Cedo Guide & Best Builds 2023

In the warframe game, choosing the right champion and building them smartly is like crafting a winning potion. We’re about to reveal the secrets of dominating the digital battleground.

Have you ever wondered why some players seem secure? It’s not just luck. It’s strategy. Our help will show you step-by-step how to do it. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting, these builds will be your superpower—no more confusion about which items to choose or what skills to upgrade.

We’ve got your back. Prepare to jump into the game of champions and abilities, armor, and weapons. So, gear up for action as we show the ultimate guide to crushing enemies and reaching the great heights of victory. Let’s start, champions.

Your walk to mastering the Cedo warframe starts right here.


  • 🔫 The idea of slapping a glaive on top of a shotgun definitely is something different and today my friends I have the absolute pleasure of revisiting one of the best primary weapons in the game.
  • 🔫 The Cedo is one of the most powerful shotguns in the game, making it a formidable weapon in Warframe.
  • 🔥 The shotgun form of the Cedo deals 60 more damage for each unique status effect affecting the target, making it a versatile and deadly weapon in the game.
  • 💥 The glaive is used to apply statuses to targets before cleaning them up with the primary fire mode, emphasizing the importance of strategic weapon usage in the game.
  • 🚀 Adding fire rate to the weapon can enhance the overall performance and make it more enjoyable to use.
  • 🤯 “You know what up one more time and then we’re gonna wait for procs. Just so you are clear on how much damage oh. My God. I don’t know if you see the hell part. It’s just melting away.”
  • 🔥 The absolute power and destruction of the Settle in Warframe is unquestionable, able to destroy high-level enemies with ease.
  • 🔥 Arcane Avenger R5 provides a massive 45 critical chance for 12 seconds, stacking on top of your existing critical chance for all three weapon types at the same time.

Understanding Cedo Guide

Understanding Cedo Guide

In Warframe, the Cedo Guide is like a helpful friend for players who want to do better. It’s more than just about weapons. It’s like a roadmap to get good at the game. This guide teaches tricks for tough weapons and better fighting. You’ll learn how to use game tricks and make weapons work well for missions.

You’ll find out cool combos and hit harder. It’s not just a book. The Cedo Guide is like a club where players chat about their discoveries and try new things. Whether you’re new or you’ve played a lot and want to improve, it’s like a guiding light. In Warframe, the cedo warframe Guide isn’t only about weapons; it’s like journeying to become a game master.

Where to Get Cedo Warframe

Where to Get Cedo Warframe

1. Railjack Missions

Join Railjack missions in Corpus-controlled Proxima regions to try and get Cedo blueprints. These missions can be a bit hard, but they’re a chance to collect parts for the Cedo gun, which is classy. Think about flying through space, taking on Corpus enemies in Railjack missions.

These special missions are in Corpus areas in space. You’re not just fighting. You could also get Cedo blueprints. These blueprints help you make the powerful Cedo gun. Yes, these missions might not be easy. They could be a bit tough. When you do these Railjack missions, you’re gathering parts for the Cedo warframe gun.

2. Part Rewards

When you do well in Railjack missions, you get special papers that show you how to make different parts of the Cedo shotgun. These parts, like the receiver that catches the bullets and the stock you hold against your shoulder, are like the building blocks of the Cedo shotgun.

Think of it like making a puzzle. Each part fits to make the whole shotgun. So, when you gather these really important parts from your Railjack missions, you’re getting closer to having your own strong Cedo warframe shotgun. It’s a reward for working hard and being good at the missions. Remember, the receiver is like the heart of the gun, and the stock helps you aim and hold the shotgun steady. Without these parts, you can’t make the Cedo shotgun.

3. Resourceful Exploration

When you’re off on Railjack missions, it’s like a space adventure. You fly your ship to different Proxima places, so take your time to look around. Also, there are tasks to do. Make sure you finish them. While you’re having fun, look everywhere for things to collect. These special things are Cedo blueprints. They help you build a fantastic Cedo gun for your future missions.

So, remember, look every corner, have exciting battles, and don’t miss chances to pick up stuff. The more battles you win, the tasks you do, and the things you collect, the better your chances of getting those Cedo warframe blueprint pieces. Go on, enjoy the fights, and gather everything you can find.

4. Crafting in the Foundry

This Foundry is where the fun begins. You’re going to put together a fine gun called the Cedo. They’re like the pieces of a puzzle. You’re the puzzle master, and your job is to make them all fit together. Think of building a toy with building blocks.

It’s kind of like that, but cooler. So, grab your plans, go to the Foundry, and start making your Cedo warframe gun. It’s like creating your awesome gadget.

5. Customization

Prepare yourself for an exciting adventure into the fantastic realm of the Cedo gun, comfortably seated in a high-performance gaming chair. Think about having a friendly gaming partner that can adapt to match your playstyle perfectly. Here’s the scoop. You can try out various things to make it perform amazingly in battles. You’re the boss here.

