Warframe Best Amprex Build 2023

If you’re a big fan of Warframe and want to make your Amprex super powerful, We’ll help you create the most powerful Amprex build for maximum shots.

The Amprex is a strong primary weapon that uses electricity to kill your opponents. Making the best Amprex setup is super important for dealing the most damage in your missions.

We’ll talk about the important mods, elements, and strategies to make your Amprex strong so you can leave your enemies amazed. We’ll also show you how to customize your Amprex for different game modes if you’re taking on tough missions or just doing some farming.

So, you’ll have all the knowledge and tools you need to build an Amprex setup that matches your style.

So, let’s get started and make your Warframe experience thrill with the best Amprex setup.

What is Amprex?

What is Amprex?

The Amprex is a cool weapon you can use in the popular game Warframe. It’s one of those beam guns that shoot non-stop. The Corpus makes this special weapon, shooting a dangerous electrical beam that bounces between opponents. It’s perfect for keeping many enemies in check and wiping out big groups of them.

Best Amprex Builds

Best Amprex Builds

1. Standard Amprex Build

The Standard Amprex Build is a flexible setup for combat that makes the Amprex weapon strong. It boosts the Amprex’s damage a lot while keeping it good at other important things. To make this happen, we use mods such as Serration and Split Chamber. Serration makes the weapon hit harder, and Split Chamber makes it shoot multiple beams with each shot.

We also use mods such as Stormbringer and Infected Clip to add Electricity and Toxin effects to the weapon, making it good against armored enemies when combined with Corrosive damage.

We also add mods that increase the chances of getting hits and how much damage they do. This makes the Amprex hit even harder when it gets hit. Overall, this setup is great for many different missions and can handle them easily.

2. Long Range Build

The Long Range Build for the Amprex build is perfect for people who like to shoot opponents from far away. With this setup, we focus on making the gun shoot far and hit the target accurately. It’s great for places with big open spaces and large maps. The important mods for this setup are Vile accuracy, which makes the gun more accurate, and Sinister Reach, which makes the electric beam go even farther.

These mods let you shoot enemies from a distance without weakening your shots. Also, if you have a Riven mod that boosts the gun’s range or damage, it can make the Amprex even better in this setup.

This setup is fantastic when you need to snipe enemies or cover a big area, especially in missions that happen in open-world settings.

3. Slash Damage Build

The Slash Damage Build is all about making your Amprex build deal the most slashing damage possible. Slash damage is really good against enemies with flesh because it can make them bleed a lot, which is bad news for them. To make this build work, you must use certain mods such as Hunter Munitions and Bladed Rounds.

Hunter Munitions gives your Amprex a chance to make enemies bleed when you land a hit. Bladed Rounds make your critical hits hurt even more. If you add mods that make your hits more likely and make them do more damage, your Amprex becomes a real slashing powerhouse.

To make it even better, you can use mods to add things such as Viral or Gas effects, which can mess up your enemies even more. This build is awesome for taking out tough, armored enemies, especially in missions where the opponents have a lot of health.

Area of Effect Build

Area of Effect Build

1. Critical Area of Effect Build

The Critical Area of Effect build for Amprex is all about making it hit hard and zap multiple enemies at once. To do this, you want to use mods that make your shots more likely to do extra damage and mods that make those extra-damaging shots happen more often. Some good mods for this are Point Strike and Vital Sense.

You also want to add mods that boost the electrical damage that the Amprex already does, such as Stormbringer and Hellfire. When you put all these mods together, your Amprex build becomes a crit machine. It can dish out huge amounts of damage, especially when it hits the weak spots of enemies.

This makes it great for players who love getting those satisfying big hits and also want to keep using the Amprex’s ability to chain lightning between enemies, making it a great choice for clearing out groups of opponents.

2. Status Area of Effect Build

The Status AoE build is all about causing different negative effects to many enemies at once. To make this happen, we use mods such as High Voltage and Malignant Force. These mods boost the chances of our weapon causing problems for the opponents, making them sick or corroded, or giving them electric shocks.

This Amprex build setup can mess up enemy groups and make them weaker. It’s a smart choice for players who love to control crowds and make the game easier when facing tough missions and strong enemies.

