A Guide to Niakana Prime Builds

Launched in Update 13.0, Nikana is a melee weapon inspired by the legendary Katana. In a blink of eyes, it can chop the enemies into fine slices.

Nikana is the first melee weapon to be used as a component of its upgraded version called the Dragon Nikana. It is a slash damage-type weapon that is best suited for dealing damage to the health of enemies.

The Primed variant known as Nikana Prime is its upgraded version. Nikana Prime possesses higher damage, critical chance, status chance, critical multiplier, attack speed, and Mastery Rank.

The Nikana Prime is a direct upgrade variant and is placed above the Dragon Nikaana. This article will discuss popular Nikana Prime builds and several mods to customize the builds.


  • 💥 The Nikana Prime boasts higher slash waiting and better stats in literally every category compared to the normal and dragon nikana.
  • ⚔️ Blind Justice’s neutral combo easily beats decisive judgment, having higher multipliers and taking the same amount of time to go through.
  • 🔪 Nikana Prime is heavily slash weighted and Blind Justice gives strong slash procs with heavy multipliers, making it a powerful choice for melee gameplay.
  • 🎯 Blood Rush increases crit chance as combo counter tiers increase, making it a valuable asset for maximizing damage output with the Nikana Prime.
  • 🔪 Weeping wounds increases your status chance, allowing you to proc slash 90% of the time at a fully stacked combo counter.
  • ⚔️ Berserker Fury provides a larger attack speed bonus with just two kills, making it more effective than Prime Fury.
  • 🗡️ The Nikana Prime is considered to be the strongest melee weapon and is part of the most stylish melee family, topping other variants for a multitude of reasons.

Advantages of Nikana Prime:

  • High Slash damage – impacts health
  • Highest Critical Chance and multiplier among all Nikana’s variants.
  • Attack speed is only next to the Skiajati
  • Two Polarities – Maduarai and Vazarin
  • High Status Chance

Disadvantages of Nikana Prime:

  • Lower Puncture and Impact damage
  • Less effective against Shields and ArmorsHow to acquire Acceltra?

How to acquire Nikana Prime?

You will need the following Void Relics to acquire the blueprints and the components required to manufacture Nikana Prime –

  1.  The blueprint can be obtained from Lith V6, Neo N5, Neo S8, Neo S13, Axi A1, and Axi N6.
  2.  The blade can be obtained from Meso N4, Meso V2, Neo N4, Neo S10, and Axi S5.
  3.  The Hilt can be obtained from Meso N8, Neo N6, Axi N2, Axi N4, and Axi N6.

You will require 15000 credits, 1 Blade, 1 Hilt, and 15 Orokin cells to manufacture Nikana Prime build, which will take 12 hours to manufacture. You can also rush it by spending 50 Platinum.

Top Nikana Prime Builds in Warframe:

Nikana Prime possesses Madurai and Vazarin Polarity. The presence of two polarities makes it more customizable using different modes. Some of the popular mods to create Nikana Prime builds are-

Blood Rush  – Increases Critical Chance stacks with Combo Multipliers. The increase ranges from 5.5% to 60%.

Berseeker – Increases the attack speed from +5% for 4s to +30% for 24s on Critical Hit.

Organ Shatter – Increases the Critical Damage from +15% to +90%.

Weeping Wound – Increases the status chance from +6.7% to +40% on Critical Hit.

Primed Pressure Point – Increases the melee damage significantly from +15% to +165%. You can also choose Condition Overload but it increases the damage as per the status type.

Nikana Prime Combo Multiplier Blade

Nikana Prime Combo Multiplier Build

The first and foremost build that we will discuss is the Prime Combo Multiplier Blade. In this build, the main idea is to build around a good multiplier stack, and so we can use a combination of Weeping Wounds and Drifting Contact.

The Blood Rush and Fast attack speed are the two most required mods needed in the build. Along with this, the Relentless Combination can also be used for increasing the multiplier.

In a Similar way, the Condition Overload and the Primed Pressure Point mods can also be used to create a great combination to deal with the melee damage done, and the build itself is straightforward with the critical chance and critical multiplier.

The Voltaic Strike and Organ Shelter are the other two mods that are equally important to increase the damage output. So, you will have to make the right combination of damage output and multiplier stacks.

Nikana Prime Status Chance Build

Nikana Prime Status Chance Build

The Nikana Prime Status Chance Build uses the Buzz Kill and two Status mods dependent on the target enemy. The Contact drifting mod is used in the build to provide good chances on dealing with high damage output and critical chances. The Blood Rush mod will also give you a tremendous late-game capacity. These two modes are, however, enough for you throughout the mission.

The build is not so muscular and thus does not need much more potent weapons and mods that could be used in the mission. However, if you think that you should go with the substantial mods, you can pick some of them. But, Buzz Kill and the status mods are enough to deal with the damage output as well as the critical chances.


If you are one of the Ninjas, then you are going to love Nikana Prime. The swift and furious Nikana is the enemies’ nightmare and can deal devastating damage to their health. Nikana can be modified and upgraded using several mods and by creating Nikana Prime builds.

We have tried to cover every aspect of Nikana Prime along with mods, and popular Nikana Prime builds. Using the guide, you will be able to customize Nikana Prime according to your need and gameplay style.

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