Looking to bring a new and awesome character into your Warframe adventure? Look at the secrets to get Voruna in Warframe with our simple steps. Just like following a treasure map, we’re here to lead you through the steps of gaining the mighty Voruna Warframe. These clear instructions are changing the way battles are won.

Each part of this guide has its special strategies, adding lots of fun to your gaming experience. Similar to heroes wielding unique powers, like Ember’s fiery flames or Rhino’s incredible strength, Voruna’s abilities add excitement to battles. Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting, our Voruna acquisition provides valuable insights to boost your skills.

By mastering the art of the Voruna Warframe, you’ll become a more skilled fighter and know hidden stories that emerge during challenging moments.

So, gear up in your virtual armor and free yourself in the world of Warframe.

How to Build Voruna in Warframe

1. Voruna Blueprint

Voruna Blueprint

To get the Voruna Blueprint, do the protection Vault Bounties on Deimos. While taking on the challenges, having a precise aim is crucial, so consider using a high-performance Gaming Mouse for better control. You can find these Vault Bounties in Necralisk. Be prepared to fight against Infested enemies. When you complete the bounty parts with your Gaming Mouse, you might get the Voruna Blueprint as a prize.

This paper, along with your skill, helps make the Voruna Warframe. Remember, you can do it. Just go to Mother, use your Gaming Mouse, tackle the bounties, and fight well against the Infested. Then you might get the Voruna Blueprint, and with that, you’re on your way to making the Voruna Warframe.

2. Voruna Chassis

Voruna Chassis

To make the Voruna Warframe, you need the Voruna Chassis Blueprint. Get it by finishing the Isolation Vault T1 task in Deimos. Fight the Infested and do jobs to improve your odds of getting the Voruna Chassis Blueprint as a reward when you’re done. This blueprint is important to build the Warframe.

You can find the Voruna Chassis Blueprint in the Deimos area by completing the Isolation Vault T1 mission. In this task, you’ll battle against the Infested and perform jobs. If you perform well, you might receive the Voruna Chassis Blueprint as a prize after completion.

3. Voruna Neuroptics

Voruna Neuroptics

To get the Voruna Neuroptics Blueprint, finish the Vault T2 task in Deimos. These tasks have different difficulty levels, so get ready for different challenges. Beat the Infested enemies and complete the mission goals to earn the Voruna Warframe Neuroptics Blueprint. It’s a necessary piece for creating Voruna.

Remember, you can find these bounties in Deimos. Just choose the Isolation Vault T2 job and start your adventure. You’ll face some tough enemies and tasks, but don’t worry, you can do it! Once you succeed, you’ll have the Voruna Neuroptics Blueprint to use in crafting. So, gather your gear and prepare yourself for some action.

4. Voruna Systems

Voruna Systems

To get the Voruna Systems Blueprint, do the Isolation Vault T3 job in Deimos. Fight hard and finish the tasks in this bounty to increase your odds of getting the Voruna Systems Blueprint. This paper helps build the Voruna Warframe, so it’s important. Take part in tough fights and complete tasks for the best chance of getting the Voruna Systems Blueprint in the Isolation Vault T3 mission on Deimos.

This special paper is crucial for creating the Voruna. To make sure you get the Voruna Systems Blueprint, participate in challenging fights and finish the tasks in the Vault T3 task on Deimos. This piece of paper is a must-have to construct the Voruna Warframe.

Voruna Passive Ability

Voruna Passive Ability

1. Shroud of Dynar

The Shroud of Dynar is super important to get Voruna in Warframe. Voruna is rare and needed for crafting. You can get it from the Enrichment Labs on Deimos, a strange planet with odd creatures. Do Infested activities there, like Isolation Vault Bounties, to maybe get a Voruna Warframe.

Dynar’s stuff is strong in the labs, and it looks hard to collect Shrouds to move forward. Just get into the labs and do activities to find what you need. Keep at it, and you’ll do great.

2. Fangs of Raksh

To get the Voruna Warframe, you need the Fangs of Raksh. These are special parts for making things. You can get them by fighting the Necramechs on Deimos. Fight these strong robots in Isolation Vault Bounties.

When you break down these tough enemies, you might get the important Fangs of Raksh, getting you closer to your goal. So, fight and take apart these strong robots to get the unique parts you need. This will help you a lot in reaching your goal of getting Voruna.

3. Lycath’s Hunt

Starting the Lycath’s Hunt is necessary for your journey in Voruna. The special pieces from Lycath are necessary for making things. You’ll need to go on Vault Bounties and fight against the scary Hemocyte boss, a really big creature.

