If you’re here to learn which weapon is the best Warframe, Vitrica is the one you want. The Vitrica is a unique and powerful weapon that can upgrade your Warframe Vitrica weapon.

We’ll show you how to get this special sword and use its power. The Vitrica is a remarkable weapon known for turning enemies into glass statues with a single swing.

To get your hands on this extraordinary sword, you’ll need to follow a series of steps within the Warframe universe. If you’re new to the game, you can go on the path to obtaining the Vitrica.

We’ll explain where to find the necessary components, how to defeat the boss that guards the weapon, and any other essential tips and tricks.

So, if you’re a professional gamer or just starting your Warframe, let’s find out how to get Vitrica in Warframe.

How to Get Vitrica

How to Get Vitrica

The Vitrica is a powerful sword in Warframe Vitrica that many experienced players want. To get it, you have to join the Glassmaker Nightwave series, which is a series of episodes in the game. In this event, you’ll have different challenges and tasks to do, and the main thing is to solve a cool murder mystery.

To get the Vitrica, you must reach Rank 30 in the Glassmaker Nightwave series. When you do that, you’ll earn the sword, and other players will envy you because it’s a sought-after item.

How to Get Vitrica Blueprint

How to Get Vitrica Blueprint

Before you can wield the Vitrica, you’ll need to obtain its blueprint, which is the key to crafting weapons. You can get the Vitrica blueprint from Cephalon Simaris, a character you’ll find in the place at any relay station.

Cephalon Simaris has lots of blueprints, and you can buy them using standing points, which you earn by doing daily Synthesis tasks. Once you have enough standing points, go to the place and swap them for the Vitrica blueprint. Once you have the blueprint, you can gather the materials and credits you need to make your own Vitrica in the Foundry.

Characteristics of Vitrica

Characteristics of Vitrica

It is a special and deadly heavy-blade weapon in Warframe Vitrica. It stands out from other melee weapons in the game because of some unique features. One cool thing it does is when you defeat enemies with it, they turn into glass statues. This is connected to a mysterious story in Nightwave. These glass statues not only look cool but also break to hurt nearby enemies.

Also, the Vitrica is really good at landing critical hits, so it’s great if you want to build a strong character that focuses on critical hits. People who love melee combat really like it because it has cool attack moves and can deal a lot of damage. If you want a powerful and stylish weapon in Warframe, the Vitrica is a must-have.

Requirements of Vitrica Crafting

Requirements of Vitrica Crafting

If you love Warframe Vitrica and want to get the cool Vitrica weapon in, you’re in the right spot. The Vitrica is a glass-themed weapon that not only looks great but also packs a punch in battles. To make this unique weapon, you’ll need to collect certain things and follow these crafting steps.

1. Credits

Credits are the universal currency in the Warframe universe, and they play an important role in crafting the Vitrica. You’ll need a lot of credits to kickstart your Vitrica crafting adventure. Make sure you’ve got plenty of credits saved up because this is the main source of money you’ll be spending to create this cool glass weapon.

2. Orokin Cell

Orokin Cells are quite rare and valuable in the Warframe Vitrica universe. They’re a must-have when you want to craft the Vitrica sword, but getting your hands on them can be tricky. You’ll usually find Orokin Cells on specific planets during Orokin Derelict missions, such as Void. Sometimes, you might get lucky and receive them as rewards from different missions or events. If you’re determined to craft the Vitrica, be ready to spend some time farming for Orokin Cells.

3. Oxium

Oxium is a unique and not-so-easy-to-find material that’s important for making fancy Warframe gear such as Vitrica. To gather Oxium, head to missions where you’ll run into Corpus enemies because they’re the ones who usually drop it when you beat them. If you want to get more Oxium quickly, use Warframes and gear that boost your chances of getting it.

4. Tempered Bapholite

Tempered Bapholite is a special-looking mineral that’s perfect for making glass-themed weapons such as Vitrica. You can find a lot of Tempered Bapholite in the Cambion Drift on Deimos. To get it, you’ll need a good mining tool, such as the Sunpoint Plasma Drill. This tool will help you collect Tempered Bapholite efficiently.

5. Purified Heciphron

Obtaining a Purified Heciphron is super important for making the Vitrica a special weapon. To get it, you need to do things in the New War expansion. Just make sure to watch for chances to get it while you’re doing the New War search.

Popular Vitrica Mods

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1. Blood Rush

Blood Rush is a valuable melee mod in Warframe Vitrica, and many players want it. It boosts your chance of landing critical hits as you fight in melee battles. So, the more you stay in the melee fight, the stronger your attacks get. You can get the Blood Rush mod by joining Acolyte events, where certain Acolytes appear in different game missions. Defeating these Acolytes will earn you the mod. Make sure to watch out for in-game alerts to know when they show up.

