A Complete Guide to Warframe’s Sentinel Shade

Sentinels in Warframe have their own importance. They keep hovering over their Tenno masters assisting them in multiple ways.

The name Shade is inspired by the mythological creature Shade which was a spirit of the dead.

Shade is a stealthy sentinel and comes pre-equipped with a Burst Laser weapon. It comes with three Shade exclusive precept mode – Revenge, Ambush, and Ghost. It also has the highest health among all the sentinels and is best suited for the support role in the team.


  • 💡 Some mods, like Regen or Vacuum, are passive and don’t conflict with other precepts, allowing for a seamless and efficient gameplay experience.
  • 👻 Shade sentinel takes a unique approach to defense by using the precept Ghost instead of trying to control enemies.
  • 💥 Dethcube’s Vaporize mod allows for amplified damage regardless of the weapon’s own stats, making it a powerful offensive-focused sentinel.
  • 🔋 Dethcube’s gold precept mod, Energy Generator, drops an energy orb every ten kills and assists, providing a source of energy to support cast-heavy builds and stacking with orb enhancements.
  • 🔬 Helios is the “tourist of sentinels,” able to scan anything within fifty meters that hasn’t already been fully scanned to your codex, making it a valuable tool for completion and testing builds.
  • 🐟 Oxylus’ Scan Aquatic Lifeforms precept is a helpful quality of life tool for fishing, making the activity easier by showing fishing hotspots and applying Luminous Dye to fish within forty meters.
  • 🚀 Nautilus comes with two unique precepts, Auto Omni and Cordon, making it a valuable asset for Railjack missions.
  • 🔫 The Nautilus sentinel’s Verglas weapon is so powerful that it can solo Steel Path exterminate missions, making it a game-changer for players.
  • 🤖 A prime sentinel can even outlast some public mission teammates, making it a valuable companion in Warframe.

How to acquire Shade in Warframe?

Warframe’s Sentinel Shade

The main blueprint of the Shade can be bought from the market in 1,00,000 credits. Whereas, to craft, you will need 15000 Credits, 500 Alloy plates, 400 Circuits, 200 Nano Spores, and 1 module. It takes 24 hrs to manufacture it which can be boosted by spending 50 Platinum.

Unique Mods of Shade in Warframe:

Like any other Sentinel, Shade also comes with a default assault mod. Using this mod, it can attack the enemies using its default weapon which is a burst laser weapon in this case. It works better when the enemies are in the 30 m range but farther than that they are not harmed.

Revenge Mod

Revenge Mod

While using this mod, Shade attacks the very first enemy in its sight but it has its own limitation. The shade will attack if and only its owner has been attacked and received real damage. Also, Shade will not attack unless equipped with this mod. It is best suited for stealth mode gameplay.

The range of this mod can be increased by upgrading it from 5.8m at Rank 0 to 10.0m at Rank 5. Once upgraded fully, Shade will be able to attack against enemies from a longer distance. Revenge and Assault mod cannot be equipped simultaneously.

Ambush Mod

Ambush Mod

Ambush is an untransmutable rare mod that enhances the damage of the weapon that its users possess after it breaks the invisibility. It can be acquired using 75000 Cephalon Simaris, a Cephalon construct that is found within the Sanctuary Enclave. Upgrading the mod enhances the temporary damage increase from 30% at Rank 0 to 120 % at Rank 3.

Ghost Mod

Ghost Mod

Shade uses Ghost mod to make itself and the owner invisible by cloaking. It does so in order to go in stealth mode when the enemies are in range. It is a transmutable mod possessing Penjaga Polarity. It has a cooldown time of 10 sec and its range can be increased from 5.8 m at Rank 0 to 10.0 m at Rank 5.

The Ghost mods get activated by all the enemy units and if there are none in the range it goes off uncloaking you. It is very effective while attacking with slow weapons as you get more time to attack. The other advantage is that you can recharge your shields while cloaking, it comes very handily when you are really low on health and are about to die.

Popular Warframe Sentinel – Shade Builds:

Now, we will discuss popular Sentinel – Shade builds:

Sentinel Shade – Standard Build

Sentinel Shade – Standard Build

Since the build has low critical damage and low-status chance, you will be needed to use the Hornet Strike, Augur Pact, and Barrel diffusion mods. These mods will help in boosting the ability range and the fire rate by at least a 10x multiplier. Though the Fire rate does not increase the fire speed, it reduces the time of elapsing the burst.

Gunslinger and Bore mods will also be useful in this build as they will be providing you the resistance to elemental damage done to you. Though you have fewer status chances, this can be balanced when you use the Primed Quickdraw mod. Overall, the build is pretty fast and boosted, and so for surviving the build, and you will need the agility run also.

Sentinel Shade – Djinn Build

Sentinel Shade – Djinn Build

The most important mod that should be there in the build is the Reawaken and the Primed Animal Instinct mod. If you are going for a melee build, then these two additions are a must. Self-Destruct and Sacrifice will also work well with this build. This build is all about survivability, and thus you will have to use those mods that can boost your survival rate.

Enhanced Vitality and Reawaken mod will be helping you in boosting up the energy level and the ability strength. Though these mods can be skipped if you are good with the energy in case you are running low on survivability, then you can switch to the Vitality mod.


The Shade is overall a weaker sentinel, and it needs to be paired with the right Warframe. Warframes like Loki, Ivara, etc., have their abilities to get invisible; in this case, Shade might prove to be useless. But in the case of other Warframes, it can provide an edge with the Ghost ability.

Also, if you are using a Warframe that has a comparatively lower damage output, Shade can buff it temporarily, providing an advantage.

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