7 Prime Warframes with Their List Guide

Have you ever thought about the most powerful Warframes in the game? Prepare to be amazed as we take a move into the game of Warframes, the creme de la creme of Warframe power. Prime Warframes aren’t just regular Warframes.

They’re the upgraded versions, like superheroes donning their new costumes. From the secret Loki Prime to the burning Ember Prime, we will introduce you to a different collection of Warframes, each with its special flair.

Be ready as we reveal the secrets behind their designs and the missions you must defeat to obtain them. Whether you’re an old or a newcomer, this list will be your go-to resource for finding the best of the best in the Warframe game.

Ready to find the Warframes that will change the way you play the game? Let’s take this epic move together.

Understanding Prime Warframe

Understanding Prime Warframe

Prime Warframes are upgraded versions of regular in-game characters, excelling in performance and grandeur. Everyone wants them because they show how strong and important you are. To get them, you need to understand the game’s story and rules. They’re older and better versions of normal characters.

Players can find their parts by playing rare missions and opening things called Relics, which adds excitement because you don’t know what you’ll get. Warframes aren’t only hard, but they also remind us of the game’s history. They look nice and high-tech, showing how things used to be. People want them because they’re useful and great-looking.

Understanding Warframes means getting the game Warframe itself a mix of space stories, history, and fun. These characters are important in the game’s story and show how much players care. They show how players go through the game and how much they love playing.

List of All Prime Warframes

List of All Prime Warframes

1. Excalibur Prime

Say hi to Excalibur Prime, the very first Prime Warframe that started it all. Select it as the grandparent of all the other Warframes you know. Just look into its impressive design. It’s like the boss of Warframe style. But there’s more to it than looks.

When it’s time for action, Excalibur Prime takes out its sword, and let me tell you, it’s not just for fun. This Warframe knows how to handle a sword like a true expert. Think about Excalibur Prime as a mix of classic beauty and awesome skills. It’s the one that made the way for all the other great Prime Warframes that came later.

2. Rhino Prime

Rhino Prime is fit and tough in gaming. Players love it because it’s great for both attacking and defending. Whether you’re attacking or staying put, Rhino Prime has got you covered. It’s like having a tough and powerful friend by your side in the game.

With Rhino Prime, you don’t have to worry about getting knocked down easily. It’s easy to play with and can’t be stopped. So, if you want a warframe that can handle any situation, Rhino Prime is the way to go. It’s the best choice for players who want both hard attacks and good defending.

3. Loki Prime

Think about being good at fooling others and making them confused. That’s Loki Prime. He’s awesome at making things seem different from what they are and doing stuff in secret. His best trick? Turning invisible. he can disappear, and nobody can see him. It’s like magic hide-and-seek. But that’s not all. Loki Prime is also really good at making enemies unsure.

He can make them not know what’s going on and doubt everything. Think about Loki’s prime warframes as a big puzzle, a mystery that even smart people can’t solve. He keeps you curious, always wondering what he’ll do next. So, if you’re ever with Loki Prime, ready for lots of surprises and not being sure about things.

4. Saryn Prime

Use Saryn Prime’s powerful poisons and sicknesses to make trouble for your enemies. She’s a tough fighter who’s good at using bad attacks. With her outstanding powers, you can make the bad stuff spread and hurt your enemies. It’s like making a mess on a coloring book, and Saryn Prime is the artist with a dangerous brush. Her powers spread all over, and the enemies started to get weaker.

Think of a big fight, and Saryn Prime is there, making it messy with her powers. The enemies won’t feel so hard anymore, and it’ll be easier for you and your friends to win. Whether you like to plan things or just make things crazy, Saryn Prime helps you beat enemies in a fabulous and fun way. Try out her poisons and sicknesses, and watch your enemies struggle.

5. Frost Prime

Frost Prime is like a super protector. He’s good at making tough shields to keep his friends safe. These shields are like walls that stop bad stuff from reaching his friends.

Frost Prime can also freeze his enemies. It’s like when you play freeze tag, and you can’t move. That’s what happens to the bad guys when Frost Prime uses his icy power. So, whether he’s making strong shields or giving bad guys an icy surprise, Frost prime warframes is a great teammate. He’s all about defense and making sure his friends are safe.

6. Mesa Prime

Try being the best gunslinger in a game while immersing yourself fully. That’s Mesa Prime. She’s good with two pistols. She hits targets perfectly, like magic. Watching Mesa Prime is like a fun show. She uses her pistols so well that it’s like they’re a part of her. She controls them completely, making every shot great. Her special move is like a superhero thing.