2. Organ Shatter

Organ Shatter is a must-have upgrade for your Vitrica. It makes your melee attacks hit much harder when you score a critical hit. You can get Organ Shatter by defeating different enemies and completing missions, especially in the Void and Orokin Derelict missions. If you want to get this mod, focus on farming in these areas.

3. Berserker Fury

Berserker Fury is a Warframe Vitrica mod for players who love to go fast. When you land critical hits, it boosts your attack speed, turning your Vitrica weapon set into super quick moves. To get Berserker Fury, you’ll need to join Baro Ki’Teer’s visits to the game every two weeks. Watch out for game announcements to know when he’ll be in town.

4. Weeping Wounds

Weeping Wounds is a fantastic mod for making your melee weapons more effective at causing status effects. It really increases the chances of these effects happening when you hit your enemies. To get Weeping Wounds, you can either buy it from the Steel Meridian or trade it with other players who already have it.

5. Gladiator Might

Gladiator Might is an essential part of the Gladiator set mods. When you use it alongside other Gladiator mods, it boosts your critical damage. If you’re building a Vitrica for critical hits, you definitely want to have Gladiator Might in your weapons. You can acquire Gladiator Might as a reward for completing Arbitration missions from the Arbitrations vendor shop.

6. Sacrificial Steel

Sacrificial Steel is a mod that really helps you land strong hits. When you use it alongside Sacrificial Pressure. It gives your melee weapon a big boost in how often it scores critical hits and how much damage those hits do. You can get Sacrificial Steel from the Arbitrations vendor, just like you would get Gladiator Might.

Drop Location of Warframe Vitrica

Drop Location of Warframe Vitrica

If you’re a big Warframe Vitrica fan in and you want to get the Vitrica, a special and strong weapon, you might be thinking how and where to find it. Well, you’re in for a treat because we know where it drops.

The Vitrica is a unique glass sword, and it’s connected to a mysterious and scary Warframe called the Glass Queen, who is also known as Caliban. To get this weapon, you’ll need to participate in a special event or complete a mission related to Caliban.

Acquisition of the Vitrica in Warframe

Acquisition of the Vitrica in Warframe

The Vitrica is a special and strong melee weapon in Warframe that many players really want because of how cool it looks and what it can do. To get this awesome sword, you must finish the Call of the Tempestarii. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Challenge Progression

The Vitrica isn’t something you can find or buy in Warframe Vitrica like most items. Instead, you can get it by finishing the Call of the Tempestarii, which was added to the game in 2021. This challenge is the center of getting your hands on the Vitrica.

2. Unlocking the Quest

To start the challenge, you must first make progress in the Star Chart and reach the Veil Proxima area in Railjack. When you’ve done that, you’ll find the mission in your Codex.

3. Mission Details

Without giving away too many spoilers, Call of the Tempestarii involves a mysterious ghost ship and displays the hidden story within the Warframe Vitrica universe. It’s an engaging mission that rewards you with the Vitrica upon completion.

4. Crafting the Vitrica

Once you complete the challenge, you’ll get the blueprint for the Vitrica. To make it, you’ll have to collect the materials and credits required in your Foundry. After you’ve made it, you can add the Vitrica to your loadout and use it in your missions.

Tips and Tricks for Obtaining the Vitrica

Tips and Tricks for Obtaining the Vitrica

Getting your hands on the Vitrica can be exciting gaming, but it’s essential to approach it with some tips and tricks to make the process smoother.

1. Prepare Your Railjack

Before you start the Call of the Tempestarii, make sure your Railjack is in good shape. Upgrading and equipping it properly will make the Railjack combat parts of the challenge much easier to handle in Warframe Vitrica.

2. Squad Up

Think about joining forces with fellow players to take on missions as a team. Working together can make some mission goals simpler, and it’s also more enjoyable to go through the story with friends.

3. Resource Farming

Remember to think about the things you need to make the Vitrica sword. It’s a good idea to gather the right materials beforehand so you don’t have to wait to make the weapon.

4. Learn the Mechanics

While you’re on the challenge, make sure to keep an eye out for new game features such as Railjack combat in Warframe Vitrica. Learning how these features work will make it easier for you to advance in the mission.


You are ready to get the vitrica, and while obtaining the Vitrica in Warframe might appear challenging, it becomes more manageable when you follow the correct approach. Patience is important in this vitrica warframe.

Begin by focusing on completing the Call of the Tempestarii mission, which serves as your gateway to obtaining the Vitrica. Progress through the search line and defeat enemies. Next, actively participate in missions.

Once you get the Vitrica Blueprint, gather the necessary resources and credits to craft the weapon. Ensure you level it up to unlock its full potential. The Vitrica stands as a unique weapon in Warframe Vitrica.

So, prepare yourself and enjoy waving this mighty sword in your Warframe adventures.

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