Rubico Prime and Gram Prime are special items that players want to get to make their characters stronger. But to get them, you need to find special items called relics. We have got you something to help you out.

We will show what these Rubico and Gram are actually, how you can easily build them, and how you can use them to make yourself more powerful and increase your gaming experience.

But to get these amazing weapons, you need to find relics. Relics are like special boxes that hold the blueprints for Rubico Prime and Gram Prime. To find relics, you’ll need to find different places in the game.

By going through these tips, you will also learn how to find the relics and your power weapons easily. So, let’s get to know about these tips and understand more about Gram Prime build.


  • 🎮 Farming for Chroma Prime, Rubico Prime, and Gram Prime sets can be more rewarding than buying them from the market.
  • 🎮 The fast way to find out what relics drop Chroma Prime, Rubico Prime, and Gram Prime is by going into your codex, selecting relics, and typing in what you want to farm.

What is Rubico Prime?

What is Rubico Prime

Rubico Prime is a strong gun that lots of players really want. To get it, you have to find special things called relics. These relics have the parts of the gun inside them.

So, you need to go on missions to find these relics. When you get a relic, you can open it to see if it has a part for the Rubico Prime. Sometimes, you might get lucky and find the part you need.

Other times, you might have to open a few relics to get all the parts. Once you have all the parts, you can assemble them to make the Rubico Prime. It’s a really cool gun that can shoot bad guys from really far away. So, keep looking for those relics, and you’ll have your powerful Rubico Prime and Gram Prime build quickly.

The Best Way to Get Rubico Prime Relics

The Best Way to Get Rubico Prime Relics

1. Lith K5 Relics

Lith K5 is super easy to find. You can find it in missions that aren’t too hard. Just check the star chart for Lith fissures, and that’s where you begin collecting this relic. It’s not tough at all to get your hands on it.

You won’t have to go on super challenging missions or anything like that. Just watch for those Lith fissures, and you’re good to go. So, if you’re starting or want a quick relic, this one is a piece of cake to get. Don’t worry about it being too hard. It’s one of the simplest relics to find in the game.

2. Meso R2 Relics

For Meso R2 relics, you have to do missions that are a little harder but not too hard. You can find these relics in different parts of the game with Meso fissures. These fissures are like cracks in the game world where you can get the relics.

So, if you want to get Meso R2 relics, be prepared to face some challenges in these missions. But don’t worry, with some practice, you can become really good at it and collect lots of relics. Just keep playing, and you’ll get better. The relics are important because they have cool things inside that can make your game more fun. So, check out those Meso fissures, and have a great time playing.

3. Neo R1 Relics

Neo R1 things might need a little more skill. They show up in harder missions. You should watch for Neo cracks to get them. These special items can be found in missions that are not very easy.

You must be careful and good at playing the game to get them. Always keep looking for those Neo cracks when you play the missions. That way, you can collect these special things. Don’t forget to be skillful in your gameplay.

4. Axi R2 Relics

Getting Axi R2 relics can be hard because they’re in really tough missions. You have to do some really difficult tasks to get these relics. It might be a little harder, but if you keep trying, you’ll get better at it.

Just keep playing and practicing, and soon, you’ll be able to get these relics without any problems. Don’t give up, and remember that practice makes perfect. So, go out there and give it your best shot.

What is Gram Prime?

What is Gram Prime

Gram Prime build is a super tough sword that looks really cool. To use it, you have to find special things called relics. These relics have the pieces you need to make the sword. When you have all the parts, you can put them together to make the gram prime build. It’s a big, powerful sword that can hit really hard. When you swing it, it can do a lot of damage to the enemies. So, find those relics, and make yourself a gram prime build. Then, you’ll be ready to take on any foes that come your way. Don’t forget, it’s not easy to get, but it’s worth it when you do.

The Best Way to Get Gram Prime Relics

The Best Way to Get Gram Prime Relics

1. Lith G2 Relics

You can find Lith G2 relics in the simplest missions, often on planets like Earth and Venus. When you play these missions, you have a chance to get them. These missions are not too difficult, so you should be able to complete them easily. So, if you want to find these relics, head to Earth or Venus and start playing the easy missions. You will find the relics while completing the missions you’re looking for. Don’t worry about it being too hard. It’s quite simple, really. Just remember to enjoy the game while you’re at your Gram Prime build.

