Mobile Apps for Mental Fitness: 5 Games to Enhance Cognitive Abilities

Did you know that cognitive aging can begin as early as your late 20s and 30s?! To live a long and healthy life, it’s critical to keep your brain young. Just like every part of the body needs regular exercise, so does our brain. Today, with the widespread accessibility of the internet and gadgets like mobiles, it has become very easy to become lost in our phones, surfing the internet for hours. But mindless surfing can damage your cognitive abilities. The good news is that you can spend time on your smartphone while simultaneously improving your mental function. This is possible courtesy of different mobile apps for mental fitness. In this post, we’ll list the five best apps to improve your brain’s functioning and prevent mental aging.

Play Scrabble

Scrabble is the classic word game that gives everyone a great brain workout. It’s a timeless game that also expands your vocabulary, improves literary skills, and tests your memory. The Scrabble word game app is in the Google Play Store, where you can play games online with your friends.

Although a mentally stimulating game, it can sometimes turn out to be highly challenging. In such cases, you can use a Scrabble word maker to increase your chances of winning the game. Such a tool helps you find and make words from various letters. Curious to know more about how the tool works? You can visit now to start unscrambling the words and win more points. The word maker is useful for non-English speakers, children, and beginners.


Luminosity is one of the most effective brain training games designed by neuroscientists. The program can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet through the Luminosity app. It is also available on the web at The users need to take a Fit Test to set up a baseline score on the three primary games.

On the basis of this score, Luminosity builds a personalized training program of different games that challenge every player in five major aspects of their highest-priority cognitive capacities. The app is able to target various skills, such as attention, memory, and problem-solving.

Luminosity assesses brain ‘fitness’ and modifies the difficulty of a player’s game on the basis of their success or failure in a particular task. It ensures that players face the right level of challenge, which is balanced.


It is a popular brain training game that is available to iOS users. The unique gameplay and minimalist aesthetic of this game have led it to earn the Apple Design Award. It is a puzzler in which the player turns on the lights of tiny colored boxes by performing various things with their phones. However, it doesn’t include touching the game screen.

The puzzles are quite stimulating, and the minimalistic visual cues give various satisfying aha moments. To crack the puzzles, you will need some peaceful time. While going through multiple puzzles, you will never see your iPhone in the same way again. This is because you will find Easter eggs on eggs, haptic feedback, and solutions that cannot be discovered under the glass of your screen!

The most ingenious thing about the game is that you need to solve the puzzle without swiping or tapping. It lets you spend considerable hours figuring out the subtle clues and, in turn, making your brain smarter.


Peak is a brain training app designed to help you improve your mental skills. It’s packed full of over 45 exciting games that cover seven categories, namely, mental agility, language, memory, emotion, focus, attention, coordination, and problem-solving. Users need to complete an assessment and then perform daily ‘workouts.’ These workouts challenge various cognitive functions, stretching your existing mental abilities.

Peak is designed to challenge your brain and develop its plasticity, which positively influences your capacity to learn. Along with daily workouts, users also perform cognitive skill training tasks. These tasks let them earn points to monitor their progress and compare their scores with their friends using the app.

Some of the best skill-based workouts in this app include Weakest Link, Coffee Break, The Total Workout, and Low Rank. The app also has a Pro version, which offers advanced training modules built in collaboration with scientists.

Fit Brains

This brain training app has a great variety of mini-games and over 500 tailored training programs. The app has been developed by Rosetta Stone, which is an educational technology software company renowned for its online language courses.

The games in the app have been built with the aid of neuroscientists to help your mind exercise major cognitive functions. These include problem-solving, thinking speed, memory, and concentration.

But that isn’t all. Fit Brains is a great brain training app because apart from cognitive functions, it also targets the emotional intelligence of the users. This is done through games on social skills, awareness, self-control, and self-awareness. It also has a school edition, which is a package that is aimed to enhance the cognitive abilities of school children. You can download it for free on an iOS and Android device. If the free version seems a bit easy, go for an upgrade.

Summing up

The more active your mind, the better your memory. We are sure that after using the apps above, you will not see mobile games in the same light again. They will help you expand not only your cognitive faculties but also your emotional intelligence. Use them to give your grey cells a daily workout and see how they improve your quality of life!

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