Best Places to Get Oxium Farm

Although Oxium is not used generally and often termed as a unique resource, sometimes we feel like we never had enough. Even if it is the early stage of the game, we do not have enough of that.

However, we will get a lot of Oxium if we use the primed version of Vauban. Yes, a primed version of Vauban needs somewhere around 7.000 Oxium.  So, if you are not trying to ignore the Oxium weapons, then this is something you might give a shot.

Best Places to Get Oxium Farm

Have you ever wondered why it is so tough to find a lot of Oxium? Why is it that we always run out of Oxium? Well, the answer to your question is that the Oxium can get explode all by itself.

The source of the Oxium has a habit of exploding, and therefore we always run out of Oxium. However, if you are a good player and somehow manage to kill the resources in time, then you will get Oxium for sure.


  • 💎 Oxium farming in Warframe is extremely difficult, especially when it’s needed for crafting Warframes and weapons.
  • 🕹ī¸ Defense missions are quicker and more effective for farming Oxium in Warframe, and they also provide relics.
  • 🔍 The best place to farm Oxium is on Pluto, outer terminus, with a higher resource drop chance and more difficult enemies.
  • 💎 The best spot to farm oxium is on io on defenses, which is also good for getting meso and neo relics.
  • 🎮 Public lobbies may give you a higher chance of getting oxium in Warframe farming missions.
  • 🛡ī¸ The Pluto mission is for more advanced players, with enemies at levels 30-40, offering a greater challenge and higher rewards.
  • 🌌 The difference in oxium farming between Pluto and Jupiter’s moon Io is significant, especially when considering factors like squad size and mission difficulty.

The Best Nodes to Farm Oxium

The Best Nodes to Farm Oxium

It does not matter whether you kill in time or run out of time. The Oxium will explode anyway. We will now discuss some of the best nodes and planets where you can farm Oxium and get some regular resources without facing any trouble. So, let us talk about these planets and nodes.

Io (Jupiter) – After the remaking of Jupiter, Io provides an excellent spawning rate along with a decent density of enemies. If you are good at it and manage to stay through 20+ waves, you will get a decent amount of Oxium.

Also, the level of the enemy is low enough that they can nuke everything in few seconds. All you need to do is to be very fast so that you can kill in time. Another thing is that the Jupiter missions can have the addition of Amalgam units that provides Hexenon.

Outer Terminus (Pluto) – Pluto is one of the best places to farm the Oxium. However, it can be a little bit trickier for those who are at a low level. This is because you must fight Bursas at the end of each rotation, and if you are not a good player, you might lose the game. If you manage to fight and survive, then you will get a lot of Oxium here.

Corpus Excavation – If you land in a good team and get into the excavation mission with the Corpus units, it will be a great idea to gain a lot of Oxium. But you will be needed protection from the excavators and to survive the round. If you find the highest-level mission, then you will be able to farm a lot of Oxium for yourself along with some rewards.

Corpus Survival – At last, the mission is all about survival. That is not a bad idea, and then this mission is proper for you. All you need to do is to find an excellent camping spot and a friendly spawning rate.

Sometimes, the enemies get stuck somewhere, and sometimes the spawning rate is not reasonable, or you could not find the right camping spot. But all you need to do is survive the mission and if you do not find the right conditions, then restart the mission.

The Best Equipment for Job

As we have discussed above, the primary source of Oxium explodes. It does not matter that you kill in time or you run out of time, and it will explode. If you take a mighty elemental damage weapon, then there is no guarantee that the primary source of Oxium does not explode.

Bringing a Nekros does not seem like helping too much in the case of Oxium as there are still chances the Oxium will explode to its death. So, we will have to look for some alternative.

Another excellent and possible solution is to try the Pilfering Khora, use the augmented mod Pilfering Strangledome to its good build. This might save the Oxium from exploding and can take you through this mission.

However, the loot chances are not more than 65% here, but it will still be a better idea to gain some Oxium. Also, you will get double Oxium on every Oxium Osprey.

Another case is that you can bring Ivara to the farming mission because the Prawl ability of Ivara can get you Oxium Osprey even before you kill. This will be helpful for you in getting the Oxium in a large amount. However, the only con with this approach is that it is prolonged.

Best Equipment for Farm Oxium


The mission is all about getting much Oxium, and indeed, there are very few ways to get the Oxium.

So, you will need to be very careful while playing and restarting the mission to get the right set of conditions in the mission so that you play well and be relatively cunning to get the Oxium in significant amounts only if you know how to get it.

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