3. Hybrid Area of Effect Build

The Hybrid AoE build for the Amprex is a mix of two superpowers. It’s great at causing both big damage and status effects. To make this happen, we use mods such as Split Chamber and Serration for raw power, and we also toss in some mods that boost hits and status effects.

This build can do a bit of everything; it can blast enemies with damage and mess with their status, making it perfect for handling both big baddies and groups of opponents. If you like being flexible and helping your team in different fights, this build is a top choice.

Weapon Characteristics

Weapon Characteristics

1. Accuracy

The Amprex build is known for its excellent accuracy, making it a dependable choice for plates that love to be accurate in battle. When you aim with it, it shoots a focused electric beam that you can control accurately. This lets you hit enemies far away, which is super important when taking down tough enemies in missions where every shot matters.

2. Critical Chance

The Amprex has a pretty good chance of landing critical hits when you shoot it. These hits deal extra damage, which is important if you want to make the most out of this weapon. You can make your Amprex even better at scoring hits by customizing it with the right upgrades. This will turn it into a super strong weapon, especially when you’re up against tough, high-level enemies.

3. Fire Rate

The Amprex’s shooting speed is impressive. It can shoot its electric beams super fast, so you can easily blast through many enemies in just a few seconds. This fast shooting, along with its ability to damage a bunch of enemies at once, makes it a great pick for wiping out groups of opponents. This is especially handy in cramped areas or when you’re in a tough fight and need to dish out damage fast.

4. Magazine

The Amprex build gun has a big magazine that can hold a lot of bullets. This allows you to shoot for a while without needing to stop and reload, which helps you keep the pressure on your enemies. To make it even better for your style of play, you might want to customize it to either hold more bullets or reload faster.

5. Noise

The Amprex is a powerful weapon, but it’s not good at being quiet. When you shoot it, it makes a lot of noise that can tell nearby enemies you’re around. So, if you want to sneak in quietly or don’t want more enemies to show up, you should consider this noise. Usually, it’s okay to use the Amprex when you’re ready for a big fight and not trying to be sneaky.

6. Reload

The Amprex’s reload speed is super important for how well it works. Even though it can hold lots of bullets, there will be times when you have to stop and reload it. To keep fighting without waiting too long, you need to be smart about when you reload. If you make some modifications to make it reload faster, it will be much better. This means you can start killing enemies again quickly without being an easy target.



To get the Amprex in the game, you can do a few things. First, go to your clan’s Dojo and visit the player’s Lab. There, you can research and make the Amprex blueprint. Another way is to trade with other players or look out for special in-game events and promotions to get your hands on this weapon. Just know that you must be at least Mastery Rank 10 to use the Amprex build because it’s a powerful electrical weapon.

Tips and Tricks for Building the Best Amprex

Tips and Tricks for Building the Best Amprex.jpg

Creating a powerful Amprex for your Warframe is super important to make it perform at its best. Let’s go over some easy tips and tricks to help you craft an Amprex build that can deal serious damage.

  • Elemental Damage: Amprex is flexible against different kinds of elemental damage. Try using various elemental mods such as Electricity, Toxin, and Heat to take advantage of enemy vulnerabilities and boost your damage.
  • Critical Mods: Boost your Amprex’s hits by focusing on mods like Point Strike and Vital Sense. These mods can make your Amprex a real champion when it comes to dealing with damage.
  • Multishot: Mods such as Split Chamber can boost your Amprex’s accuracy by letting it shoot multiple bullets in one go, making it easier to hit your targets.


Finding the ideal Amprex build for Warframe can easily boost your gaming enjoyment. By using the right mix of mods, you can upgrade this weapon into a terrifying power on the battlefield.

Make sure to prioritize mods that increase the damage and status chance to increase its damage potential. Feel free to try out various builds that match your playstyle if you prefer controlling crowds or dealing with single targets.

Remember to form your Amprex to release its complete potential, and always stay updated with the latest game updates and patches to adapt your build as the game evolves. The most suitable Amprex build for you will depend on your personal preferences and the type of in-game challenges you wish to win.

So, keep experimenting and enjoy the feeling of killing your enemies with your Amprex.

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