A Complete Kohm Shotgun Guide  

Kohm is a shotgun that was added in update 15.6. Its name seems to be inspired by the unit to measure electrical resistance – ohm. However, there is no official confirmation regarding this.

While holding the fire button, Kohm keeps adding an additional pellet every time it shoots. The number of pellets reaches 12 at the maximum at which it consumes four ammo per fire.

Kohm is a Slash damage weapon that means it is effective against the health of the enemy. With decent base damage and Status chance, it deals massive damage when fully spooled. But this massive damage comes at the cost of very poor accuracy.

Kohm Builds Guide

As soon as it fires its continuous 5th shot, the accuracy drops down drastically, making it difficult to aim. Let us take a look at Kohm in detail and discuss different mods, and popular Kohm builds.


  • 💥 The Kuva Kohm boasts an extremely high status chance of 90%, making it a formidable weapon in Warframe.
  • 💥 The Kuva Kohm in Warframe offers different build options for players to experiment with.
  • 💪 “There’s a very strong setup that will take on the vast majority of the game with no issues.”
  • 🔥 The viral and heat setup is ideal for when you have a heat-based comb, allowing for a lot more Mod Space and generally higher status and fire rate.
  • 💪 It is going to be ridiculously strong, shredding over 100 heavy gunners with bonus impact, galvanized mods, and Arcane.
  • 🔫 The Kuva Kohm is one of the best shotguns in the game, making it a blast to use and highly recommended for anyone.

Advantages of Kohm Shotgun:

  • Massive Slash damage when fully spooled
  • High Critical multiplier
  • Fast reload speed of 2 sec
  • 5m punch through
  • Initial acuuracy – Moderate
  • High magazine size, capable of firing 66 rounds without reload

Disadvantages of Kohm Shotgun:

  • Lesser Punch and Impact damage
  • Poor accuracy when spooled
  • Lower Critical chance
  • Requires 4 ammo per shot – poor ammo efficiency
  • Initial fire rate too low

How to acquire Kohm?

The primary blueprint of Kohm shotgun can be purchased from the market.

It takes 20000 credits, 2500 Salvage, 500 Oxium, 500 Cryotic, and 2 Argon Crystals to manufacture Kohm Shotgun. The manufacturing takes 12 hours to complete but can be rushed by spending 50 Platinum.

Top Kohm Builds in Warframe:

To utilize the strength of Kohm and to negate its weaknesses we can use different modes. With Vazarin polarity and Madurai Exilus polarity the room for customization is decent. Some of the mods which can be used to create effective Kohm builds are –

Hell’s Chamber – You can use it to increases the chances of multishot ranging from +20% to +120%.

Primed Point Blank – You can use this mod if you want to boost the damage dealt but since Kohm has got sufficient damage points it becomes redundant. Instead of this you can focus on ammo related mods.

Shotgun Spazz – This mod can prove to be good because it will boost the fire rate by +15% to +90%. You can overcome the issue of the initial fire rate.

Shotgun Ammo Mutation – Use this mod to use the Kohm for longer. It will keep converting the unused ammo into shotgun’s ammo so that you can keep firing. Shotgun Scavenger is an alternative for this or you can bring the Sentinel Carrier with its Ammo Case for the same purpose.

Tainted Shell – Use this mod to reduce the pellets spread and increase the accuracy. It works well even when the Kohm is fully spooled.

New Player Kohm Build

Are you a new player or the experienced one? Well, if you are a beginner and have just started the journey to Kohm, then you must start with getting the maximum of prime mods, and this build will be a lot beneficial for you to achieve this goal.

For this task, you will be required to use the four primary elemental mods, and along with these mods, there should be Point Blank and Shotgun Spazz. Also, there should be at least two mods that are used for higher Multishot.

The Smite Build

These mods can be easily obtained by either playing or farming some specific missions. These missions are specific to few resources, and hence, you will find it easier to collect these mods for the mission itself.

And if you get the maximum of Primed Point Blank, you can manage to increase the damage output. Also, if you will invest your time in the game itself, then you will be able to find better mods as you start switching quickly.

Slash Damage Build

If you bring the Kohm in the mission, then it will be suitable for farming Endo or any such critical resource. Also, we would like to suggest that you should increase your slash damage and critical chance and also use the Hunter Munitions. This combination will provide you better results in the mission.

Slash Damage Build

The Slash Damage mods are relatively helpful, and they will help you in the farming of required resources. So, all you need is to get the primed mods, and they will help you in getting through the missions along with farming the resources.


Kohm is a unique weapon and can be devastating, especially in the close range when accuracy is not an issue. However, as discussed, you can increase its accuracy in the mid-range as well using different modes.

Like one size cannot fit all, you will have to experiment with different Kohm builds to use it for different mission types. We hope this article will guide you through the basics of creating Kohm builds.

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