Want to get a super cool character for your Warframe game? Know how to get Nezha Prime Relics with our easy guide. It’s like finding a treasure map; we’ll show you every step to get the strong Nezha Warframe. These simple instructions change how you win battles. Each part of the Farming Guide has its special tricks that give the game more fun.

Just like heroes have amazing powers like Ember’s hot fires or Rhino’s strong muscles, Nezha Prime’s abilities make battles even cooler. Whether you’re good at the game or just starting, our Nezha Relics Guide will help you improve. When you master playing with this Prime, you won’t just be better at the game, but you’ll also find out secret stories that come up during hard parts.

So, take a look at these steps and be prepared to get this Prime. This guide will help you win and find new things while you play with the awesome Nezha Prime.


  • 🛡️ Nezha Prime relics are nicely grouped into just two easy missions for lith n6, making the farming process more efficient.
  • 🎮 Running disruption at Uranus ER is the best mission for Nezha Prime relics farm.
  • 🎮 A neo-relic drops purposely failing conduits is a trick I’ve been using to solo farm as the time I didn’t spend on defending unnecessary.

Warframe Nezha Prime Relics Power

Warframe Nezha Prime Relics Power

To find these relics, you have to do different missions and tasks all over the Origin System. It’s similar to a treasure hunt in space. Nezha is a really strong Warframe, and getting the relics is like finding the pieces of a puzzle.

You must go on space adventures, defeat enemies, and solve challenges using your Gaming Mouse. It’s related to being a space hero in a game. You can think of these Prime Relics as important keys. They open up a vault of cool stuff. It’s like finding a magic key that opens a secret room full of amazing toys. And like when you collect special toys with your Gaming Mouse, getting this Prime Relics can make you feel super happy and proud.

Relics Requirements

Relics Requirements

If you want to start searching for Nezha Prime, you’ll find four kinds of relics: Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi. These relics have different levels of difficulty and prizes. The simplest ones are Lith relics, and you can get them in missions that aren’t very hard. If you’re up for a bit more challenge, you can go for Meso relics, which appear in missions that are a little tougher.

As you get better, you’ll unlock Neo relics found in the really hard missions. And if you’re looking for the toughest challenge and the best rewards, you can aim for Axi relics. These can be found in the most difficult missions.

1. Lith Relics into the Past

Lith relics are like outstanding treasure chests for getting Nezha Prime. You can find them in easy missions. When you open these relics, you might find important parts and blueprints that you need to put Nezha together. You can go on Defense and catch missions to find these relics. By doing this, you are taking steps to become really good at using Nezha’s superpowers.

2. Meso Relics Forging the Future

Meso relics make the game harder. You need to do medium-level missions to get them. You can do Sabotage, Survival, and Rescue missions to find Meso relics. These relics have important parts that you need to make Nezha Prime. It’s exciting to fight and plan in the game to get these relics. Once you have them, you can create this Prime and become very strong.

3. Neo Relics Unearthing Potential

As you get better and better at the game, you’ll come across something called Neo relics during the tougher missions. These missions, like Interception, Survival, and Defense, can give you these excellent relics. Think of them as similar to treasure boxes. Inside these relics, you can find important prime parts. These parts are like puzzle pieces that make Nezha, your game character, super strong and able to do many things. It’s like unlocking Nezha’s best powers.

4. Axi Relics Apex Challenge

The best part of your adventure comes when you get Axi relics. These relics are like special treasure boxes you can find in the toughest missions. You can go on different types of missions like Disruption and Survival and check to collect these Axi relics. When you open these relics, you’ll find the most important prime parts you need to build Nezha Prime. This makes you a top Tenno among other players.

How to Farm Nezha Prime Relics in Warframe

How to Farm Nezha Prime Relics in Warframe

If you really want to get this Prime and use its strong abilities, you have to collect special relics that have its plans inside. These relics are like treasure boxes that hold the important things you need. Now, let’s talk more about how you can find these relics and open them up.

1. Blueprint Meso C6 Relic (Uncommon)

If you want to get the main plan for Nezha Prime, you need to pay attention to something called Meso C6 Relics. These unique things can be earned by playing Void Fissure missions, which are like missions in an outstanding place. When you finish these missions successfully, you’ll get Meso C6 Relics as a reward. Having more of these relics makes it more likely for you to get the main plan for this Prime.

2. Neuroptics Blueprint Lith N6 Relic (Rare)

The Neuroptics Blueprint is like a special map for making this Prime. To find this map, you need to look for Lith N6 Relics. These relics are like hidden treasure chests. You can find them while playing games similar to Excavation, catch, and Defense. Once you find these relics, you can open them up, similar to opening a present. Inside, there’s a chance you might get the Neuroptics Blueprint for free. It’s like finding a really cool puzzle piece that you need to make this Prime.

