How to Get Xaku in Warframe 2023

If you want to know how to get Xaku in Warframe 2023, so you’re in the right place. Xaku Warframe Quest is a special and mysterious character in the game with cool powers. We’ll guide you through the steps to get this extraordinary character and add them to your collection. To start getting the Xaku build guide, you must do specific tasks and missions.

These tasks are like challenges in the game where you search for different places and collect important things. As you play more, you’ll find the parts you need to create Xaku. Let’s learn how to start this exciting adventure of gaming and find out all about Xaku’s secrets.

Be ready to conquer and use the powers of Xaku 2023!

How to Get Xaku?

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To get Xaku, you must do different tasks in the Heart of Deimos quest. This quest is like a story that takes you on a tour to learn about the strange things happening in the Infested place. You’ll also uncover old secrets. As you go through the quest, you’ll eventually get the chance to make Xaku warframe lore. But remember, this is just the first step. There are more things to do.

Completing the Heart of Deimos Quest

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The Heart of Deimos quest is like an exciting story. It begins when you get a message from Father, an important person on Deimos. He asks for your help to understand what’s happening in the strange place and to find old secrets. You’ll find the Cambion Drift on Deimos, where strange things happen because of the Deimos.

You’ll solve puzzles, fight challenging enemies, and learn much about the Warframe world. You can engage in these challenging missions for long periods. When you finish this quest, you’ll not only get Xaku’s blueprint but also know more about the history and secrets of Warframe.

How to Get Xaku Parts?

How to Get Xaku Parts?

You don’t get the whole Xaku at once. You have to collect its parts and put them together. To do this, you can take on Lost Bounties on Deimos. These are like special missions that reward you with the blueprints you need for Xaku.

There are types of blueprints you need, like Chassis, Neuroptics, and Systems. After you have all these blueprints, you can use the workshop to make each part. Once you have the Chassis, Neuroptics, and Systems, get them from the workshop and go to the Dry Dock in your Orbiter. Here, you can assemble all the parts to create the complete Xaku Warframe quest.

Xaku Main Blueprint

Xaku Main Blueprin

Xaku Neuroptics

The Neuroptics, similar to the Warframe’s mind, form an important part. You’ll need just one set of Xaku Neuroptics blueprints to proceed. These blueprints serve as the foundation for constructing the Xaku build guide.

  1. 15,000 Credits: The first step in this game is securing 15,000 credits. Credits are the game’s primary currency, which is important for various activities such as crafting, trading, and upgrading equipment. Hanging on the survival mission while enjoying crystal-clear game audio with your gaming headsethelps you to engage in missions, battles, and bounties so that you can gather the required credits.
  2. 50 Lucent Teroglobe: Completing the list of components, you’ll need 50 Lucent Teroglobes. These glowing circles can also be found on the Cambion Drift on Deimos. Engage in activities like isolation vaults, bounties, and exploration to harvest these radiant orbs and finalize your Xaku warframe Neuroptics creation.
  3. 50 Venerdo Alloy: To bring the Xaku Neuroptics to life, you’ll need 50 units of Venerdo Alloy. This unique alloy is often discovered on the Cambion Drift on Deimos. Roaming the landscapes of Cambion Drift, engaging in conservation, and participating in different types of missions will enable you to gather the necessary amount of Venerdo Alloy.
  4. 3 Spinal Core Section: Getting 3 Spinal Core Sections is a critical stage in collecting the Xaku warframe Neuroptics. You can get these sections by breaking up Warframe components or by participating in Railjack missions. Team up with fellow players to start on the Railjack mission and increase your chances of securing these vital parts.
  5. 5 Gyromage Systems: These complex systems play a vital role in constructing Xaku Neuroptics. Gyromage Systems are uncommon components, often found in Orphix Venom missions or as rewards for cracking open relics. Watch for these valuable items to move closer to your goal.

Xaku Chassis

The Chassis acts as the body, the frame itself. Similar to the Neuroptics, only one Xaku Chassis blueprint is needed. This component provides the structural basis for your Xaku Warframe.

  • 15,000 Credits: To start the creation of the Xaku Chassis, you’ll need 15,000 credits. These in-game currency units serve as the backbone of your trading and crafting trials, reflecting the economic support of your Warframe journey.
  • 40 Esher Devar: For a touch of elemental balance, 40 Esher Devar samples complete the Xaku warframe Chassis requirements. These elemental resources mirror the elemental battles that shape your gameplay and extend the gap between environmental forces and the tools of war.
  • 20 Sharrac Teeth: Adding a dash of strength, 20 Sharrac Teeth find their place in the Xaku Chassis. These sharp trophies, collected from aquatic enemies, bring a tactile connection to the different ecosystems within Warframe, underscoring the richness of its universe.
  • 10 Neural Sensors: To fill the Xaku warframe abilities and chassis with neural energy, you’ll require 10 Neural Sensors. These microscopic marvels play an important role in advanced technology and are often brought in by specialized enemies. They include the process of biology and machinery in the Warframe universe.
  • 60 Thaumic Distillate: The mystic Thaumic Distillate, 60 units of it, contributes to the mysterious composition of the Xaku Chassis. This graceful substance is produced with the game’s mystical themes, highlighting the fusion of science fiction and magic that defines the Warframe domain.

