Have you ever wondered how to make the Proboscis Cernos truly shine in battles? Look no further. Finding the secrets of the Proboscis is an exciting move into the game of Warframe.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, this guide is your key to releasing the weapon’s full potential. Our guide will reveal the magic behind these bending shots and teach you how to land each arrow with pinpoint accuracy. We’ll find the art of crafting the perfect build. From mods that boost damage to those that increase critical hits, we’ve got you covered.

With our best tips, you’ll craft a setup that suits your playstyle and maximizes the Proboscis Cernos’s power. Be ready to change your Warframe experience. The Proboscis guide and best builds for 2023 are here to lead you to victory, one perfectly aimed arrow at a time.

Understanding Proboscis Cernos Guide

Understanding Proboscis Cernos Guide

Warframe is a fun action game with cool guns that improves the experience. One of these is the Proboscis, a strong bow that lets you play differently. This bow is special because it hurts enemies in two ways poking and gassy damage. This helps a lot against multiple enemies. It looks distinct from other bows and works well, which players who care about both looks and power enjoy.

To get good with the Proboscis, learn how it works. Add special parts to make its gassy damage better. This helps when many enemies are around, hurting them together. Making it good at critical hits and special effects makes it stronger. To get how good the Proboscis can be, try varied changes.

Think about how you enjoy playing and what enemies you’ll fight. As Warframe gets better, trying unique guns like the Proboscis Cernos is fun and rewards players who can use its strength.

How to Get Proboscis Cernos Guide

How to Get Proboscis Cernos Guide

1. Identify the Source

If you want to get Proboscis parts, you need to beat a boss named Lech Kril. This boss is on the Mars level in the game. When you beat Lech Kril on Mars, you might get the necessary parts to make the Proboscis.

It’s like a special weapon you can create. To do this, you have to fight Lech Kril on Mars. This is a big challenge but worth it. The parts you collect from beating the boss will help you assemble the Proboscis Cernos. It’s a cool tool that could help you in the game.

2. Formulate a Strategy

When you’re fighting Lech Kril, he changes his moves, almost as if you’re progressing through different levels in a game. It’s like levels in a game. To win, see how he acts and find where he’s not strong.

Then, make a good plan to beat him. It’s like being a game hero, learning the boss to win. Watch when he’s not ready; that’s when you hit. Plan how to win, using his weak spots. It’s like chess. So go, beat the game like a champion.

3. Prepare Adequate Equipment

Get set for the battle by picking the best gear. This proboscis cernos helps you do more damage and stay tough against enemies. Use mods that crank up elemental damage and abilities that control the crowd.

These tactics are really helpful and will make a big change in how well you do. So, remember to gear up and use your powers smart.

4. Assemble a Squad

Fight Lech Kril together with your fellow Tenno buddies using a gaming keyboard. Teamwork makes the battle easier, and you’re more likely to win. Working as a team means helping each other with strengths and weaknesses.

Lech Kril is tough, but with teamwork, you can beat it. Don’t fight alone. Get your Tenno friends and fight together to beat Lech Kril.

5. Patience and Perseverance

Getting weapon parts might take a few tries. Don’t feel down. Stay positive and keep going because your hard work will pay off eventually. Each time you play, you’re getting closer to winning. It’s like a puzzle. Every piece you find, even the small ones, helps you finish the picture. Think of it as a game of chance, where each time you play, your chances of winning get better.

Enjoy the challenge. Think of the journey as a fun adventure. The excitement of finally getting those weapon parts should keep you happy. It’s a bit like many things in life: doing well usually means not giving up and having a good attitude. So, keep going, stay happy, and be proud of the little wins. Your hard work will lead you to winning.

6. Craft and Customize

When you have everything you need for the Proboscis Cernos, go to your Foundry. That’s where you can put the weapon together. You can change it up and try things to make it work better for how you play. This will help you have more fun in the game. So, gather all the parts, go to the Foundry, and enjoy trying to make the Proboscis just the way you want it.

Best Builds in Warframe

Best Builds in Warframe

1. Saryn’s Virulent Might

Saryn is a top pick in Warframe, which greatly enhances your experience. She’s great because her strong, corrosive powers harm enemies. You can use her Spores and Miasma powers together.

This proboscis cernos makes enemies sick, and when you hit them more, they get even sicker. Then, you can use Miasma to give them a big hit. Using these powers at the right time can mess up enemies and help you win. It’s fun to play Saryn in Warframe if you want to beat enemies with powerful moves.

