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In the sea of Warframe, resources are mandatory for progression. Among the most sought-after resources, Cetus wisps remain to be the most elusive ones to get.

Cetus wisps stand as a valuable resource for crafting and upgrading essential items. Lurking within the ethereal beauty of Eidolon, this elusive-energy-based resource left players wondering where and how to farm them in the game effectively.

This article focuses on how to farm Cetus wisps in Warframe. Whether you are a seasoned Warframe veteran or a tyro just stepping into the plains, this guide will fill you in with the necessary information to ace up your Warframe skills and help you farm Cetus Wisp like a pro.

You will learn what Cetus wisps are, where and how to find them, their fundamentals, and their spawning places. From choosing the right loadout to cruising in the plains in finesse, we’ve got you covered.

We do not stop there; we will delve into the realm of Warframe and learn the significance of the day and night cycle, Warframe abilities, and trading strategies.

Whether you need to craft powerful items or trade for valuable resources, you will leave this article with complete knowledge to master the gameplay. Let us embark on your journey to become a pro.


  • 📦 Different methods of farming Cetus Wisps depend on the time of day and your position, offering various benefits for players.
  • 🌀 Equipping loot detector, thief’s wit, and animal instinct on your companion is all you really need for Cetus Wisp farming in Warframe.
  • 🌙 Farming for Cetus Wisps is more effective at night, with more appearing during nighttime.
  • 🔍 Cetus Wisp farming requires patience and attention to detail, as they can be easily scared off if you get too close.
  • 🌊 The advantage of the ability is that we can just press it and it’s going to suck the Cetus Wisp in.
  • ⏱️ You can easily do the run in 2 minutes, getting a Cetus Wisp every 2 minutes.

Why Farm Cetus Wisps?

Why Farm Cetus Wisps

Here is why you should invest your time and efforts in farming Cetus Wisps:

  • Cetus wisps are crucial if you want to enhance your gameplay. Cetus wisps are significant components for Warframe Amps, operators, and Zaws. If you want to create or upgrade these items, Cetus Wisps are much needed. Cetus wisps are the major crafting materials in high-end Arcanes and Operator Arcanes.
  • These add-ons will improve your gaming performance and have some unique advantages in combats and high-level missions. In Cetus and Fortuna, Cetus wisps can be traded for currencies that unlock mods, gear, and cosmetic items.
  • Cetus Wisps continue to be the valuable possessions in Warframe among players. Even if you do not need them immediately, their value continues to be the same; in fact, their value increases as you accumulate them. You can always barter them for valuable resources from the Warframe market.

Where to Farm Cetus Wisps?

Where to Farm Cetus Wisps

Cetus Wisps are commonly found in the plains of Eidolon; check out the following locations in the game to farm Cetus Wisps:

  • Lakes, ponds, and rivers are the main spots to look for Cetus Wisps. They usually hover over the water. It is advised to equip a fishing spear since it floats on water.
  • Look for them in grassy areas near lakes and ponds since they love water bodies. They are typically found lurking between tall grass. Use codex scanners and synthesis scanners to spot them with ease.
  • Caves can contain Cetus Wisps; look for every cave in the plains to find a decent amount of Cetus Wisps.
  • At times, Cetus Wisps can be found near Eidolon Lures. Watch out for them while you are partaking in Eidolon hunting activities.
  • Nights are the best time to hunt for them. They can be seen both in day and night. But they can be seen comparatively more during the night. One of the reasons is that they glow in the dark, making them easy to spot.

How to Farm Cetus Wisps?

How to Farm Cetus Wisps

Follow the points carefully to amass plenty of Cetus Wisps that will enhance your gaming performance:

  • Choose the frame that suits your mobility and enhances your gameplay to hunt Cetus Wisps. Frames like Ivara, with her prowling abilities and Volt’s speed, can be the best choice. Equip Loot radar gear like Animal Instinct, Thieves’ loot, and loot detector to step up hunting for Cetus Wisps Warframe.
  • As discussed earlier, they are available both on the day and night. But, most people prefer farming during the night so that they can be seen easily.
  • Planning a farm route before setting out to farm can be highly effective. You can follow a lot of sources available to learn the spawning places. They will save you a lot of time and effort.
  • Archwings and K Drive can be your best friend. If you are out hunting for Cetus Wisps. Archwing is an all-environment flight system used to fly and engage in fights. K drives are hoverboards that allow players to travel places quickly.
  • Keep an eye on the mini-map for Wisps, and use radars like the Codex and Synthesis scanners to pinpoint the exact location. When you come across a Wisp, you can obtain them just by walking on them. Make sure you get them once you spot them since they disappear or move away after a short period.
  • It is not guaranteed that everyone will get Wisps while farming. They may or may not spawn. It takes patience to collect them all. As it happens, there are a lot of players who have just collected one or two Wisps after searching for two hours. You have to repeat the search process over time to get a considerable amount of Wisps.
  • Using resource boosters can be the best way to increase Wisp drops. Certain Warframe abilities like Pilfering Swarm can increase drop rates.
  • You can go solo or squad to farm Wisps. Going solo can help you focus more; going squad can speed up the search but increase the competition.
  • Manage your inventory effectively to save space for more Wisps. Run a check on your inventory occasionally and eliminate unnecessary items.
  • If you have accumulated more Wisps than needed, you can trade them with your friends or other players for valuable items and Warframe currency.

