Warframe Beginner's Guide: Leveling Up

Like all the other RPG games, Warframe also has experience. To complete the game, you must level up your Warframe along with the weapons.

As each level increases, the stats of the character and weapons also increase. After reaching level 30, you can also set your Warframe and weapons back to level 0 and restart the leveling process again.

Warframe Beginner's Guide

In this guide, we will discuss different ranks and experiences that are available in Warframe. We will also discuss the Warframe exp distribution.


  • 🎮 Choose a frame that piques your interest or what you would like and then you will get started with a tutorial.
  • 💰 Mastering strength is crucial in Warframe, as increasing your Mastery Rank gives you access to more weapons, warframes, and content.
  • 💡 “Your goal is to level up your master rank in Warframe, so don’t ignore these keep obtaining new weapons and frames and progress.”
  • 🎮 The variety of mission types in Warframe allows players to figure out each type for themselves as they play, adding to the game’s depth and complexity.
  • 🎮 Warframe offers a variety of mission types, from exterminate to assassination, providing a diverse gameplay experience for players.
  • 🛠️ The Arsenal is where you equip your frames, weapons, and companions, making it a crucial part of your Loadout in Warframe.
  • 💰 Platinum in Warframe can be farmed in the game, making it a better model than most free-to-play games in the industry.
  • 💰 Warframe is not pay to win in any way, contributing to its success and competitiveness with other free-to-play games.

Affinity and How to Gain It

There are various rules that the game assigns while leveling up the weapons, companions, and the Warframe.

Affinity and How to Gain It

On the same mission, the game awards different XPs to the weapons and Warframe. Affinity is mainly helpful in increasing the level of weapons and Warframes.

There are various ways available in the game to increase your affinity, like hacking a terminal or collecting different affinity orbs. The easiest way to gain affinity is by killing enemies.

Some of the few crucial ways to gain affinity are:

  • By killing an enemy with Warframe ability will result in awarding you 100% of the affinity. You also must know that affinity gained by this method will not improve your weapon stats. So, you must be careful while picking Warframe. If you pick Saryn as your Warframe, it is not a good option for you to quickly level up your weapons. There are some exceptions in this method. Like if you choose Mesa as your Warframe, you can use her combined abilities, such as Peacemaker, to gain experience, and it will also improve your Regulatory rank.
  • By killing an enemy with a weapon will award you 50% of the affinity to the Warframe and the rest 50% to the weapon used. It does not matter which kind of weapon you choose; you can select anyone from the Primary, Secondary, or Melee weapon. During the early stage of the game, using this method for increasing affinity is considered best, and you can easily reach upto level 30.
  • If you kill an enemy in an affinity range of 50 meters, it also rewards your affinity. The Warframe exp distribution is such as Weapons-75 % and Warframe- 25%. To level up very quickly, you can also use Warframes like Rhino or Trinity and use their abilities while killing enemies.
  • If you only use your Warframe without any weapon, 100% of the affinity is awarded to the Warframe. This method is not recommended because, at low levels, Warframes without any weapons are entirely useless.

Ally Affinity

Another excellent method of leveling up the Warframes along with the weapons is playing with an Ally. If the Ally kills any enemies within 50 meters range, it will award complete affinity to both the players. That is why playing with another player will help you in increasing the level very fastly.

Ally Affinity

It is also said that playing with allies can level up your weapons faster; you alone cannot do that by yourself.

Mastery Rank and How to Raise It

Mastery Rank is another different ranking system that will help you in gaining experience. It is also considered the account level of the Warframe.

Mastery Rank, also called MR, is known as reflecting all the different Warframes and weapons you have leveled up.

Mastery Rank and How to Raise It

There are several ways to increase your mastery rank. But for each time you rank up anything, you can add experience on the account level, but it is only valid for the first time.

Some of the ways which will help you in gaining Mastery Level are:

  • After leveling up any weapon in the Warframe, it will award you 100 mastery points. So, to get 300 experience points, you will have to max out your weapon. You must remember that you must glide some weapons before gaining any experience.
  • After leveling up any Warframe, Archwinga and Companies will result in you gaining 200 mastery rank points. You can quickly gain 6000 MR points until level 30. You must make sure that you do not build the same companion repeatedly as it will not raise any level.
  • Completing the mission nodes which are available on different planets will also help you in gaining MR points. There are a total of 228 nodes, which will give you approx 27627 MR points. To check the progress, you can visit the “Stats” tab of your in-game menu.
  • Completing a junction will result in gaining 1000 points at once.

Mastery Rank Benefits

There are various benefits of increasing your Mastery Rank. These are very helpful in new crafting weapons and leveling up your Warframes.

Some of the benefits of Master Rank are:

Mastery Rank Benefits

  • You can quickly build new weapons because many of the game’s best weapons are locked up for higher mastery rank.
  • You can use Master Rank for trading, which eventually results in increasing in MR.
  • Some of the sections of the Star Chart are locked behind Master Class Rank 5.

At the beginner’s stage, you must aim to reach MR if level 5 or higher. The current maximum achievable level in the Warframe of level 26, but all the leading game continents are unlocked after level 16.

Final Words

There are many different boosters in the game, which are obtained by using in-game currency platinum. Gaming experience plays a vital role in the Warframe, but you must know how to utilize it properly.

It would help if you found a suitable Warframe along with the weapon before starting the farming process.

This is all about the guide. We have discussed all the Warframe exp distribution in detail. If you found this helpful guide, please share it once.

If you have anything to share with us, then feel free to write it in the comment section below.

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