Looking for a shiny Argon Crystal Farm in 2023? You’re in luck. Because we’ve got this guide that will show you the easy way to get these valuable crystals in your favorite game. Have you ever wondered why these crystals matter?

Well, they’re like magic gems that help you make super cool stuff. But here’s the thing: they disappear over time. That’s where our guide comes in. We’ll tell you exactly how to grab them before they vanish. Hold on, what’s the plan? We’ve got your back.

First, we’ll talk about where to find these crystals. Then, we’ll share the secret trick to make them stay longer. You don’t need fancy gear for this adventure, just your regular game gear—no more boring farming. We’ve cracked the code to make it fun.

No confusing words or long steps. It’s just simple stuff that gets you those crystals without stress. Prepare to be the Crystal Master in no time. Let’s roll.


  • 🎮 The hepit mission in Warframe is a great way to get argon crystals as it allows you to have free reign of the tile set until you want to leave.
  • 🎮 Exploring and looting every area is essential for increasing the chances of obtaining Argon crystals in Warframe.
  • 🎮 The strategy of smashing and grabbing everything with high AOE damage weapons or Warframes can make the game much easier for new players.
  • 🔍 Using a farming frame like necross or pilfering swarm on hydroid can help in getting Argon Crystal in Warframe.
  • 💎 Using boosters can increase the drop chance of rare items in Warframe, making it easier to obtain valuable resources.
  • ⏰ The decaying mechanic of Argon crystals catches most people out when starting the game, leading to frustration and confusion.
  • ⏰ It’s important to use the Argon crystals promptly after farming them, as they cannot sit in the inventory for a long period of time without decaying.

What are Warframe Argon Crystals?

What are Warframe Argon Crystals?

Warframe, the popular online game, has a special item called the Argon Crystal Farm. These crystals are a bit different from the usual stuff you find in the game. They look blue and glow, but here’s the twist: they don’t last forever. They disappear after 24 hours. To get these crystals, players go to a place called the Void, which has tough missions. You can find Argon Crystals as rewards there, but they don’t drop very often, so they’re quite precious.

Argon Crystals are super important because you use them to make cool weapons and gear in the game. Since they disappear after a day, it makes players go back to the Void often to find more. Argon Crystals in Warframe are rare and don’t stick around for long. They’re crucial for making powerful stuff in the game, and they keep players busy trying to collect them before they vanish.

Where to Farm Warframe Argon Crystals?

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1. Resource Importance

Argon Crystal Farm is like precious gems in Warframe. They’re not your regular rocks. They’re outstanding because they help you make cool things, including powerful Warframes. Argon Crystals don’t last forever. They slowly disappear, just like ice melting in the sun. So, you’ve got to be fast and clever when using them before they vanish.

To find these crystals, you’ll need to go on missions in the Warframe world. Think of it as going on a fun treasure hunt. Once you’ve got your hands on them, head back to your spaceship and start crafting. Argon Crystals are the magic ingredient that makes Warframe awesome. They’re your way to create fantastic gear and become an unstoppable space ninja.

2. Short Shelf Life

Argon Crystal Farm is famous for not lasting long. They slowly disappear, which can be problematic when you want to collect many of them. Think about how you have rare crystals you need for something important. You might think, I’ll get a bunch and keep them for a while. But with Argon Crystals, it’s not that simple.

They have a habit of slowly breaking down over time like they have a built-in self-destruct timer. This makes it tough to gather a lot because some of them have already vanished by the time you’ve got a nice pile.

3. Void Missions

In Warframe, the Void is like a magic place where you can find a lot of Argon Crystals. You don’t need to be a pro to get them. Just play missions like Capture, Survival, and Defense, and you might find some crystals. Consider whether you’re trying to capture someone, survive against tough enemies, or protect an important spot.

Well, during these missions, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll come across some Argon Crystal Farm. They’re like valuable gems hiding in the Void’s deepness. The cool thing is you don’t need any unique gear or complicated plans to find these crystals. Just join the right missions, do your best, and you might find a bunch of Argon Crystals. These crystals are super important for making and upgrading stuff in the game, so having some can help you out.

4. Capture Missions

Capture missions are like speed races for getting Argon Crystals. People love them because they’re super quick. It’s because they don’t take much time. You jump in, do your thing, and get out fast. Argon Crystal Farm is a bit hard to find, and they disappear quickly.

So, if you want them, you need to be fast. Capture missions are perfect because they’re done in a flash. Imagine you’re in your awesome Warframe suit, rushing through a mission. You see an Argon Crystal, grab it, and keep going. It’s like a super-speed treasure hunt.

5. Void Fissure Missions

When you’re playing Void Fissure missions, you can win Argon Crystals as prizes. While you’re on the mission, if you collect Reactant stuff, you’ve got an extra chance to get these Argon Crystal Farm. Think of Reactant as little energy bits you need to pick up during your mission. They help you open up Void Fissures, and as you do that, you also boost your chances of finding Argon Crystals.