What are the Uses of Cetus Wisps?

What are the Uses of Cetus Wisps

Cetus Wisps has a lot of benefits that contribute to your gaming experience and increase your value as a player; here are some uses of Cetus Wisps in Warframe:

  1. Cetus Wisps are crucial in upgrading Operator Amps. They are powerful energy weapons used by Operators. To craft or upgrade an operator Amp, you will need a significant amount of Wisps. It usually depends on the blueprint’s requirements. The more potent a weapon is, the more will be the amount of Wisps needed.
  2. Zaws are melee weapons in Warframe. Crafting or upgrading Zaws takes a significant amount of Wisps. You can enhance the weapon’s power by upgrading the grips, strikes, and links. To unlock the full potential, you will have to spend more Wisps.
  3. Arcanes need Wisps for enhancement. They improve your gameplay experience and are the most sought-after equipment in Warframe.
  4. Operator arcane, which boosts the ability and survivability of the operator, takes an amount of Wisp to craft or upgrade. They can benefit players who engage in Eidolon hunting and some high-level content.
  5. In Cetus and Fortuna, you can trade Wisps for Standing, the local reputation currency. Procuring Standings allows you to unlock new gear, mods, and cosmetic items.
  6. Cetus Wisps have a lot of demand among players. If you are lucky enough and have an excess of Wisps, you can trade them with other players and get more exciting items, Warframe parts, and mods.
  7. Apart from the items mentioned above, you can upgrade the following items in Warframe: Itzal Archwing, Gara Warframe, Opticor Vandal Weapon, Arcane Nullifier, Arcane Energize, Arcane Fury, Arcane Velocity, Eidolon Lure, Teralyst Beacon.

How Do You Deal with Low Spawn Rates?

How Do You Deal with Low Spawn Rates.jpg

Low spawn rates can be frustrating; follow the points to mitigate the problem:

  • Warframes like Nekros and Khora can increase the drop rates. The ‘Desecrate’ and ‘Pilfering Strangledom’ can be effective when you are farming with low spawn rates.
  • Learn the most efficient route to farm Wisps. Use the online sources available to navigate and find Wisps without wasting your time and effort.
  • Do not hesitate to revisit missions; they increase the chances of increased drop rates. Consider buying resource boosters in the game; they may increase the chance of lowering the spawn rate.

How Do You Manage Unwanted Enemy Encounters?

How Do You Manage Unwanted Enemy Encounters

  • Using frames like Loki, Ivars, and Ash can make you invisible and reduce the risk of being spotted. They help you pass missions without triggering the alarm.
  • Consider using silenced weapons to quietly eliminate your enemies without drawing attention from other players. Weapons like crossbows, bows, and melee weapons will do the deed quietly.
  • Use frames with crowd control such as Vauban, Equinox, and Nova while farming and avoid unwanted attention.
  • You can use the hush mods if your weapon is not inherently silent. This will help you eliminate your enemies without making any sound.
  • Check the crowd control feature and hush mods before setting out to play. This will help accomplish the task quickly.
  • Be patient and wait till the enemy passes to avoid unnecessary fighting while you are out farming.

How Do You Cope with Unfavorable Weather Conditions?

How Do You Cope with Unfavorable Weather Conditions

  • Weather patterns are highly volatile in Warframe. You can wait till the weather passes. You can take shelter during unfavorable weather conditions like heavy rains, storms, and strong winds.
  • Using Archwings and K drives can be an effective way to travel despite unfavorable weather conditions. Devise a plan to use the weather conditions effectively, stay stealthy to avoid enemies and obstacles, and Use stealth frames like Loki or Ivara to stay undetected.
  • Use loot radars to spot nearby resources in poor weather conditions; by changing the playstyle accordingly, you can bring the most out of unfavorable weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

A Cetus Wisp is a floating, valuable, and elusive thing that is found near water bodies. They can be hard to find, but when equipped well, you can easily find them. Cetus Wisps has a lot of benefits, including crafting and upgrading ammunition.

They can be widely seen in grassy areas, in the Eidolon Lures, and in caves. Gear like Archwings and K-drive can be highly effective while farming for Wisps.

It is important to understand that Wisps are not guaranteed. One should have the patience to get them. However, you can equip some resources to speed up the farming process.

You can reduce unwanted enemy encounters with selective frames and use hushed mods and melee weapons like Zaws. Use radars like the Codex scanner and Synthesis Scanner to find Wisps and other resources.

You can use frames like Loki or Ivara to stay stealthy and avoid the enemy’s attention while farming. Warframes like Khora and Nekros can be used to avoid low spawn rates.

Alter your playstyle according to the weather conditions to make the best out of them. Stay stealthy while farming and slow your pace while farming during unfavorable weather conditions to avoid obstacles and attracting enemies.

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