common with gambling mechanics despite the creators’ intention not being that. Their priority was to improve gaming experience.

More precisely, the drop rates of the resources are close to gambling because players can engage in activities hoping to get specific materials which are usually subject to chance. This reminds us of live casino entertainment options, which are also games of chance. The only difference, however, is that you can expect human live dealers guiding the game.

Of course, players can interact with other players in Warframe, but this communication doesn’t work the same way. While discussing the drops, we’d like to note that this game has many resources you should collect to craft Warframes, weapons, and other equipment like plant-based items, minerals, ores, etc.

You must complete missions, visit different places, and use specific gathering tools to collect resources, blueprints, mod drops, and more.

Exciting Co-Op

We already noted that you can play against other players in Warframe, but did you know there’s also a co-op mode? In fact, this is one of the essential parts of this action-packed video game.

Once you start playing Warframe, numerous Warframes will be there for you to choose. Each option includes unique playstyles and abilities. Thanks to the co-op modes and missions, players can team up and harness the power of their abilities, creating engaging gaming sessions. Each user can play a specific role in the team, like a supporting character, damage dealer, etc.

Next, the co-op missions help you get unique rewards like specific resources, blueprints, and mods. The best part is that you can share these rewards with your teammates. Also, co-op gameplay may help you progress faster because completing missions and getting resources should be easier.

The Number and Types of Weapons

We wouldn’t get the chance to discuss the success of this video game if there weren’t so many different weapons here. Still, the number and types of weapons in Warframe may surprise you.

Like in many other video games, there are primary weapons: rifles, shotguns, bows, launchers, and special weapons. Every category includes several options. Then we have the secondary weapons: pistols, thrown weapons, dual-wielded pistols, and special weapons like the Glaive.

The melee weapons section includes several options: swords, daggers, polearms, hammers, whips, claws, fist weapons, and special melee weapons. You can find exalted weapons associated only with ceratin Warframes. Finally, you should expect arch-guns, arch-melee, amps, zaws, and kitguns.

The good news is that Warframe continuously introduces new weapons, including prime and event-exclusive versions. You can customize weapons with modes to boost their power and work on their performances based on your opponents and mission-specific requirements. Overall, Warframe ensures that you have plenty of firearms and cold weapons for a memorable gaming session.

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