She shoots a lot of bullets that hit enemies just where she wants. It’s like she’s drawing with bullets in the air. Mesa Prime Warframes isn’t just a character. She’s really fun to play. People who like action and, being precise, love playing like her. With those pistols, a normal fight becomes cool. It’s all about hitting the targets and feeling like a super gunslinger in the game.

7. Nidus Prime

He’s got impressive powers that help you change and heal when you’re fighting tough enemies. Nidus Prime can make his body adapt to different situations, and he can quickly get better if he gets hurt during a fight. Think about being in charge, and you can change yourself to win battles. As Nidus Prime, you’ll use your unique abilities to beat the bad guys and show how fit you are, even when things get hard.

Playing as Nidus Prime warframes lets you feel the excitement of turning your enemies’ attacks into no big deal. So get set, put yourself in Nidus Prime’s shoes, and be ready for a super fun game where you change and win.

How to Obtain These Frames

How to Obtain These Frames

1. Farm Bosses and Quests

In the game, you can get particular prime warframes characters by beating tough bosses or doing specific missions. Increasing your gaming experience with the right equipment can make a difference. Like, there’s a hidden character called Ash that you can get by defeating a tough boss named Tyl Regor on Uranus. Another singular character is Limbo, who’s magical.

To get Limbo, you have to do a bunch of missions that tell a story in the game. So, by taking on challenges and doing missions, you can get these fantastic characters and have fun trying out their different abilities.

2. Join Invasions and Events

Remember to watch out for special events and invasions while you play the game. Joining these events can get you fabulous rewards for your Warframe character. You can win rare parts or blueprints to make your Warframe better.

Even rare Warframes such as Vauban and Wukong Prime have been given out in these events before. So, make sure you don’t miss them. It’s a good way to improve your game and get neat stuff for your Warframe.

3. Open Relics

The Relic system is a fun part of Warframe. It’s like a treasure hunt. You go on Void Fissure missions to find unique Relics. When you open these Relics, you get important Prime parts.

These parts can be traded with others or used to create cool Prime Warframes, which are even better than the usual ones. So, you’re collecting particular pieces to build super strong characters. If you’re into the game, find the Relic system adds an exciting twist to your adventure.

4. Visit Fortuna and Cetus

In the game, there are two big places to choose from: Fortuna and Cetus. In these places, you can do special tasks called bounties. When you finish these tasks, you get good rewards, like plans to make new Warframes. Let’s say you want to make a hard Warframe called Gara. To do that, you must complete bounties in the Plains of Eidolon.

These bounties are like missions that give you amazing prizes to help you in the game. So, prepare to go to these places, do the bounties, and be ready for an exciting time in the game of Warframe.

5. Clan Dojo Research

When you team up with other Tenno and join a clan, you can do some wonderful stuff. There’s a Warframe named Volt that’s all about controlling energy. But you can’t just find these unique Warframes anywhere. They’re a bit tricky to get, and you need to do something called Clan Dojo research to unlock them. Think of it like a secret clubhouse where your clan buddies work together to find new things.

Try going on a treasure hunt with your friends and using high-tech gadgets. So, when you join an active clan and team up with your fellow Tenno pals, prepare for a super fun adventure. You’ll all work together, plan, and solve mysteries to open these unique prime warframes. It’s like solving a puzzle as a team. The chance to play with a hard Warframe like Volt can change your game.

6. Participate in Syndicates

Teaming up with different groups in Warframe can help you a lot. When you work together and move up their ranks, you can get really impressive exclusive stuff for your Warframe. Let’s talk about the New Loka group. When you team up with them and make progress, they’ll give you a rare reward: the Equinox blueprint. This blueprint is like a guide that helps you make the strong Equinox Warframe.

You can’t find it just anywhere, so it’s a big deal. Think about having a secret recipe to make an awesome Warframe. That’s what these blueprints are. So, if you want to level up your prime warframes game, teaming up with groups like New Loka is the way to do it. You’ll get the chance to get rare mods and cool blueprints that can make your Warframe even better.


This list of all Prime Warframes shows the amazing variety in the game. Each Warframe is unique with its special powers and abilities. We talked about different ones like Ember Prime, Frost Prime, and many more. It’s like having a big collection of wonderful characters to choose from. Remember, Warframes are like the upgraded, super versions of regular Warframes.

Their appearance is now brighter and stronger, related to finely crafted objects. Whether you like to attack up close, use magic-like powers, or be hidden, there’s a Prime Warframe for you. So, the next time you’re in the game, look into these Prime Warframes and see which one matches your style.

It’s all about having fun and saving the day in the coolest way possible. Be ready to be the space ninja you’ve always wanted to be.

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