Ark Thorny Dragon (How to Tame, Drops, Food, Location

The Ark Thorny Dragon is a wonderful creature with a sharp appearance that sets it apart from other dinosaurs in the game. Taming this creature can be a thrilling experience, and we’ll learn the steps to make it as easy as possible.

If you’re starting your game, we will help you master the art of taming the Thorny Dragon. We’ll find the valuable resources that the Thorny Dragon can provide.

Understanding what the ark-thorny lizard provides as loot can make a big difference in your Ark experience. We’ll make sure you’re well-informed about the rewards it offers. Feeding your new pet is important for its survival and effectiveness, so we’ll also find its favorite foods.

We’ll share the best locations to find this creature so you can start to tame the Ark Thorny Dragon with confidence.

Understanding the Thorny Dragon

Understanding the Thorny Dragon

Thorny Dragon is also called Moloch Sagittarius. It’s a small reptile that looks unique. Try a little creature covered in sharp scales and wearing a crown of flute on its head. It lives in the hot deserts of ARK, where it’s a pro at hiding because its scales help it blend into the sandy desert. So, if you’re ever in the desert, watch out for the ark-thorny lizard. It’s not just strong but also one of the coolest creatures you’ll find in nature.

It’s a reminder of how amazing nature can be. This little desert critter grabs our attention with its spiky look and its ability to hide well. It shows us that even in tough places, life can still do well.

How to Tame a Thorny Dragon

How to Tame a Thorny Dragon

Taming a Thorny Dragon might be hard, but it’s worth it. Follow these steps to learn how.

1. Gear Up

Before you start taming, it’s important to be ready. You’ll need some special arrows that make animals sleepy. You’ll also want a good animal to ride and enough objects to build a safe area for taming. The unique darts or arrows will help you keep the animal calm while you make friends with it. An animal to ride will help you get close to the animal you want to be offsider with.

And the safe area you build will keep the animal from running away or getting scared. So, before you go out to tame an animal, make sure you have these things: rare darts or arrows, a good animal to ride, and items to build a safe place. This way, you’ll be all set for your taming.

2. Locate a Thorny Dragon

Visit deserts where Thorny Dragons live. You’ll often see them walking in the sandy areas. But watch out, they can get mad if you bother them. When you want to find Thorny Dragons, go to the desert places they call home. These cool creatures like to take walks on the sandy ground. But be careful; they might get angry if they think you’re a threat. If you’re looking to spot ark-thorny lizards where they live, head to the desert regions they prefer.

These interesting reptiles enjoy walking through the sand. But, they can act tough if they see danger. To see ark thorny lizards in the wild, go to the deserts they live in. Pay attention to these awesome reptiles as they move through the sandy terrain. Just be cautious, as they can become aggressive when unhappy.

3. Build a Taming Pen

Make a safe place for you and your Thorny Dragon using strong stone or metal. It should be big enough for both of you. Find a flat and steady spot. First, put down a tough base with stone or metal. Then, make tall walls all around it. Add a door that you can open and close easily to get in and out. Now, you have a good spot for you and your Thorny Dragon to hang out. Keep your pet safe and happy in this space.

It’s important to ensure your pet has a good place to live. In this warm space, your ark-thorny lizard will do well, staying safe and comfy. The strong walls and door keep them safe while allowing you to go in and out. This place is great for your pet, so it’s important for their well-being. Take the time to make this safe space, and you’ll enjoy many happy moments with your Thorny Dragon, knowing they have a secure and comfy home.

4. Tranquilize the Dragon

To catch a Thorny Dragon, you need to get it inside your pen. But it’s difficult because they have spiky armor. Gently rile up the Thorny Dragon to make it go into your pen. Once it’s in, use particular darts or arrows to make it sleep. These darts are designed to make it doze off safely. Thorny Dragons are rare because of their armor with spikes. When you bother them, they might try to protect themselves, so be careful.

Keep your distance and guide them into the pen. Once they’re in, aim and shoot a dart or arrow. It will safely make the ark-thorny lizard fall asleep. This way, you can tame them without any harm and find out more about these amazing creatures. Don’t forget to treat them with care and respect.

5. Feed It

Once the Thorny Dragon is snoozing, it’s time to support it. Just open its bag and add bowls of its most-loved food. Now, sit back and wait. As it munches on its food, it will start to trust you more. This is how you make it your supporter step by step. About that food, ark thorny lizard have their favorites, and it’s important to know what they enjoy.

By giving them their preferred snacks, you’re not just filling their belly but also making them trust you more. This trust will help you become great people and have fantastic adventures together. So, keep their treasured treats handy, and you’ll have a loyal Thorny Dragon companion in no time.

6. Monitor Torpor

Keep a close watch on the Thorny Dragon’s sleepiness while you’re trying to make friends with it. We want to make sure it doesn’t wake up too soon. If it starts to wake up early, give it some extra sleepy medicine, like tranquilizers, to keep it calm and relaxed. The main thing to don’t forget is to make the ark-thorny lizard feel comfortable and drowsy during the taming process.

This will help you build trust and make things work out well. So, if you need to use more tranquilizers,go, but be gentle and careful about it. By ensuring it stays sleepy and doesn’t wake up before it’s ready, you’ll be on your way to having a tame Thorny Dragon in no time.

7. Protect Your Tame

While the Thorny Dragon is getting used to its new home, make sure to keep it safe from possible dangers nearby, including using a Wireless Security Camera. Be on the lookout for other people and animals who might bother it. To protect the Thorny Dragon, make a safe area around it. This might mean putting up fences or watching out for anyone who comes too close. Stay alert and be ready to act if needed.