2. Inaros, the Unstoppable

Pick Inaros if you want a super tough game character. He has lots of health, so he’s really hard to beat. He can heal himself by doing tough moves, which makes him even harder to defeat. Make Inaros stronger by giving him upgrades that make his armor better. Armor is like his shield that stops enemies from hurting him a lot.

When you put Inaros’s high health, healing moves, and better armor together, he becomes a big force on the battlefield. Try being proboscis cernos, standing hard while enemies come at you. You can use his moves to keep fighting. Whether you’re alone or with friends, Inaros can be your super tough tank, taking hits and winning. So if you want a game where you stay tough and never give up, Inaros is the one for you.

3. Tigris Prime’s Lethal Blast

In gaming, there’s a super hard weapon called the Tigris Prime shotgun. It’s a big hit with players who love giving a lot of damage up close. This shotgun can hurt the bad guys fast, and it’s extra good at landing super strong hits.

So, when you’re facing enemies, the Tigris Prime helps you take them down quickly and for sure. It’s a top pick for gamers who want to win by being close and powerful.

4. Customization to Suit Playstyle

Warframe’s best setups are great because they fit how you play. If you like to explore lots of enemies, you can do that. If you want to be fit and not stop, you can do that too. To improve your gaming experience, a high-quality gaming mouse pad can provide the perfect surface for precise control.

This proboscis cernos means you can make a setup that’s just right for what you enjoy. It’s like picking your favorite ice cream flavor, and each one is a tasty adventure. So, whether you want big booms or to keep on going, you’ll find the best setup for your fun journey in Warframe.

5. Mission-Centric Selections

Playing a game is like putting together a puzzle. You need to know what the mission wants and what you want to do. This helps you be ready for different challenges. Think about you’re a hero on a quest. You can pick your tools carefully to do well in multiple situations.

This makes the game more fun because you need to think and change how you play. Instead of always doing the same thing, you can try distinct stuff and stay ready for anything. It’s sort of like being the boss of your action movie. This way, the game stays fun, and you want to play more.

6. Nidus’s Tenacious Evolution

Nidus gives you a cool option with his power. He can collect stacks to get stronger and survive better. When he gets more stacks, he can become strong. People who enjoy getting stronger as they play really like using him. It’s kind of like starting small and getting super big and strong. Nidus lets you do that in the game, getting more and more powerful as you go.

That’s a big reason why players who like this kind of gameplay choose Nidus a lot. If you want to get stronger slowly and have a fun and changing way of playing, proboscis cernos could be just right for you.

7. Octavia’s Symphony of Destruction

Octavia has musical power. She uses music to fight and help her team. It’s like making a tough song that hurts enemies and helps her friends. This shows how the game wants you to think in fun ways and try many different things. Think about Octavia’s music isn’t just for listening; it’s for battles. When players make catchy tunes, something magical happens.

Enemies feel the music’s power, and Octavia’s teammates get stronger. It’s like a double win. What’s even cooler is how the game is made. It’s built for people to use their creations and try various plans. Octavia and her music show this creative spirit. So, next time you’re in the game, remember the music behind the action and the teamwork songs Octavia plays for victory.

8. Rhino’s Unyielding Power

Rhino is a hard character, like a tough tank in the game. He has a move called Iron Skin that works as a tough shield. This shield is so tough that it can take many hits without any problem. This proboscis cernos means players can jump right into battles without being scared.

If you like to play in a simple and really good way, Rhino is the best choice. He’s all about being strong, tough, and straightforward. Just turn on his Iron Skin, and you’re ready to take on anything the game throws at you.

9. Hydroid’s Watery Havoc

Hydroid uses water powers in fights. His Tidal Surge move helps him smash enemies, and Tentacle Swarm brings up big tentacles that break things. People who enjoy surprising gameplay choose this different style—playing as Hydroid feels new and exciting because his moves are not usual. It’s fun to see what happens when he crashes and summons tentacles.


Here, we’ve found the amazing Proboscis Cernos and the best ways to make it powerful. Remember, we talked about the multiple parts of this weapon and how they fit together. By choosing the right mods, like Primed Point Blank and Split Chamber, you can make your Cernos hit harder and shoot more arrows. The different builds we shared, like the Hunter’s Precision Build and the Explosive Rain Build, can help you play the way you like.

If you want accuracy, go for the precision build. If you prefer explosions, the rain build is for you. Before you go, think about your play style. Are you the accurate shooter or the explosive expert?

Take what you learned here and have fun out there in the game. So go on, grab your Proboscis Cernos, and show the enemies your hunter skills. Happy hunting.

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