Garuda Prime Relics - Farming Guide

Do you want to know how to get Garuda Prime Relics quickly and easily? Well, you’re in the right place. We will show you the best ways to find these shiny treasures in the large game of Warframe. But first, let’s understand why Prime Relics matter.

Garuda is a super cool and powerful Warframe, and you need her Relics to get her. These Relics hide in different places in the game, and we’re here to help you hunt them down. We’ll walk you through the steps and tell you where to look. We promise it’s going to be an exciting game. This guide is your prize map. We’ll give you tips, locations, and strategies to make your relic hunting a breeze.

So, gear up, Tenno, and prepare to find Garuda Prime Relics like a pro. Let’s jump in and start the hunt for that shiny jewel together.


  • 🔍 Garuda Prime can be farmed by checking the void relic boundary segment or the codex for locations.
  • 🎮 Hey six relic packs that’s 18 relics decent chance of getting some garuda prime relic so always important to keep that in mind.
  • 🎮 Void captures and sanctuary onslaught are still the favorite for loot farming, making them the go-to missions for relic drops.
  • 🎮 The drops for Garuda Prime blueprint look pretty good, definitely favoring it.
  • 🎮 Running Saturn Helene to level up and get relics is a good strategy for farming Garuda Prime.
  • 🎮 Stick to sanctuary onslaught and fast missions for good drops, and don’t forget to celebrate Warframe’s 9th anniversary week on Twitch!
  • 🎮 Elite Sanctuary Onslaught is a great place to farm for Garuda Prime parts, and sticking to missions that you enjoy is key to a successful farming experience.
  • 🐸 Garuda Prime is going to be a really good frame for a while, so get on it and start farming her.

What Is Garuda Prime Relics?

What Is Garuda Prime Relics?

Step into the changing world of Warframe as a new part starts with Garuda Relics. These relics are special keys that help unlock the superpower of Garuda, a better version of the first Garuda Warframe. Try these relics as valuable boxes full of great abilities and fantastic looks. They have important parts needed to make Garuda even finer than before.

You can find these relics while playing different missions in the game. Do tasks, face challenges, or trade with other players to get them. Garuda herself is nice to look at. She’s a mix of moving nicely and being strong. With greater armor, more energy, and a special style, she fights with her special talents and has impressive powers motivated by hunting birds.

As you go through the Warframe world, don’t forget to look for Garuda Prime Relics. Take on the challenge, get those relics, and use the great abilities of this strong Warframe to win in the best way.

Where to Get Garuda Prime Relics?

Where to Get Garuda Prime Relics?

1. Void Fissures

Think aboutyourself on a relic hunt in a video game. That’s what Void Fissures are. They’re special events that make the game exciting. You get to find rare old items, like revealing hidden prizes. To join, you do different missions that are easy or a bit harder. When you finish these missions, you might get something called Garuda Prime relics. These relics are special keys that open up amazing things. You don’t have to do it by yourself. You can team up with other players to find and finish missions together. Teamwork makes it even more fun.

2. Bounties

Try finding big open-world places such as the Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis. Here, you can do special jobs called bounties. When you finish these jobs, you get something fantastic called relics. These relics are like hidden relic boxes filled with strong things. The neat thing is that these jobs happen repeatedly in a circle. So, if you want Garuda Prime relics, you can always do these jobs more times to get more relics. It’s like a fun adventure that keeps giving you shiny rewards.

3. Syndicate Offerings

In the Warframe world, there are groups called syndicates. They help you collect relics. Sometimes, these syndicates give out packs of relics as rewards. The cool thing is that you don’t need regular game money to get these packs. Instead, you can use points you earn from the syndicates. It’s a way to show you’re a fan of these groups, and they give you relics as a gift. So, when you play and support these syndicates, you also get more relics for your adventures.

4. Trading

Trading is a lively part of the Warframe gang, and this goes for swapping relics, too. If luck isn’t going your way, you can try swapping with other Tenno who have the Garuda Prime relics you want. This way, you can work on finishing your relic collection without any trouble. So jump in, swap stuff, and make your Warframe time even more fun.

5. Void Relics

Get Void Traces by joining Fissures, and then use these traces to improve your relics. This boosts your chances of getting the necessary parts to assemble Garuda Prime. It’s kind of like giving your relics a power-up before you see what’s inside. So, next time you’re eager to discover what’s in those Relics, take a second to make them superior with Void Traces. Your work might just pay off with even more super loot.

How to Get Garuda Prime Relics?

