Warframe Tellurium Farming 2023 Guide

Want to get unique stuff called Tellurium Warframe? You’re at the right place. Our easy steps for 2023 will teach you how to gather Tellurium in the game. It’s like finding secret treasures on a map.

We’ll help you through each step, making it super easy to get Tellurium. Just like other parts of the game, here, each step has simple tricks that make the game more fun.

Just like heroes in the game have outstanding powers, for example, fire or strength, the Tellurium Warframe you collect can make your gear stronger and battles more exciting. Whether you’re really good at the game or just starting, our 2023 Tellurium Farming Guide has helpful tips to make you better.

By learning how to get Tellurium, you’ll become a better player and find incredible stories in tough times. So, prepare yourself and go through with this Warframe farming.


  • 🌿 The recommended method for farming Tellurium is to pick it up from resource canisters, providing a more efficient way to obtain the resource.
  • 💎 Destroying containers on the map has a high chance of giving you Tellurium, making it a reliable method for farming.
  • 🤖 Building a sentinel in Warframe can be an effective method for farming the most amount of tellurium.
  • 🛠️ Exploiting your Sentinel’s abilities and mods can significantly enhance your resource farming in Warframe.
  • 🛡️ Sentinels do not come back to life with regen, so using a Sentinel that revives itself is the best way to farm resources.
  • 🛠️ Using the spare parts mod and vacuum on your Sentinel can help you gather resources more efficiently in Warframe.
  • 🎮 The best way to farm tellurium in Warframe is not exploitive, but rather a strategic use of game mechanics.

What is Tellurium Used for In Warframe?

What is Tellurium Used for In Warframe?

Tellurium is a special thing in Warframe, a valuable material used for making stuff. It’s rare and important for crafting things for Warframes, Archwings, and some weapons. This tellurium warframe makes your gear stronger and better, which is super important for all players, whether they’re just starting or know a lot about the game.

Finding Tellurium might take time, but it’s worth it because it helps you create awesome things that can help you win battles and have more fun in the game. So, when you see some Tellurium, make sure to grab it and keep it safe.Remember, the tellurium is a friend of your gear, making it tough and cool.

Where to Find Tellurium in Warframe

Where to Find Tellurium in Warframe

Tellurium is a unique thing that can be a bit hard to find. It’s hidden in the deep parts of a Warframe game, similar to Uranus and the Kuva Fortress. Sometimes, bad guys in the game might give you a tellurium warframe when they’re defeated, especially when you’re flying in space missions. If you go underwater on Uranus, you might discover Tellurium, too, especially in a place called the Sealab.

So, if you’re looking for Tellurium in the game, having a Gaming Keyboard with customizable macro keys could be really helpful for quick actions in intense situations. You should check out these places. It’s a treasure hunt in space and underwater. Just remember, you might need to be patient because Tellurium doesn’t show up all the time.

How to Make Tellurium Farming Easier in Warframe

How to Make Tellurium Farming Easier in Warframe

To make tellurium warframe farming better, you can use helpful tools related to items that increase your chances of getting more resources and Nekros’ outstanding power called Desecrate. Playing together with friends in a team can also help by making more enemies appear and more things to collect, which makes it easier to get a tellurium.

So, if you want to get more Tellurium, think about using things that boost your resource luck and Nekros’ power. Also, play with others to find more enemies and things to collect, giving you a nice shot at getting Tellurium. This way, your Tellurium farming can become more successful, and you’ll have more of it in no time.

The Best Places to Farm Tellurium

The Best Places to Farm Tellurium .png

If you want to get lots of Tellurium easily, do missions where more bad guys appear, like Survival or Defense ones. On the planet Uranus, you can try Ophelia (Survival) or Umbriel (Mobile Defense) missions. They are nice spots to find tellurium warframe. Another option is doing missions on Kuva Fortress.

There, you can find more enemies close together, which helps you get more Tellurium. Remember, Tellurium is an important material used in crafting, so if you need it, these missions can help you get it without too much trouble. Just pick the right missions, and you’ll have a good chance of finding what you need.

The Best Equipment for Tellurium Farming

The Best Equipment for Tellurium Farming

When you’re trying to get Tellurium while farming, think about using powerful Warframe characters; these characters, like Nekros, can help you find more Tellurium warframes because they increase the chances of it dropping. Another Warframe you could use is Hydroid. Hydroid can make enemies give you more loot, including Tellurium.

To be even more effective, use weapons that can defeat enemies fast and without wasting energy. These kinds of weapons will let you collect Tellurium more quickly. If you want to do even better, get a booster that makes resources drop more often. This booster can make a big difference in how much Tellurium you end up with. Remember, using the right Warframes, good weapons, and boosters can all work together to give you more Tellurium.

Best Method to Farm Tellurium in Warframe

Best Method to Farm Tellurium in Warframe .jpg

When it comes to efficiently harvesting Tellurium in Warframe, one method stands out: the Salacia (Neptune) Archwing Mobile Defense approach. This method offers a balanced blend of resource acquisition and gameplay engagement. By participating in the Mobile Defense missions on Salacia, you’ll not only obtain a tellurium warframe but also gain valuable XP for your Archwing gear, all while immersing yourself in the energetic view created by the LED Gaming Lights.