2. Meso N6 Relics

You can find Meso N6 treasures in missions that are a little harder on planets such as Mars and Phobos. Join forces with other players to increase your odds of success. In these missions, you must work together and defeat tougher enemies. When you complete these tasks, you earn rewards to help you in the game. So, don’t hesitate to ask other players for help and form a team. Teamwork is important, and it can make the game more fun. So, find the relics and team up with friends or other players for a better experience.

3. Neo G1 Relics

Finding Neo G1 relics might be a little hard, but you can find them when you play missions on planets like Jupiter and Saturn. So, what should you do? Keep on playing and gathering them to make it more likely that you’ll get these special items for your gram prime build. The more you play, the better your chances become. Just keep in mind, don’t give up, and you’ll find these cool relics in no time.

4. Axi G2 Relics

Getting Axi G2 relics can be tough. To get them, you must do hard missions on Pluto and Sedna, which are far away. It’s important to work together with your team to succeed in getting Gram Prime built. You should communicate well and help each other. You should not forget that practice makes perfect. Try different strategies and learn from your mistakes. Over time, you’ll become better and more skilled. So, gather your friends, make a plan, and start on this exciting gameplay to get those Axi G2 relics.

Making Your Weapons Super Strong

Making Your Weapons Super Strong

Rubico Prime Build

1. Serration

Serration is like a power-up for your Rubico Prime. When you put it on, your gun becomes much stronger. This is similar to giving your Rubico Prime a big boost so it can defeat enemies quickly. If you use a Rubico Prime, you really should have Serration. It’s that important.

2. Split Chamber

Another good thing to add to your Rubico Prime is the Split Chamber mod. This mod helps your gun shoot even more bullets, which makes it stronger. When you have more bullets, your gun becomes much more powerful. So, if you want to do more damage, definitely consider adding the Split Chamber mod to your Rubico Prime. It’s a simple way to make your weapon even better.

3. Point Strike

Point Strike is like a special upgrade for your Rubico Prime gun. It helps your gun do difficult hits more often. Critical hits are when your gun does extra powerful shots. So, with Point Strike, your Rubico Prime becomes super strong. When you hit a shot, it does lots of damage. This mod is like a secret weapon for your gun, making it much better at hurting enemies. So, if you want your Rubico Prime to be a real powerhouse, you should use Point Strike.

4. Vigilante Armaments

Vigilante Armaments is a mod that makes your Rubico Prime shoot more bullets at once. When you shoot, this is similar to shooting a bunch of tiny bullets instead of just one. This mod is great because it helps you kill bad guys really fast. You can take out a whole bunch of them in one shot. So, if you want to be a shooter, this mod is your friend. Put it on your Rubico Prime, and you’ll see the difference. You’ll be a pro shooter in no time.

Gram Prime Build

1. Pressure Point

Pressure Point is like a power-up for your melee weapon. When you put a Pressure Point on your Gram Prime, it becomes super strong. So, when you hit bad guys with it, they go down faster. This is similar to giving your weapon a boost to smash the bad guys in fewer hits. So, if you want to be a strong warrior, use Pressure Point on your gram prime build, and you’ll be a real tough fighter.

2. Organ Shatter

Organ Shatter, a mod for melee weapons, is like a power-up. It makes your hits stronger when you aim just right. When you put it on your gram prime build, it turns your hits strong. So, when you hit the bad guys really hard, they feel it even more. It’s a great choice if you want to be really tough in the game. So, if you like to smash and bash in the game, this mod is perfect for you.

3. Primed Reach

Primed Reach is a special mod. It makes your melee attacks reach farther. Using it with Gram Prime build, you can hit bad guys from far away. This helps you stay safe while still finding them. It’s a good thing to have in your game. It can be really helpful. So, when you’re fighting, try it, and you’ll see the difference. You’ll be able to fight from a distance and keep yourself out of harm’s way. So, make sure to use Primed Reach with Gram Prime build for better results in your battles.


Rubico Prime and Gram Build Prime are really good weapons in the game. To get Rubico Prime, you must find special things called relics while doing missions.

These relics have parts of the gun inside. Once you have all the parts, you can assemble them to make the Rubico Prime. You can make it even better by adding things like Serration, Split Chamber, Point Strike, and Vigilante Armaments.

Gram Prime build is a very strong sword you can use in the game. To get it, you also need to find relics with its parts. When you have all the parts, you can put them together to make the Gram Prime build. To make it stronger, you can use things like Pressure Point, Organ Shatter, and Primed Reach. So, both of these weapons are awesome.

You find relics, get the parts, and strengthen them with mods. This makes you a powerful player in the game.

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