How to Get Garuda Prime Relics? .jpg

1. Identify the Required Relics

Find the list of Garuda parts hidden in special Relics Neuroptics, Chassis, Systems, and Blueprint. To win, you need to know the exact Relic for each part. It’s like a fun, valuable hunt. Each Relic is a clue leading to a part of Garuda. Think of the Neuroptics as the first hint, showing you the way. Then comes the Chassis, giving you info about the mechanical part. Next are the Systems, revealing the tech magic.

These Systems fall you into the twisted game of Garuda’s technology. Lastly, the Blueprint is the last clue, helping you assemble the whole Garuda. It’s not just a game but a smart plan. You gather the right Relics, like collecting pieces of a puzzle. These Relics show you the story of Garuda Prime, and knowing their importance helps you succeed.

2. Void Fissures Exploration

Prepare for an amazing adventure on different planets with Void Fissure missions. Your job is to defeat the bad guys called Corrupted enemies. Show them you’re the boss. When you finish a mission, you earn something really neat called Void Traces. Think of them as power-ups to make your Relic rewards even better, like giving your game prizes a mega boost.

Think about how you open up your Relics and find awesome prizes. Well, Void Traces makes that happen for real. They help you step up your game and get super cool stuff. So, gear up, team up, and let’s get going. These missions are about fun, celebrating victories, and turning your regular rewards into super-amazing ones.

3. Void Trace Treatment

Go to the Orbiter’s Void Relic Treatment station. There, you can make your Relics finer. It’s like a valuable box with wonderful stuff inside. When you make the Treatment level higher, you have a greater chance of getting awesome stuff from your Relics. Get your Void Traces and go to the station.

Use a bit of Void Traces to level up the Treatment. Think of it as polishing your relic box to make it shinier. The shinier it is, the fancier the stuff you’ll find inside. So, if you want something awesome, give your Garuda Prime a boost with Void Traces at the Orbiter’s station. Your work will pay off with a superior chance of getting some great loot.

4. Targeted Farming

Choose missions where you’re more likely to get the Relics you need. Find the best missions for each relic type by looking at guides and talking to others in online groups. These can help you save time and be fantastic at finding the Relics you want. Groups online are where players share what they know. They have good ideas about which missions have the most of the Relics you’re looking for. Guides online can show you step-by-step how to do different missions, which can help you do more. By doing this, you can make the most of your time and do better at getting the relics you want. Before you go on your next mission, take some time to learn and plan. This will help you do better and get what you want.

5. Reactant Collection

When you’re off on a Void Fissure mission, find mysterious places and watch out for Corrupted enemies. These guys are a bit different, but if you beat them, they’ll drop something called Reactant. Now, Reactant might sound fancy, but it’s the key to a hidden treasure chest. Think of each mission as a puzzle, and Reactant is like a piece you need to solve it.

Once you beat those Corrupted enemies and get enough Reactant, you can use it to close a special box called a garuda prime. It’s sort of like locking a magic door. Great rewards that you can’t wait to get. So, don’t forget, while you’re zipping around on your mission, grab that Reactant, lock up the Relic, andprepare to find the awesome stuff that’s been waiting for you.

6. Reward Selection

Once you’ve successfully finished the mission and sealed the Relic, you can choose a reward. Think of the Relic as a secret box full of really fabulous stuff. Your choice now decides what you’ll get from this box of goodies.

Inside, you might find parts that make your gear even better or other useful things for your adventure. Take your time to decide and enjoy the fun of finding out what’s waiting for you inside the Relic’s hidden prize.

7. Trading Opportunities

No problem if you’re missing a part for your Garuda Prime in Warframe. The game’s community has a helpful trading system. If you have extra Prime parts, you don’t need them. You can trade them with other players to get the parts you’re missing for your Garuda. This is a cool way to speed up your progress in getting Garuda.

Instead of waiting around, you can team up with other players to finish your Garuda more quickly. It’s a bit like a swap meet where you trade things you don’t want for things you do want. So, if you want to have your Garuda all set for action, trading could be the way to go.


In the game of Warframe, finding Garuda Prime Relics can feel like a thrilling space hunt. Today, we engaged in this game to reveal the precious relics and learn how to farm them wisely. We started by understanding where to find Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi relics in various missions. Remember, different missions offer different relics. Then, we jumped into the deepness of Void Fissures, where we cracked open relics to show the prize within.

It’s like opening surprise gifts. Teamwork makes the relic-cracking dream work. As we wrap up our farming guide, always pay attention to Void Fissure missions and keep those relic stockpiles ready. Whether it’s Lith, Meso, Neo, or Axi, each relic holds a piece of the Garuda puzzle.

So, go on, brave Tenno, and gather those relics to form the power of Garuda. May your relic-hunting game be large and full of excitement. Fly high and defeat the stars.

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