Also, try to keep things calm and quiet around the ark-thorny lizard. Loud noises and sudden movements can make it nervous, so keep everything peaceful. By doing these things, you’ll help the Thorny Dragon get used to its new home without any problems. This is important for its well-being during this time.

8. Claim Your New Companion

Once you make a companion with an ark-thorny lizard, you’ll have support to help you out in the wild. Think about you’re out in the wild, finding rough terrain, and your Thorny Dragon lizard is right there with you. It can warn you about dangers, navigate tricky spots easily, and even help you find food and water. Thorny Dragons are experts at surviving in nature.

When you team up with one, you’re a strong duo, ready for any adventure that comes your way. They’re not just pets. They’re partners who make outdoor living easier and safer. So, next time you’re in the wild, try making friends with one of these amazing creatures. You’ll have an unbeatable team, and you won’t be alone in the wilderness.

Preferred Food for Thorny Dragons

Preferred Food for Thorny Dragons

To be people with an ark-thorny lizard, give it the food it loves. Thorny Dragons enjoy munching on these foods.

1. Cactus Sap

You can find useful things by picking cacti in the desert. Cacti are tough plants that grow in dry places. They have things we can use. When you pick them, be careful so they keep growing. People in the desert have used cacti for a long time. They eat them, use them as medicine, and make things from them. To keep these plants safe, we must be good to the environment. Next time you see a cactus in the desert, don’t forget it’s full of good items.

But be gentle when you take it, and be thankful for what it gives us. They grow in the toughest spots and provide food and medicine. It’s our job to make sure they keep growing so that others can benefit, too. So, when you’re out in the desert and spot a cactus, treat it kindly and respect the desert it calls home. That way, we can all keep sharing in the gifts of the desert for a long time to come.

2. Agave

In the desert, you can find something special called agave. It’s a tough plant that grows there. Agave is valuable because you can use it in different ways. People often use agave to make sweet syrup and a Mexican drink called mezcal. To get the syrup, they pick the agave plant’s leaves and process them. You can use this syrup to sweeten food and drinks. Agave is also great for making strong items such as ropes and baskets.

They take the long, tough leaves of the plant and turn them into materials. These materials are used to make useful things. It gives sweetness and materials for making things, showing how nature can grow even in tough places.

3. Rockarrot

This is good for nature and will help you when you try to protect one of these creatures. Before you try to make a companion with one, be sure you have plenty of these special plants.

Growing these plants in particular areas is a smart and nature-friendly way to prepare for being a supporter of an ark-thorny lizard. Instead of just collecting them, you can grow them in particular places. This not only helps nature but also makes sure you won’t run out when you try to make a bond with one of these creatures.

So, remember to gather lots of these plants before you try to assist a Thorny Dragon. It’s the key to success and a responsible way to interact with these rare creatures. When you decide to support a Thorny Dragon, being prepared not only benefits you but also helps protect our environment. So, let’s get out there and plant these plants, both for our mission and for our planet.

Drops from Thorny Dragons

Drops from Thorny Dragons.png

1. Thorny Dragon Saddle

Think about a special chair for riding your Thorny Dragon. This chair is made from different things, all carefully assembled to make it just right. You know, Thorny Dragons are amazing creatures, but they’re not the easiest to ride without the right chair.

So, some clever people made this chair to make your ark-thorny lizard rides comfy. They picked different things to make sure it’s comfy and won’t break. They used soft things where you sit, so it’s nice to sit on. And they used tough things where it needs to be strong so it doesn’t break when you ride.

2. Keratin

When you catch Thorny Dragons, something cool happens. These spiky critters give out rare objects called keratin. Keratin is a tough, bendy thing found in the scales, horns, and spikes of Thorny Dragons.

Try having armor made from something as strong as your nails. That’s how good keratin is. Crafty people use keratin to make all kinds of materials, from tough shields and armor to fancy jewelry and decorations.

Its toughness and how you can use it for different things make it handy. So, when you spot a Thorny Dragon, it’s not just a spiky critter. Skilled people can turn that keratin into awesome things. It shows that even in the wild, hidden treasures are waiting to be found and used in fantastic ways.

3. Chitin

You can get something called chitin by beating Thorny Dragons. These creatures are tough and can be found in the wild. When you defeat one, you can take chitin from them.

Chitin is like their tough skin, and you can use it to make many useful things. To get chitin, go to the knocked-down ark-thorny lizard and gather it from their body. You can use this chitin for all sorts of crafting projects.

It helps you make tools, armor, and other useful things. Don’t forget, when you face a Thorny Dragon, not only do you defeat a strong enemy, but you also get useful material for your crafting.


The Ark Thorny Dragon is an amazing creature to experience in the world of Ark Survival Evolved. Taming one may seem difficult initially, but with patience and the right approach, it can become your loyal companion.

Don’t forget to gather its favorite food, the Plant Species Y Trap, and use a Slingshot or Tranquilizer Arrows to keep it calm during the taming process.

Once tamed, the ark-thorny lizard can be a valuable combination. Its ability to gather various resources like wood, thatch, and berries makes it a handy addition to your house. Its ability to shoot points at enemies can be quite useful in defending against threats.

You’ll find these creatures roaming in the burn deserts of Ark, so pay attention to them. So, gather some Plant Species Y Traps and start to tame the Thorny Dragon in Ark Survival Evolved.

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