The Ark Castoroides, often called the Giant Beaver, is a fascinating creature in the Ark. Taming this large rodent-like mammal can be quite the adventure, and understanding its drops, favorite foods, and where to find it is essential for your survival on Ark. We’ll talk about what do Castoroides eat in ark.

If you’re starting, this information will help you become the Castoroides tamer. We’ll find where you can locate these beavers. Ark Castoroides, often called Castoroids, are giant beavers that roam the Ark’s wild lands. We’ll see their favorite foods and learn how to tame a Castoroid; you’ll need to collect a few items and be prepared for some patience.

We’ll show you how to build trust with these creatures and make them your loyal companions. These creatures are skilled at gathering resources. So, gather your supplies, and let’s check their drops, food, and location with the Ark Castoroides and find out what Castoroides eat in the ark.

How to Tame Castoroides

How to Tame Castoroides

Taming a Giant Beaver, known as a Castoroides in Ark: Survival Evolved, is a great thing for your tribe. First, you need to gather some materials. What do castoroides eat in ark? You can use berries or vegetables to tame them, so ensure you have enough. When you have the food, go to the Castoroides quietly and don’t scare it with sudden moves or loud sounds.

Put the food in your last item spot, then slowly get close to the Castoroides and give it the food by pressing the right button. Wait patiently and stay a safe distance away. It will take some time, but eventually, the Castoroides will eat the food and become your friend.

Once it’s tamed, it can help you gather wood and be a strong ride for your tribe.

Why You Should Tame the Ark Castoroides

Why You Should Tame the Ark Castoroides.jpg

Taming Castoroides in the world of Ark comes with several important benefits. These creatures are incredibly skilled at gathering wood, making them an important asset for collecting resources. They not only gather wood efficiently but can also turn it into valuable items such as cementing paste, which is essential for crafting advanced structures.

Moreover, tamed Castorides can carry an essential amount of weight, making them excellent for transporting goods and resources. Their durability and adaptability make them a valuable addition to any tribe. Making resource gathering easier and boosting your chances of survival in Ark’s challenging environment.

Where to Find the Castoroides

Where to Find the Castoroides

Castoroides, known as giant beavers, live in different parts of the Ark map, mostly in wetlands and by rivers. You’ll often see them near water sources such as rivers and lakes. A great spot to find them is the Redwood Forest in the middle of the island.

Look for their dams in the water; that’s a sign they’re around. These creatures are usually active during the day, so your best bet is to find these areas when it’s light out. But be careful because they protect their dams and won’t hesitate to defend them if they feel scared.

Castoroides Food

Castoroides Food

1. Superior Kibble

What do castoroides eat in the ark? Superior Kibble is the best option for taming Castoroides quickly and effectively. It offers a big boost to taming progress and makes the whole process faster. To whip up some Superior Kibble, gather different ingredients such as Rare Flowers, Focal Chili, Rare Mushrooms, Cooked Prime Meat, Prime Blood, and Fiber.

2. Vegetables

You can easily tame Castoroides by feeding them different vegetables. What do Castorides eat in the ark? Savoroot, Rockarrot, Citronal, and Longrass? Just make sure to gather a bunch of these veggies and keep them in your last item slot. Then, offer them to the Castoroides while you’re taming it.

3. Mejoberry

What do castoroides eat in the ark? Mejoberry is a berry you can use to make friends with Castoroides in Ark. Moreover, it’s easy to find, and you can get many of them. Just collect a bunch of Mejoberry and give it to Castoroides as their favorite treat to make them your partner.

You can use various other berries, such as Amarberry, Tintoberry, and Azulberry, to tame Castoroides. Berries are a readily available food source in Ark, making them a convenient choice for taming.

Castoroides Location

Castoroides Location

1. The Island

Castoroides, which are also called Giant Beavers, are creatures you can encounter on The Island map in Ark: Survival Evolved. These big beavers live in different parts of the island, but you’ll usually find them hanging around rivers, lakes, or other watery spots. Beavers are friendly animals, and they often live in groups.

They’re known for being hard workers. If you want to tame Castoroides on The Island, you can feed them. But what do castoroides eat in the ark, veggies or berries? That’s what they like to eat. They’re fantastic at collecting wood because they have a special knack for gathering lots of it from trees.

2. The Center

You can spot Castoroides near water on The Center map, especially in jungle areas and around the big underground river system. Taming them can be challenging because of other dangerous creatures around, so make sure you have the right weapons and supplies. Once tamed, these creatures can help you gather wood and carry heavy material on The Center map.

3. Ragnarok

In the land of Ragnarok, you can often find Castoroides near the rivers and lakes that flow across this varied landscape. Taming these creatures is simpler here than on some other maps because there’s plenty of room to move around and gather resources. Castoroides are excellent at collecting wood, which is useful for any group of survivors. They’re known for being great at storing things in their dams, so they’re like storage pros.