You can personalize the Cedo to fit your style by experimenting with different choices. Think about building with blocks you can mix and match to make it extra powerful in fights. So, grab hold of the Cedo warframe, make it uniquely yours, and conquer every gaming challenge that comes your way with confidence and skill.

6. Engaging Gameplay

Looking for the Cedo gun in Warframe is like going on a fun treasure hunt. Think of you searching for a hidden gem in the game. That’s what looking for the Cedo gun is like. It’s like finding a secret weapon that can help you in battles.

When you finally get the cedo warframe gun, it’s like getting a classy reward. It’s not just any weapon. It’s a muscular one that can make your fights easier. Warframe is all about having a good time while seeking the gaming world, and the Cedo gun is a big part of that. The happiness of having this awesome weapon makes the game even better.

7. Tenno Adventure

Whether you’ve been playing the game for a long time or you’ve just started going on the mission to get the Cedo gun is like going on an amazing adventure. No matter if you’re really good at the game or just learning, this journey has tough parts that will test you. But don’t worry, because if you beat the tough parts, you get awesome rewards that make everything worth it.

For people who’ve played a lot, getting the cedo warframe gun is exciting. It’s like getting a new super-strong weapon to use. But for new players, this mission is a fun way to learn the game and have a clear goal to aim for. As you go on this mission, be ready to plan, change your strategies, and win. Each challenge you beat brings you closer to the big prize, the Cedo gun.

Best Cedo Warframe Builds

Best Cedo Warframe Builds

1. Strong Crit Build for Cedo

To make your Cedo gun powerful, aim for critical hits. Use special add-ons like Point Hit, Vital Sight, and Primed Pistol Gambit to make your hits muscular. Also, try extra mods like Pistol Pestilence for more damage.

This setup makes your shots much stronger. When you use this setup, your Cedo warframe gun becomes powerful. When you hit enemies in just the right way, your shots become extra tough. This helps you beat bad guys more easily. This setup is all about making your gun as fit as possible.

2. Crit Build for Long Runs with Cedo

When you’re in a long fight, change your Cedo warframe gun to last better. Use special add-ons like Hydraulic Crosshairs. They make it more likely you’ll hit enemies hard in the head. Also, try Hunter Munitions. This makes your shots hurt enemies over time, which weakens them.

Remember, you’ll need to deal with your ammo. So, think about getting Carrier or Ammo Mutation add-ons. They help you keep shooting during the big battles. These changes make you powerful and more prepared to deal with tough situations.

3. Starting with The Status of Cedo

Here’s a cool way to make it better. Use mods that let your gun shoot more bullets simultaneously, like Barrel Diffusion. Also, try mods like Pistol Pestilence and Pathogen Rounds. They make your shots more likely to make enemies sick or burn them.

Even if your hits aren’t tough, these effects will slowly make your enemies weaker over time. So, don’t worry if you don’t get critical hits all the time. This setup focuses on slowly hurting enemies with things like poison and fire. Give it a try and see your enemies get weaker as you fight.

4. Cedo’s Tough Endgame Crit Build

When you’re up against the hardest parts of the game, remember to hit tough and stay tough. Get a boost with special upgrades like Argon Scope. It makes your hits super powerful, especially when you aim for an enemy’s head. And here’s another trick: use Blunderbuss to make your already powerful hits even fit.

But wait, there’s more. If you team up Blunderbuss with Hunter Munitions, something classy happens. Your tough hits don’t just do damage. They can also make enemies start bleeding a lot. This Cedo warframe is handy when you’re facing fit enemies and need to keep fighting for a long time.

5. Lasting Endgame Status Build for Cedo Warframe

In tough endgame battles where status effects matter, focus on using status often. Add special mods like Jolt and Scorch to make status effects more likely and mix up different types of damage. This setup makes it more probable that enemies will get all sorts of status effects.

That confuses them and makes them weaker over time. This helps your Cedo warframe gun stay strong even during long battles. So, when you’re ready for those important final fights, remember to use lots of status effects. It works well and makes the battles exciting, too.


We’ve found the awesome game of Cedo builds for 2023. Remember, these builds are like a treasure map, guiding you to victory. We started by uncovering the power of Cedo, a cool weapon in the game. We talked about the best mods to make your Cedo super powerful.

Each build adds a sprinkle of flavor to your gameplay, whether you’re a clever sniper or a speedy ninja. Now, it’s your turn. With these builds at your fingertips, you’re the master of your game destiny. Feel the thrill as you put together the perfect combo for your play style. As you battle monsters and best challenges, you’ll see these builds shine like stars in the night sky.

So, go ahead, fellow gamer, grab your virtual sword, load your digital arrows, and jump into the game of Cedo warframe with these top-notch builds. Your walk to epic victories and permanent fun has just begun!

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