If you’re starting or a skilled game player, collecting Cryotic is important for making equipment and progressing in the game. This guide will help you understand exactly how to gather Cryotic most simply. It is a cold material found in the frozen parts of planets like Europa and Pluto.

You’ll need to do excavation missions, digging up Cryotic hidden under the ground. We’ll guide you through picking the right missions, using the best Warframes and tools, and working well with your team. When you finish this guide, you’ll be a Cryotic-gathering expert without any icy frustrations.

We’re here to help with tips and tricks to make this gathering super easy. So, gear up, get your squad together, and come with us to Warframe Cryotic Farm 2023!


  • 💎 Cryotic is mainly obtained by running excavation missions, with Hericon on Pluto being a popular choice due to its high level infestation map and increased resource drop chance.
  • 🛡️ General tip: Use warframes like frost and gara to protect the excavators during cryotic excavation farming.
  • 💡 Running Cryotic excavation with as many people as possible is important for spawning more excavators and getting more Cryotic.
  • 🔄 It’s important to run these missions in a full group or at least with another person at minimum to avoid wasting time.
  • 🌍 Excavations on Earth and Mars are great for farming Cryotic, with different rotations dropping relics and mods.
  • 🚀 Excavators don’t have to fully finish for you to actually get the cryotic from them, making it easier to farm cryotic in low-level missions.
  • 🤔 “Any of the excavation missions are good if you have other things to farm. I would recommend just farm the excavation missions based on the secondary resources they drop so if you need like neurodes if you need.
  • 🌌 Cryotic farming in Warframe is a somewhat fixed amount and you’ll need a good amount in the game to build up everything in the foundry.

What is Cryotic in Warframe?

What is Cryotic in Warframe

A Cryotic is a rare resource in the game Warframe, highly sought after for crafting items and equipment. It appears as a shining blue crystal and is known for its icy appearance. A cryotic farming guide is important for constructing Warframes, weapons, and other essential gear. You’ll often need a good collection of these to progress in the game effectively.

How to Farm Cryotic?

How to Farm Cryotic

To gather Cryotic resources efficiently, go through Excavation missions. These missions involve locating and powering up excavators to mine these from the ground. You’ll face waves of enemies as the excavator works, so be prepared for battle. Equipping a resource booster can double your rewards, making your farming more productive. It’s wise to bring along a well-equipped Warframe and weapon collections to tackle enemies and protect the excavator effectively.

Where to Farm Cryotic?

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If you’re looking for Cryotic, so the best way to get this is to head over to Hieracon on Pluto. This mission involves digging, and you’ll face infected enemies instead of defense-focused ones. To protect the Excavators, you can pick Khora, Gara, or Frost. Khora is better at stealing Strangledome because it makes enemies drop more Power Cells.

Besides, hieracon is also a good place to find Neo relics and Axi relics. If you use a booster that doubles your rewards, the game might still display ‘100 Cryotic’ even when you have 200. This farming guide you get depends on how many Excavators finish mining. Where you do the dig doesn’t matter much, except for the planet and the types of enemies you’ll face.

Where to Excavate Cryotic?

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Most planets offer different mining missions to choose from. No matter which one you choose, you can always gather a valuable resource. Starting on Earth is a good idea as the opponents are not too tough, and you can stay there for quite a while. You’re able to stay and mine through multiple cycles. If you’re interested in more than just Cryotic, you can go to Hieracon for additional resources and objects. Keep in mind that the enemies on Hieracon are stronger compared to Earth, and they become even more dangerous as the mission goes on.

While going on your planetary ventures, participating in Excavation missions now and then, you’ll not only collect these but also obtain other resources and rewards based on the planet and mission you choose. It is essential for crafting blueprints, and it’s important to remember that some blueprints require many Cryotic properties.

Excavation Fissures

Excavation Fissures

Cryotic is a resource you get from digging and as a reward. To get more, try certain missions where you dig a lot. These missions can also give you boosters if you stay longer. Fissures make these properties increase even more the longer you stay. If you can manage it, choose dig missions. Start with easier ones, though, as they can get very hard later on.

Best Places to Farm Cryotic in Warframe

Best Places to Farm Cryotic in Warframe

It is a valuable resource in Warframe, used for crafting various items and weapons. To help you efficiently gather this resource, here are the best locations for this farming in 2023!

1. Everest

Everest on Earth is a popular choice for farming. The Excavation mission here offers a fast and safe supply of these resources. To maximize your gains, focus on completing multiple excavators quickly. The low-level enemies make it accessible even for newer players. Make sure to bring a frame that can defend the excavators effectively.

2. Hieracon

Hieracon on Pluto is known for its high Cryotic yield. The Excavation mission here provides a substantial amount of these resources and relics. It’s more challenging than some other locations, so having a coordinated team with strong gear is recommended. Hieracon also offers a chance to acquire relics, which adds to its overall value.