3. Chassis Blueprint Neo N13 Relic (Rare)

To build Nezha Prime, you need a thing called the Chassis Blueprint. This piece is like a puzzle part. You can find it in things called Neo N13 Relics. To get these relics, you must play certain kinds of missions like Interception, Survival, and Defense. These are related games you play in the game. Once you have the relics, you can open them up. Inside, there’s a chance you might find the Chassis Blueprint. It’s like finding a surprise in a box. So, play the missions, get the relics, and open them for a shot at getting what you need.

Locations to Find Nezha Prime Relics

Locations to Find Nezha Prime Relics

To get more relics for your Nezha blueprints, do missions that give you the necessary relics. Missions like Void Fissure, Excavation, Defense, Interception, and Survival are good and can provide you with Warframe Art Prints. These missions give you better chances to get the relics. You can also team up with other players, called Tenno, to do even better. Working together can help you get what you want faster.

Access Unveiling Powerful Gear

Access Unveiling Powerful Gear

Find the amazing universe of Warframe through the thrilling Nezha Access. Inside this package, you’ll get to know two impressive weapons and a collection of prime accessories that will make your gaming experience even better. Involve yourself in the game with these fantastic additions.

1. Guandao Prime Polearm

Swing into action with the Guandao Prime Polearm, a dangerous weapon with high reach and destructive sweeps. Its prime form increases its damage and critical stats, making it a deadly choice for both close-quarters combat and crowd control. You’ll need to collect the respective relics for the Guandao Prime in the game’s missions. Watch for Lith G1, Meso N7, Neo N13, and Axi G6 relics, which contain parts for this prime polearm.

2. Zakti Prime Pistol

Try out the Zakti Prime Pistol, a second weapon that shoots harmful stuff at your enemies. The improved version of this gun deals more damage and has a greater chance of causing issues for the bad guys. This ensures that your enemies will truly feel the pain from its poisonous hits. To obtain the Zakti Prime, search for unique items known as relics during your missions. There are four kinds: Lith B5, Meso G2, Neo Z3, and Axi Z1. Open these relics and gather the parts required to assemble this super-strong pistol. With the Zakti Prime Pistol, you’ll have a powerful tool to defeat your foes and appear victorious.

3. Prime Accessories

Make your Warframe look even cooler by adding prime accessories. These are fancy things like armor and capes that you can put on your Nezha. It’s like dressing up your character in a video game. You can choose the ones you like and make your Prime unique. It’s a fun way to show your style while playing. So, if you enjoy making things look nice, these prime accessories are for you. They’re similar decorations that make your game character special. Dress up your Prime and have a great time playing with your new stylish items.


Going on a mission in Warframe to get Prime Relics is an exciting experience. Figuring out how to get these relics has been a fun part. We’ve carefully made a plan to unlock them and found out the best ways to collect what we need. This Prime has unique powers that make the game even more interesting. The things that make Nezha Prime special give players different ways to win their missions.

But more than just the plan, it’s the players that really make the game great. Every step in getting these relics is important and gives you cool stuff in the game. While you keep playing, use these steps to help you get Nezha Prime Relics and make them work with your playing style. Remember, you’re part of a group of players who all enjoy the game.

When you share your own experiences and what you’ve learned, it makes the game more fun for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Nezha Prime Relics in Warframe?

Nezha Prime Relics are special items in Warframe that hold parts needed to build Nezha, a stronger version of Nezha. Relics are found during missions and contain blueprints for this Prime’s components.

How Do I Get Nezha Prime Relics?

You can find Nezha Relics by playing Void Fissure missions, available on different planets. Choose the right Relic type (Lith, Meso, Neo, Axi) for the part you need and complete the mission to increase your chances of getting it.

What’s the Best Way to Farm Relics?

To farm Nezha Relics efficiently, play Void Fissure missions that match your desired Relic type. Play in groups to increase chances of cracking open Relics. Choose missions with good rewards to maximize your chances.

How Do I Increase My Chances of Getting Parts from Relics?

Gather a group of players, each carrying the same Relic, to increase the chances of getting Nezha parts. When opening Relics during missions, choose the reward that matches your desired part. This increases your odds of obtaining it.

What Do I Do with Extra Relics?

If you have extra Prime Relics, you can choose to open them during missions for a chance to get Ducats and rare mods. You can also trade these Relics with other players for in-game currency or items you need.

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