Orokin Cell Farming Guide 2023

If you love playing Warframe and searching for its big maps, you might have encountered something important called Orokin Cell Farm. These shiny cells are really useful for making strong weapons, wireframes, and tools that make your space ninja adventures even more exciting. We are here to explain everything about Orokin Cells easily.

We’ll tell you where to find them, which missions are best for getting them, and give you smart ways to get lots of Orokin Cells. Whether you’re a pro player or just starting, this guide will help you figure out how to get these special cells.

By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to get Orokin Cells quickly and enjoy your time playing in Orokin Cell Farming Guide 2023 and make your Warframe experience even more awesome!


  • 🔍 Orokin Cells are essential for crafting Prime weapons and warframes, making them a highly sought-after resource in Warframe.
  • 💰 More resources doing steel path is even better because of the 100 chance increase at the resources.
  • ⏱️ Tether’s assassination on Saturn is the best option for gaining Orokin Cells quickly.
  • 🔍 Getting 6 Orokin Cells from the boss is incredibly good and useful for crafting.
  • 🌌 1Gabby on Ceres is the best way to farm Orokin cells in survival style missions, with increased chances of getting resources.

What is Orokin Cell Farm?

What is Orokin Cell Farm?

Orokin Cell is like shiny treasures in the game Warframe. They’re special things that are super important for creating powerful gear, like weapons, frames, and cool gadgets. These cells have a golden glow, and they come from a really old and advanced group called the Orokin.

These special cells are pretty hard to come by, but they’re super useful for crafting really strong stuff that helps you in the game.

Blueprints Required for Orokin Cell Farm

Think of building cool things in the game, like awesome weapons like the Boltor and Soma or cool frames like Nova and Valkyr. For making these awesome items, you’re going to need Orokin Cells methods.

These cells are like the secret ingredient that makes your gear super strong and effective. Not only that but they’re also needed for crafting Clan tech and certain Prime equipment.

Farming Orokin Cells

Farming Orokin Cells

If you want to get a bunch of Orokin Cell Farm, head over to places like Saturn, Ceres, and Orokin missions. To increase your chances of finding them, use boosters and Nekros’ Desecrate power, which helps you get even more cells. Going on missions that go on and on, like Survival or Defense, is a smart way to gather lots of cells.

You can also find Orokin Cells in Void Fissure missions, which is another way to collect them and build up your stock.

Best Places to Farm Orokin Cells

Best Places to Farm Orokin Cells .jpg

Ceres is the starting place where players can grow Orokin cells, a valuable resource. This is the first spot to get these important things. Players should try to do the most efficient tasks, like Gabii. By taking on Survival missions and surviving for just 15 minutes, you can earn yourself an Orokin Cell as a reward.

And here’s a tip: the longer you stay on the mission, the better the rewards become. Bringing Nekros along can be helpful due to his special ability, which increases the chance of items Orokin cell drop rates.

2. Tethys (Saturn)

This quest is sometimes called the Sargas Ruk Farm. In this quest, you have to defeat General Sargas Ruk. It’s a good way to collect Orokin cells, although they don’t always drop every time. You can get Orokin cells from him quite often. Tethys on Saturn is a great place to find Orokin Cells Farming. If you defeat General Sargas Ruk there, you’ll likely find quick Orokin Cell farm techniques.

It’s even better to team up with friends because it increases your chances of getting these valuable resources. Remember, besides Orokin Cells methods, you might also reveal mods and other important items from the General.

3. Seimeni (Ceres)

Seimeni is another great place to collect Orokin Cells, just like Gabii. You only have to stay in one spot and let the enemies come to you. This way, you can concentrate on defeating your targets instead of wandering around.

In Seimeni, Ceres, the Dark Sector Defence mission can be a great way to get Orokin Cell Farm locations. Protect the Cryopod and make it through to the 5th wave, and your reward will be Orokin Cells. To up your chances of getting them, think of bringing a resource drop chance booster with you.