4. Extinction

In the futuristic and corrupted Extinction, there’s a surprising place to find Castoroides: the regions. These are special areas on the map filled with bright plants and water, and it’s here that these massive beavers make their home. Taming Castoroides in Extinction can be beneficial because they can assist you in gathering important resources such as wood and thatch, which you need to survive in this tough environment.

5. Valguero

Castoroides are all over the Valguero map, mainly near lakes, rivers, and swamps. Taming them is a smart move because they’re great at gathering wood. What do castoroides eat in the ark? It’s berries. Castoroides are handy partners in Valguero because they can bite hard and carry material, making them helpful for anyone finding the wilds.

Castoroides Drops

Castoroides Drops

1. Hide

Castoroides can be a great source of hide when you hunt them. Hide is super important because you use it to make many things, such as armor, saddles, and buildings. So, if you’re in the early or middle part of the game and need to hide, hunting Castoroides is a smart move.

2. Pelt

You can get a precious item called a pelt from Castoroides. Pelt is a rare and highly desired material used to make the best armor, like fur armor, which keeps you warm in freezing places. This makes Castoroides a top choice for survivors preparing for icy adventures.

3. Raw Meat

Castoroides are helpful creatures that provide raw meat when you gather from them. What do castoroides eat in the ark? Raw meat is an essential food source for survivors. You can cook it for a tasty meal or use it to tame carnivorous creatures. It’s important for staying alive and making friends with wild animals.

Castoroides Ability

Castoroides Ability

Castoroides have an amazing talent for lightening the load of resources when they collect things such as wood and thatch. What do castoroides eat in ark berries? These items weigh much less in their inventory than yours. This means that Castoroides can carry a lot of material without getting too heavy, which makes them super efficient for gathering resources.

Their knack for gathering wood is especially impressive because they can collect a ton of it from trees without getting weighed down. This skill makes Castoroides useful for tasks that need lots of materials, like building, crafting, and cooking, since they can transport big loads without moving.

Castoroides Uses

Castoroides Uses

1. Resource Farming

Castoroides are good at collecting wood and thatch. They have strong jaws that help them easily get wood from trees and thatch from bushes and plants. This makes them super helpful for getting lots of these important building materials. If you’re building a base or making things, Castoroides speed up the process, so you save time and don’t have to work as hard.

2. Aquatic Mount

Castoroides has a special talent for swimming and going underwater. They’re great for riding in the water, so you can easily move around Ark’s rivers, lakes, and underwater places. They’re super agile in the water, which means you can find secret caves, collect material from underwater spots, and even fight underwater enemies. Castoroides are useful for underwater fun, especially on maps such as Ragnarok and Valguero.

3. Portable Crafting Station

Castoroides can be used as a mobile crafting station due to their saddle’s unique crafting ability. With a Castoroides saddle equipped, you can access its inventory and use it as a crafting station on the go. This feature allows you to craft various items, including structures, weapons, and tools, without returning to your base. It’s a practical and time-saving way to craft essential items while you’re out to gather resources in the wild.


Taming Castoroides in ARK is an enjoyable experience. What do castoroides eat in the ark? Gather some Mejoberries. Construct a trap, supply them with berries, and patiently wait for them to feast. Once successfully tamed, Castoroides become invaluable companions. They excel at wood collection, making construction easy, and they can carry hefty loads for you.

However, be sure to protect them from harm, as they may think off if not safeguarded. You can spot these partners near rivers and lakes in the game, so keep looking for them while searching. Defeating them yields valuable resources such as hide and cementing paste, which can be used to craft useful items, so make the most of them.

If you’re a builder, Castoroides makes excellent additions to your ARK team. Just follow the steps, ensure their happiness, and you’ll soon have a reliable companion by your side.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Preferred Foods for Taming Castoroides?

What do castoroides eat in the ark? Castoroides prefer Vegetables or Sweet Vegetable Cake for a faster and more efficient taming process. You can use crops like Rockarrot, Savoroot, or Longrass, as well as Honey to make Sweet Vegetable Cake.

What Are the Drops from Tamed Castoroides in Ark?

Tamed Castorides have a special ability to gather a large amount of wood from trees. They can also hold other resources such as thatch. What do castoroides eat in ark berries? Additionally, they can drop items they have collected, including wood, rare flowers, rare mushrooms, and more, depending on what they have gathered.

Can Castoroides Be Used for Anything Other than Gathering Wood?

Yes, Castoroides are versatile creatures. They can also be used as water mounts and are good for traversing rivers and lakes. Their dams, when set to auto-crafting, can produce Cementing Paste over time, which is a valuable resource for crafting.

What Is the Best Strategy for Protecting My Tamed Castoroides from Predators?

Build a secure pen to keep your Castoroides safe when you’re not using them. You can also set them to follow you when you’re out in the wild so they can help defend you against threats.

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