This method is particularly effective due to the relatively higher Tellurium drop rates in Archwing missions, coupled with the steady influx of enemies and rewards in Mobile Defense scenarios. For those seeking a streamlined and productive Tellurium farming experience, Salacia on Neptune, accompanied by LED Gaming Lights, is the prime destination.

Tellurium Farming Locations

Tellurium Farming Locations

In the big universe of Warframe, there’s a special thing called Tellurium. It’s found in different places, but the nice place to get it is in Archwing missions. Some good spots to find tellurium warframe are Salacia (Neptune), Ophelia (Uranus), and Hapke (Ceres).

To help find it, use a loot radar mod and the increased audio clarity of a gaming headset. This mod and accessory make it easier to see where the Tellurium is and improve your overall gaming experience. Whether you’re flying in space or going underwater, these places, along with a gaming headset, are your best bet for getting lots of Tellurium without wasting time. So, remember, Archwing missions are where you can get Tellurium’s best.

Spare Parts Method to Farm Tellurium in Warframe

Spare Parts Method to Farm Tellurium in Warframe

A different but effective way to get Tellurium is by using the Spare Parts method. This method works like this: You use the Odonata Archwing with the Energy Shell power. You go on missions in Archwing where there are lots of enemies, the Salacia (Neptune) Mobile Defense mission. When you defeat enemies, they drop Warframe Posters and spare parts that you can pick up with the Energy Shell power.

These spare parts, along with the Warframe Poster, can be changed into things the same as the tellurium Warframe. This method uses the teamwork between Archwing powers and the things that enemies drop, along with the clear motivation from the Warframe Poster, to give you a steady amount of Tellurium.

It’s a good plan for clever Tenno, who wants more Tellurium. If you want to ensure you always have enough Tellurium and some cool decor, this is a great way to do it.

Best Warframes for Farming Tellurium Drops in Warframe

Best Warframes for Farming Tellurium Drops in Warframe

When you go into space in Warframe, you need important stuff called Tellurium to make and improve your gear. Getting Tellurium is important. It helps make things better. In 2023, having a comfortable gaming chair while playing is important, especially for those long searching sessions to find a Tellurium Warframe. Additionally, there are three Warframes that are really good for finding Tellurium.

These Warframes make it easier to get the outstanding stuff. When you play the game, you can choose one of these Warframes. They will help you find Tellurium more easily.

Remember, Tellurium is important, and using these Warframes while enjoying the comfort of a gaming chair can make getting it simpler and more fun. So, try using these Warframes and increase your gaming setup when you’re seeking space in Warframe.

Best Warframes to Farm Tellurium Drops in Warframe

Best Warframes to Farm Tellurium Drops in Warframe

1. Nekros: The Resource Magician

Nekros is really good at making things drop more often. This makes him great for getting a unique resource called Tellurium. He has a power called Desecrate that helps enemies drop more stuff, the same as the Tellurium warframe. Using this power during missions with lots of resources, like survival or defense missions, you can get a lot more Tellurium.

So, if you want to gather up lots of Tellurium, Nekros is the one to pick. He’s similar to a treasure hunter that makes things easier for you. Just take him on missions where things are full of resources, and you’ll find lots of Tellurium, thanks to his extraordinary power.

2. Khora: The Domineering Trapper

Khora has an upgrade called Pilfering Strangledome. This gives her Strangledome power even by making enemies give more items when they’re caught. It’s useful in places with a lot of valuable material called Tellurium. These places include flying missions with Archwings and places underwater. By being smart about where she puts her traps, Khora can ensure she gets a lot of Tellurium warframe.

This can help you collect this important material without much trouble. So, if you want to gather lots of Tellurium, Khora and her special power can really help you out. Just remember to use her power wisely and put the traps where they can catch the most enemies.

3. Saryn: The Viral Annihilator

Saryn is really good at hurting lots of enemies together. This is great in places where you find a lot of Tellurium. When you use her powers, the bad guys go away fast, and this helps them leave behind useful things. If you also use a big weapon that hits many enemies simultaneously, you will get even more Tellurium warframe.

So, Saryn can help you gather lots of Tellurium by hurting enemies in a big area. When you do this, you have a better chance to get more of the special stuff called Tellurium. It’s the same as a game where you make the bad guys disappear and get nice things in return. Remember to team up Saryn’s powers with a wide-reaching weapon for the most Tellurium.


If we give it a thought, the 2023 Warframe Tellurium Farming Guide has been really exciting. We looked carefully at the steps needed to get the Tellurium warframe and found the best way. As we keep going, remember that this guide might change as players learn new things. Tellurium is an important thing that helps you do great in the game.

It helps you do better in your missions. But remember, it’s the players who make the game awesome. Each step to get the Tellurium Warframe gives you cool things, making the game more fun.

As you keep playing Warframe, use these steps to get Tellurium and do it your way. Remember, you’re part of a big group of players. Sharing your ideas and experiences makes the game more fun for everyone.

So, take on the challenges and see the space like a hero. The universe is waiting for you to make a difference together.

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