4. Titan (Saturn)

Besides Tethys and Gabii, Titan is also a good spot to gather Orokin cells. Titan is a special area on the planet Saturn, and it’s known as a Dark Sector, Survival zone. This means you have a better chance of finding important materials there. However, being on this planet can make things a bit more complex.

Hang on for 15 minutes in the survival mission, and you’ll receive quick Orokin cell techniques as your prize. To make your rewards even bigger, think about using resource boosters while playing.

5. Orokin Derelict Survival

For those up for a challenge, the Orokin Derelict Survival mission is worth a try. Surviving for 15 minutes here will earn you Orokin Cells as a reward. Remember, this mission might be a bit tougher, so make sure to bring your best strategies and gear to succeed. It’s all about surviving and gathering the rewards.

Orokin Cell Farm Gathering Tips

Orokin Cell Farm Gathering Tips

  • Instead of choosing Hydron, choose Helene on Saturn as your main spot for leveling up. This choice will naturally help you stock up on Orokin Cells Farming.
  • Piscinas on Saturn is a Dark Sector survival mission. It gives you Plastids and Orokin Cells while also providing XP bonuses. Typically, you can gather 5 to 10 Orokin Cell Farm in a 20-25 minute run.
  • Assassination and Invasion missions on a planet where Orokin Cell drop rates can quickly get you a bunch of Orokin Cells. If you have strong equipment or good teammates, a fast squad can finish a single run in about 2 minutes.
  • Gabii, Ceres is another place to get 4-7 Orokin Cells methods by opening containers or breaking Cell Arrays.
  • Exta, Ceres is a combination boss mission on a planet with Orokin Cells. This makes it quite likely to Orokin cell drop rates.

Things to Remember About Farming Orokin Cells

Things to Remember About Farming Orokin Cells

1. Picking the Right Planet

Ceres and Saturn are the places to find quick orokin cell techniques. They’re pretty similar in terms of drop chance, but Saturn has a bit more loot. However, the most important thing is picking the planet where you can finish missions fast without much trouble.

2. Buying with Platinum

You can buy Orokin Cells from the marketplace for 10 Platinum each. But, honestly, it’s not a great idea. Spending your special in-game money on cells isn’t smart because you can get them from Ceres and Saturn without spending anything real.

3. Teaming Up for More Drops

Missions like Seimeni, Titan, and Gabii are better when you play with friends or other players. Because when you have more players, more enemies appear. And more enemies mean better chances of getting the Orokin Cell Farm locations you’re looking for. Teamwork can pay off.

4. Orokin Cell Drop Rates

Orokin cell farming is not super rare, but they don’t drop in big bunches, either. That’s why getting a lot of them takes time. To get more, you need to do the missions multiple times quickly.


In 2023, if you want to improve your equipment and move forward in the Warframe game, it’s really important to learn how to get Orokin Cell Farm. We’ve told you about every important point to remember to get Orokin Cells easily. Do what this guide says. You can find them in different places, like endless missions, bosses, and special events.

It’s faster and better if you play with other players. Now you know where to find the best Orokin Cells. The game might change, and new ways to get Orokin Cells could arise. So, go ahead, play the game, and collect those Orokin Cell Farm. We hope you have great and exciting adventures in the game!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Increase My Chances of Getting Orokin Cells Through Boosters?

Yes, using resource boosters (Resource and Resource Drop Chance Boosters) will increase your chances of obtaining the Orokin Cell locations from enemies and containers.

Is There a Recommended Strategy for Farming Orokin Cells Efficiently?

Efficient Orokin Cell farming often involves running endless missions with a team and using Warframes that boost loot drops. Prioritize missions with higher enemy levels for better drop rates.

Are There Any Events Where Orokin Cell Drop Rates Are Increased?

Warframe hosts special events or resource drop rate boost weekends that can increase the chances of obtaining Orokin Cells. Keep an eye on official announcements for such events.

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