3. Kiliken

Kiliken on Venus is a great option for players who are still progressing. The Excavation mission at this location offers a decent amount of Cryotic and is relatively easier than some higher-level locations. It’s an excellent place for players who are still building up their equipment and Warframes.

4. Augustus

Augustus on Mars provides a balanced farming experience. The Excavation mission here offers the best ways to get this along with internal and modification. It’s a suitable option for players who want these while also collecting other valuable resources to improve their gear.

5. Tikal

Tikal on Earth is another option for a Cryotic farming guide. The Excavation mission here offers a balanced rate of this acquisition. This location suits solo players or those looking for a more relaxed farming experience. It’s a viable choice for players who want a moderate supply without the pressure of intense combat.

6. Valefor

Valefor on Europa is a bit more challenging but rewarding for the Cryotic farming guide. The Excavation mission here offers a higher yield along with valuable relics. It’s advisable to go in with a well-equipped squad to handle the tougher enemies that Europa presents.

7. Despina

Despina on Neptune offers these farming options with a mix of rewards. The Excavation mission here not only provides the energy but also relics and endo. Players looking for a variety of resources while gathering these might find Despina to be a suitable choice.

Better Methods to Farm Cryotic

Better Methods to Farm Cryotic

Excavation missions involve a simple process that you repeat: start drills, add fuel, and protect them. If you’re playing alone, it’s best to have only one or two drills active at once. But if you’re mainly focusing on one or two drills, Warframes like Ember or Octavia, which can damage many enemies at once, are useful.

Here’s a trick to speed up refueling your drills: Your pieces of equipment can carry a power cell while your Warframe also carries one. First, pick up a power cell with your Warframe, then switch to your Operator and grab another cell. Use your Operator to put the cell into the drill. After that, call your Warframe back, and it will still have a power cell to use.

Blueprints Required for Farming Cryotic

Blueprints Required for Farming Cryotic

Cryotic finds its use in crafting various essential Warframe blueprints. Some prominent examples include the Frost Warframe, which is renowned for its defensive ice-based abilities. Additionally, the Sibear melee weapon benefits from Cryotic, packing a punch with its high ice damage. Another interesting blueprint is the Imperator Vandal, an Arch-gun that becomes even more potent with the improvement.

Lastly, the Carrier Prime Sentinel, known for its helpful loot vacuum ability, also demands energy for crafting. As you come to Warframe, efficient farming will ensure you’re well-equipped to create these powerful items.

Useful Tip to Farm Cryotic

Useful Tip to Farm Cryotic

Resource Boosters can increase the amount of Cryotic you earn. Normally, a drill in Warframe gives you 100 of these. But if you use a resource booster, you get 200 Cryotic from one drill. You can also boost all your earnings without a booster. The Smeeta Kavat’s Charm mod can make you lucky every 27 seconds, with a 28% chance. This is like having a resource booster and gives you an extra 100 Cryotic.


This 2023 guide for farming Cryotic in Warframe has given you important tips to gather these. You can earn a lot of Cryotic by doing Excavation missions on planets like Europa and Pluto. Use Frost’s protective abilities to keep Excavators safe, and think about using resource boosters or farming with friends to make things faster. Don’t forget to bring high-speed fighting weapons to fight enemies.

Remember, being patient is important when you are farming this. As you finish Excavation missions and collect these, you can make strong weapons in the warframe. By following these tips and knowing the best places to farm, you’ll become a very skilled farmer quickly.

Now that you have this knowledge, go out there and get Cryotic to make your weapons and Warframes stronger in Warframe. Good luck, players!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Warframes or Equipment Are Recommended for Efficient Farming?

Warframes with area-of-effect abilities like Frost, Gara, or Limbo can be useful for defending excavation points. Efficient weapons with high crowd-clearing potential can also speed up the process.

Are There Any Specific Strategies to Maximize Cryotic Yield During Excavation Missions?

Yes, consider using a coordinated team to defend multiple excavation points simultaneously. Using a Warframe with crowd control abilities and equipping proper mods can help manage enemy waves effectively.

Are There Boosters or Other Items that Can Enhance Cryotic Farming?

Yes, using a Resource Booster or a Resource Drop Chance Booster will double the amount of Cryotic properties you receive per excavation. Resource boosters can be obtained from the in-game market or through certain promotions.

How Much Cryotic Do I Need for Crafting and Building Various Items?

The best ways to get these requirements vary depending on the item you’re crafting. Some items may require just a few hundred of these, while more important projects like Warframes might demand over a thousand of energy.

Are There Any Specific Times or Events when Cryotic Farming Is More Rewarding?

Occasionally, Warframe hosts events or special missions that offer increased rewards. Keep an eye on the official Warframe news and announcements for such opportunities.

Any Tips for Solo Farming?

While farming is often more efficient with a team, you can still do it solo. Focus on efficient crowd control, use Frost’s Snow Globe or Gara’s Mass Vitrify to protect excavators, and utilize powerful weapons to clear enemies quickly.

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