It’s like a bonus while you’re just doing your regular mission tasks. So, when you’re on a Void Fissure mission, watch for Reactant. It not only helps you move forward in the mission, but it might also lead you to those shiny Argon Crystals that can be super helpful in your Warframe adventures. Happy hunting, Tenno.

6. Decay Mechanism

Argon Crystal Farm are rare items in your inventory, but they don’t last very long. Let’s break it down. These crystals have a 24-hour timer. If you had 10 yesterday, you’ll only have 5 today. If you had 5 today or tomorrow, you’ll have just 2 left. It’s like a countdown.

So, use these crystals for crafting or share them with your friends before they disappear. Think of them as items with a built-in clock that keeps ticking, reminding you to make the most of them in your adventures.

7. Prevent Decay

To make sure your Argon Crystal Farm doesn’t disappear, do two things: either use them quickly or keep them safe in your Warframe’s Foundry. Argon Crystals are unique items in Warframe, but they have a quirk that can vanish if you don’t use them. So, here’s what you need to do to keep them safe.

First, if you want to make something with these crystals, try to do it soon. When you use them for crafting, they become part of your creation and won’t disappear. But if you’re not ready to use them, don’t worry. You can keep them safe in your Warframe’s Foundry. Think of it like a secure box for your stuff. When you put Argon Crystals there, they won’t disappear, and you can use them whenever you’re ready.

Tips for Warframe Argon Crystal Farm

Tips for Warframe Argon Crystal Farm

1. Void Fissures

The Void is like a treasure trove for something special called Argon Crystals in Warframe. To get them, join Void Fissure missions. While you’re on these missions, look for ‘reactant’ stuff. When you grab some reactant, you might get Argon Crystals as a reward. It’s like finding hidden treasures on an adventure. Try the longer Void missions.

Spending more time on these missions gives you a better chance to find those valuable Argon Crystals. In simple terms, if you want Argon Crystal Farm in Warframe, go to the Void, do Void Fissure missions, and pick up reactant. The longer missions are your best bet for finding those shiny crystals.

2. Survival Missions

Finding the Void in Warframe can yield great rewards, especially in Survival missions. It’s pretty straightforward the longer you stay in these missions. In this rare place, something cool happens when you stick around.

You’ll notice that Argon Crystals start dropping from the enemies you defeat. These crystals are really useful for crafting, so collecting them is a big win. Keep your eyes open for Argon Pegmatites. These are unique containers you can find in the Void. When you open them up, they might give you more Argon Crystal Farm and other valuable things.

3. Loot Boosters

Use Resource and Resource Drop Chance Boosters. They help you find more crystals on your missions. Normally, you might get just one or two Argon Crystal farms. But with these boosters, you could find three, four, or even more.

It’s like a treasure hunt, and these boosters are like your secret map to more loot. So, if you want to collect Argon Crystals faster, try these boosters. They’re like your best pals for getting more crystals. Just use them, go on your missions, and see your crystal stash grow.

4. Nekros Frame

In the game Warframe, Nekros is a character with a particular move called Desecrate. This move helps you get more Argon Crystal Farm, which is important.

Instead of just defeating the bad guys and moving on, you use Nekros’s Desecrate power to have more chances of getting Argon Crystals from the enemies. It’s like a bonus: more chances mean more crystals. Argon Crystals are like singular bricks. You need to build cool stuff in the game. They disappear over time.

5. Keep an Eye on Decay

Just a heads-up: They vanish in just 24 hours, so don’t forget to use them for crafting. Think of these crystals as special crafting gems, but they’re like a timer set to disappear. You don’t want to waste them. To make the most of their power, use them before they disappear.

Every day, take a look at your crystal collection. Do you see any Argon Crystals that have been there for a while? Don’t wait until they vanish. Use them to make cool stuff. Think of it like a race against time, where you’re the hero. Grab those Argon Crystal Farm before they disappear, and turn them into fantastic gear. It’s like catching a shooting star and making a wish come true.


In this guide, we’ve revealed the secrets of gathering Argon Crystals in 2023. We started by understanding what Argon Crystal Farm is, those shimmering gems from the Void. Then, we walked into the Void’s tricky twists and turns and found the best places to find these precious crystals. The Void isn’t always expected, but resolve pays off.

As we move into the Void missions, we stay watchful for the sudden appearance of Argon Crystals and grab the moment when they happen. But, like stars in the night sky, Argon Crystals are short. They come and go within a couple of days.

So, don’t reserve them for too long. Use them wisely in crafting before they vanish. Let your gear sparkle with the brilliance of these crystals, proof of your dedication and skill.

So go Tenno, and bring that radiant glow to your arsenal.

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