How to Get Growing Power

Growing Power is the rarest and the costliest aura mod for Warframe. Once you unlock the Silver Grove Quest, you will have to wait for hours to get a growing Power, and therefore it is one of the most challenging and rarest aura mods for Warframe.

How to Get Growing Power

If you are thinking about why you need this, what it does, and using this growing Power in the mod, we will be discussing all these questions.


  • 🌱 To spawn a silver grove specter, you will need to progress through the silver grove quest and acquire blueprints called apothics, which will need to be used to spawn a specter.
  • 🌿 Finding the silver grove Specter requires specific directions within the strata relay on earth, adding an element of exploration and discovery to the game.
  • 🌿 Farming specters in Warframe can give players the chance to obtain the valuable mod Growing Power, which increases ability strength by 25% for six seconds when applying status effects with weapons.
  • 🌳 Completing the silver grove quest will spawn a spectre, making it fast and easy to farm for night wave objectives.
  • 🎮 The Lotus will warn you of a nearby Silver Grove as you progress through the missions.
  • 🎮 Using mesa prime’s number four ability to melt down the spectre – a powerful strategy for defeating enemies in Warframe.

What Does It Do?

If you somehow manage the land to a status effect like toxic, corrosive, heat, or any other weapon, it will benefit you. This sounds tough, but it is certainly possible. All you need is a logically potent weapon for this with a high-status chance. Yes, the Ignis Wraith is one of the best choices for this kind of weapon that you can find, and it is also beneficial in the long run. It can provide you extra health, and it will prevent you from more damage.

Which are Warframe Needs Growing Power?

Another question that comes into the mind of the players of Warframe is which Warframe generally needs the Growing Power as it is not recommended for each type of Warframe. So, the answer is that every Warframe that needs agility, vitality, and full ability strength, needs this Growing Power. For example, Ember will be one of the best choices of Warframe that needs the Growing Power.

Farming Growing Power

Farming Growing Power

Growing Power comes along with Pistol Amp, Blind Justice, and the Crimson Dervish. For getting a growing Power, you will be needed to get the silver quest first, anyhow. Once you get the silver quest, it will be easier for you to farm the growing Power.

Now you must have known how vital this growing power is and how it is recommended for you to get through the missions.

Now, if you have got the silver grove quest, then there must be Nightfall Apothic Blueprint in your inventory with these components, Morphic, Dusklight Sarracenia, Moonlight Dragonlily, and Sunlight Threshcone. Apart from the Morphic, the rest are plants that you can only get through the scanning.

Best Farming Location

If you want to farm the plants, you probably want to know which are the perfect locations where you can farm the plants. So, to get the exact locations, you might need to visit other planets and nodes and, to be more specific, other missions. Some missions will provide better results, and so you will have to check on those to find the right node and the correct location.

Dusklight Sarracenia

Dusklight Sarracenia

You can check out for the deposits of the toxin pools that can be found in quantities up to four. You can get four to five in each mission. There are many other tools present on the map, and you will have to check each of them.

Moonlight Dragonlily

Moonlight Dragonlily

To find the dragon lily, you will have to toughen the belt as it is pretty challenging to find them. The planet earth has a night/day cycle that lasts four hours. The moonlight plant grows only at night, and so you will have to be careful while searching for this plant as it can grow anywhere on the map. Hence, you must be cautious while searching for this plant on the map.

Sunlight Threshcone

Sunlight Threshcone

The Sunlight threshcone spawns in the daytime only. But like the dragon lily, you will have to search the whole map thoroughly to find the sunlight threshcone.

This is because it can appear anywhere on the map, and if you are not careful while searching the plant, you might miss the chance to get this plant. You can also make use of a Resource booster that will help you find the plant as it can double the yield from the scans.

You will have to search the map for the silver grove shrine. The lotus will tell you once you come closer to the silver grove.

Once you find the silver grove shrine, you will have to enter the shrine and use the Apothics to spawn a knave specter. Once you eliminate the knave specter, then collect the red mod that it drops. You will get some unidentified items in which one of them is ‘Growing Power.’

Farm it or Buy it?

So, if you want to go farming, you will have to go through many processes as farming is not that easy. Also, it is not time-efficient, and therefore beginners always find it a more complicated process and try to buy it. But if you think you can take some time, then you should better go farming.

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