If you beat this huge enemy, you’ll get Lycath’s Hunt parts. It might be a good idea to work together with other Tenno to win against this tough challenge and get the necessary pieces for your gameplay in Voruna. It could be hard, but with friends, you can do it.

4. Ulfrun’s Descent

Getting into Ulfrun’s Descent is important for your Voruna journey. These special parts are super necessary for making things. You’ll face a tough Bonewidow Necramech in Isolation Vault Bounties on Deimos.

If you beat this strong enemy while using your Gaming Headset, you’ll get the parts you need for Ulfrun’s Descent. Working together as a team, equipped with Gaming Headsets, could help you win this hard fight and get the things you need for your Voruna Warframe goal. So, it’s good to know that teamwork, aided by your Gaming Headset, can make this challenge easier and let you move forward with your mission.

Advantages & Disadvantages: Voruna in Warframe

Advantages & Disadvantages- Voruna in warframe


  • Strong Powers: The Voruna Warframe possesses powerful abilities, assisting in defeating various enemies during missions with its unique skills.
  • Fast Moves: It moves fast, helping with exploring and fighting. Its speed is valuable for both adventures and battles.
  • Cool Looks: The Voruna Warframe’s cool, special look is really impressive. It stands out with its one-of-a-kind design that catches attention.
  • Team Helper: It can aid your team in fights with its unique abilities, making battles easier and more successful for everyone.
  • Tough Armor: The Voruna Warframe has strong armor that protects you from enemy attacks, making it difficult for them to harm you.
  • Different Ways to Play: You can use it for attacking or protecting in various ways, adapting to different situations and goals.
  • Collect and Craft: To get Voruna, gather and craft parts together. Combine different pieces to create your own Voruna.


  • Tough Enemies: Defeating the tough enemies to acquire Voruna can be challenging due to their strength. Overcoming them might require strategy.
  • Rare Drops: Collecting the rare Voruna parts takes a while due to their infrequent drops, lengthening the building process. Patience is key.
  • Long Missions: The tasks for earning Voruna can be lengthy and require time to complete, but persistence will lead to success.
  • Complicated Requirements: You need to fulfill specific requirements in the missions even to have a chance at getting Voruna, which can be confusing.
  • Limited Availability: Voruna is sometimes found at specific events or times, making it hard to gather all the parts you want.
  • Team Coordination Needed: You often need to work well with your teammates to increase your chances of getting Voruna, which can be challenging.
  • High Skill Needed: To successfully get Voruna, you must be skilled at playing Warframe, which might be tough for newer players.


Voruna has special abilities that make the game more fun and offer different ways to do well in missions. But more than just the instructions, it’s the players themselves who make the game cool. Each step to get the Voruna Warframe is important and gives you good things, making the game even more enjoyable.

As you keep playing, use these steps to help you get Voruna and use its powers in your own way. Don’t forget, you’re part of a group of players who all like the game. Sharing your experiences and ideas can make the game even better for everyone.

So, get Voruna, try out its cool powers, and start your space adventure. The universe is excited to see you play.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Voruna in Warframe?

In the game Warframe, there’s something special called Voruna. It’s like a tool that helps make equipment better. When you want to make your gear stronger, you need Voruna. It’s important for upgrading things in the game.

How Do I Find Voruna?

To discover Voruna, play missions on the Plains of Eidolon. These are places in a game. Search for shining rocks named Eidolon Gems in that area. They will help you find Voruna.

Can I Trade for Voruna?

No, you can’t trade Voruna. You need to get it on your own by mining Eidolon Gems. Trading is not an option for Voruna because it’s connected to mining Eidolon Gems.

What Do I Need to Mine Voruna?

If you want to dig in Voruna, get a Nosam Cutter tool. You can buy it in Cetus at Plains of Eidolon. It helps you find precious things under the ground. Just visit the seller in that place.

Where Do I Mine Eidolon Gems?

You can find Eidolon Gems in the Plains of Eidolon, mainly in caves and by water. To get them, use Nosam Cutter to break them apart. It’s a tool for this job. Happy gem hunting!

Any Tips for Mining Voruna?

To get the shiny parts from Eidolon Gems, point your mining tool at the bright bits. Listen to the tool and feel its vibrations. These things tell you the right time to hit. It’s important to pay attention.

What Can I Do with Voruna?

Voruna helps make your Warframe better. It upgrades gear, like Amps and Arcanes, making them stronger in fights. This makes your Warframe powerful and better at winning battles.

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