Diablo IV Guide For Beginners: 8 Useful Tips

Leveling in Diablo is the basis for character development. Along with new levels, the character learns new abilities, gets new items, and becomes stronger. At the same time, the game world is constantly adapting to the level of the player – this means that monsters and activities in terms of complexity will always be plus or minus in terms of the player’s strength. In this article, we will look at some tips on how to quickly level up in Diablo 4.

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Sell and salvage items equally

When you get to the endgame, the issue of money will no longer be an issue, but at first, you may feel a shortage of gold. When you reach the main city in the first act of the story, you will unlock the ability to disassemble unnecessary items into materials that are used to upgrade equipment. Leveling up weapons and armor requires not only materials but also gold, so don’t sort out all the trash every time. Try selling extra items every third visit to the armor shop, and scrapping them the rest of the time.

Keep gems in storage

Inventory management has always been an important part of Diablo, and the fourth part is no exception. Even with each item only taking up one slot, there is one type of item that runs the risk of clogging up your inventory quickly: rocks. Gems come in different colors and grades, and each one takes up a separate slot in your inventory. You definitely don’t want to sell them, so it’s best to just store the jewelry in storage until you need it.

Read the properties of the equipment carefully

Diablo IV clearly defines the characteristics of the equipment: you will easily understand whether it is worth replacing one of the equipment items with a brand new, freshly dropped one. However, just in case, we remind you that you should pay attention to additional bonuses, especially in the case of items of higher tiers. They give not only increased damage or defense but also other specific buffs. Also, it’s important to remember if your equipment has been upgraded. For example, if you picked up a weapon that is only a couple of points of damage worse than the current pumped one, then you should leave it and pump it later – it will be better.

Try to upgrade each region to level 2

The world of Diablo IV is made up of five regions, each offering its own dungeons, strongholds, and other side quests. In the map menu, you can find region rewards, which are given out depending on what percentage of the content in that region you have completed. Perhaps you should not immediately try to completely upgrade a new region, but we recommend reaching at least level 2 for each one – the reward for this will be an additional charge of a healing flask. This is important in the early levels, especially if you’re playing alone.

Don’t be afraid to reset your character’s skills at first

Character development is the most important element of Diablo, but for many new players, it is also the most stressful. A huge skill tree, several options at each level, a bunch of bonuses, and smaller nuances. Luckily, at the beginning of the playthrough, your build is not as important as you might think, and you can reset your skills at any time by paying some gold. Yes, the reset fee will get much higher levels, but at first, it is only a couple of thousand coins. So don’t be afraid to experiment!

Upgrade Skill Passives Early

Continuing with the skill tree, one of the most important options to level up is passive modifiers that modify active skills. Each active skill can get only one bonus, and they seriously affect how the skills work.

Explore the world around you

Diablo IV is a little different from previous games in the series. While past games in the franchise have placed the player in new locations through the story, the fourth offers an open world to explore at will. Moreover, careful study of the world is rewarded. Among the most valuable finds are the altars of Lilith, which increase the level of the region and give the character a permanent bonus. You can also find crafting materials, dungeons, strongholds, and side quests.

Always accept side quests

One of the habits to develop as quickly as possible is to accept all side quests within reach. Side effects are marked on the map with a blue exclamation point, and most of them are (usually) not very time-consuming. Most likely, on the way to the next story objective, you will get to the location for the side one, so do not forget to take side ones whenever possible.

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