Xaku Systems

The Systems serve as the operational center, controlling various functions. You’ll require one set of Xaku Systems blueprints. This segment contributes to the unique abilities and mechanics of your Xaku.

  • 15,000 Credits: As you enter the game of Warframe’s latest update, the Xaku Warframe build system, you’ll find that credits play an important role in this game. With a generous starting sum of 15,000 credits, you’ll have the resources needed to start on your missions. These credits act as the in-game currency, allowing you to purchase various items, weapons, and upgrades to improve your gameplay experience.
  • 5 Scintillant: As you find the expansive landscapes of Warframe, keep an eye out for the rare and coveted resource known as Scintillant. It helps you to see clear graphics of gameplay. Acquiring 5 of these luminous gems is vital to progress within the Xaku warframe abilities systems update. These radiant crystals are charged with the energy of the stars, catalyzing crafting and upgrading essential equipment for your warframe.
  • 60 Ganglion: The Xaku Systems update introduces a fascinating element called Ganglion. Gathering 60 of these complex components is important to construct and improve your warframe’s core systems. These technological marvels are complicated designed and represent the advanced advancements in the game’s legends, underscoring the significance of technological skills in Warframe.
  • 45 Pustulite: To be fully equipped with the potential of your warframe’s abilities, you’ll need a substantial amount of Pustulite. It’s a valuable resource that plays an essential role in the Xaku warframe build Systems update. With 45 units of this mineral, you can unlock and refine various mods, allowing you to customize your warframe’s capabilities according to your preferred playstyle.
  • 10 Breath Of The Eidolon: Among the treasures hidden within the Xaku Systems update, the Breath of the Eidolon stands out as a unique and essential component. You’ll need 10 of these mysterious items to unlock powerful abilities and boost your warframe’s potential. These thin remnants hold the essence of the Eidolons, colossal spectral creatures that move in the plains, adding a layer of myths to your game.

Xaku’s Abilities

Xaku’s Abilities

1. Xata’s Whisper

Xata’s Whisper is the first among Xaku’s enigmatic abilities. By controlling the force of the Void, Xaku warframe quest envelops their weapons with extreme energy, converting a portion of their weapon damage into Void damage.

This fusion not only makes a hole in enemies’ defenses but also brings an additional layer of Void power into the battle.

2. Passive

Xaku’s mysterious connection to the Void grants them a unique ability. When enemies within a certain radius fall, they leave behind essence. These remains empower Xaku’s weapons, adding bonus Void damage to their attacks.

This combines well with their other abilities, improving their combat skills as battles state on.

3. The Vast Untime

Xaku’s ultimate ability, The Vast Untime, includes their mastery over the unpredictable nature of the Void. When activated, the Xaku warframe build sheds its outer shell, adopting a shapeless and strong state.

At the same time, the Void caused enemies with the ‘Gaze,’ causing them to suffer additional damage. Especially deactivating the ability, Xaku releases a shape change that damages and suspends nearby enemies, ensuring the chaos of the Void reign.

4. The Lost

The Lost showcases Xaku’s knack for borrowing elements from their adversaries. Through a cycle of replaceable Gaze, Deny, and Accuse sub-abilities, Xaku manipulates the Void’s energies, either weakening enemy protection, repealing their resistances, or disrupting their ranged attacks. The versatility of The Lost makes Xaku warframe abilities an adaptable and strategic choice in various encounters.

5. Grasp of Lohk

Xaku’s second ability, Grasp of Lohk, shows their dominion over the Void’s deviation. With a signal gesture, Xaku summons skeletal hands that hold suspended firearms from fallen enemies.

These appropriate weapons lock onto nearby energy, automatically firing at them. The more enemies Xaku defeats, the more weaponry they amass, creating a complex composition of stolen firepower.

Important details about Xaku

Important details about Xaku

  • Xaku Warframe is the 44th unique Warframe ever introduced.
  • Saku is a Warframe designed by the community. Their concept, Broken Warframe, was suggested by a player named Eaterofstorms.
  • Xaku warframe lore has a special ability that boosts their damage, dealing a unique type of Void damage.
  • Xaku build guide breaks the pattern of having Warframe features in multiples of 5, being the first to do so.
  • Xaku’s skeleton-like form includes a face with visible eye slits and eyes, making them the second Warframe with noticeable facial features after Excalibur Umbra.


We’ve seen getting Xaku in Warframe 2023 is not that difficult. You can find Xaku’s parts in Void Storms and Void Fissures. Team up with other players, and together, complete Void Storm missions to gather Xaku’s blueprints. Once you have all the required parts, head to your workshop. There, you can use the blueprints to craft the Xaku Warframe lore.

Watch out for special events or missions that could improve your chances. As you build and become skilled with Xaku, you’ll uncover its potential and increase your weapons.

So, gather your equipment, assemble your team, and journey into the Void to claim your Xaku Warframe. Enjoy your gaming experience with Warframe!

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