Ropalolyst Fight – Everything You Need to Know

Popularly referred to as Flying Eidolon, Ropalolyst is the first-ever Sentient boss who can fly. Though it comes from the same group of mobs that includes the Plain of Eidolon enemies, it is generally not available in the open-world part of Earth.

However, it includes every enemy from the Plain of Eidolon group. In addition, he has also got a separate assassination node on Jupiter that is popularly known as The Ropalolyst.

Fighting the Ropalolyst is not as problematic as fighting its counterparts that are on the Plains of Eidolon. But for that, you will need to learn the mechanism as soon as you can, and then only you will be able to fight the Ropalolyst.

However, a fair coordinated team can kill the boss in no less than ten minutes, but you will have to understand that even for being a part of that group, you will be needed to enhance your skills.


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  • 🎮 The budget build for the non-prime neja is zero forma, making it very accessible for players.
  • 🎮 You can easily farm Ropalolyst and Wisp with a tier one amp, making it more accessible for players.
  • 🎮 Using specific gear and strategies can make the Ropalolyst and Wisp farm easier and more efficient for players.
  • 🛡️ The 111 amp’s big shield has a lot of range, making it very useful for the Ropalolyst fight.
  • 🔍 If you’re uncomfortable with teleporting as the operator, there are ropes that lead to the end.

How to Kill the Ropalolyst?

This is the most challenging concern of each player; how do we kill it? Well, the answer is relatively simple. If you have got the skills, then you will not take more than five to seven minutes to kill it, but if you are still in the learning phase, then you take time in learning the skills. The killing part also involves the long-running through the passage of the map to get the feel of the parkour parts of the new Gas tileset.

How to Kill the Ropalolyst

The first requirement is to finish the Chimera Prologue that will be started once you finish the Sacrifice Quest Line. You will be needed good running speed so that you can run through the map ignoring each enemy so that you can reach the elevator that will bet taking you to the actual boss with whom you will have to fight.

Fighting Ropalolyst

As soon as the fight begins, the first thing that you will have to do is to switch to the Operator mode and destroy the Eidolon armor using the Void Beam. Though Ropalolyst does not need you to take robust Amp in the mission, you will still be needed to be prepared thoroughly to fight it.

Fighting the Ropalolyst might seem easy, but it is not. The shields that Ropalolyst contains are easy to be destroyed only if you have come up with the right set of Amp. So, you can bring the Standard Mote Amp.

Fighting Ropalolyst

Once you complete phase one fighting with Ropalolyst, then you will see that the bird boss will be moving forward to the capacitor to recharge itself. So, along with the boss, you will also be needed to get to the tower.

More so, you will have to make pretty sure that the electric streams are emitted while you are running towards the tower. Once you get to the tower, then you will encounter Ropalolyst.

It will use its laser beam and point to any of you team member. To prevent this, you can bring the tower between yourself and the boss. The laser beam charges the tower and changes the color to purple.

As soon as Ropalolyst ends his laser attack, then you will have to reach to him and stop him. Try to grab his head and fight it. After a few seconds, you can end the fight as it will get killed.

Ropalolyst Rewards

Everyone wants to fight with Ropalolyst to earn the rewards that one gets after killing the boss. So, we will now be listing the remarkable rewards that the player gets. As you might have heard that Ropalolyst drops every blueprint to farm the Wisp Warframe.

So, once you get to kill the boss, you will be able to farm your Wisp Warframe, which is very difficult to farm if you do not get the required blueprints.

Ropalolyst Rewards

The first mod that is dropped by Ropalolyst is the Amalgam Argonak Metal Augur, and the chances of dropping this mod are nearly 20%. Other than this specific mod, the other mods that are dropped by Ropalolyst are the Amalgam Daikyu, amalgam Furax Body Count, Amalgam Javlok Magazine Warp, and Amalgam Ripkas True Steel. The chances of dropping all these mods are approximately 20%.

The Best Warframe to Fight Ropalolyst

Ropalolyst is not that strong that you need to take a strong Warframe with you. However, if you do not want to take the risk, you can take any Warframe like Rhino or Gara. You can also take the Volt and Garuda.

All you need to take any such Warframe that can increase your survival rate. It is not difficult to fight with Ropalolyst, but the main point is to survive throughout the mission.

The Best Warframe to Fight Ropalolyst


With Volt and Rhino Warframe, it will be easy for you to fight with Ropalolyst as these Warframes will be providing you survivability and ability strength. So, you can kill the boss without facing any trouble.

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