Warframe Best Shotguns in 2023

Warframe is an action role-playing third-person game set in the far future. It allows players to control members of another race, Tenno. These are all ancient warriors who have awoken from a millennia-long cryosleep on Earth and have lost all their memories. So, of course, a game set so far in the future has an array of impressive arms and ammunition to enhance the gaming experience. But players, time and again, prefer the good old shotgun.

When looking for the best warframe shotgun, we must consider several aspects, like their damage, accuracy, critical chance, status chance, fire rate, and even reload. This way, we can get an accurate estimate of which one is optimal for which missions or quests.

Our guide here compares all these factors of some of the popular shotguns and presents to you an at-a-glance comparison of these. Continue reading to find out!

List of Best Warframe Shotguns

1. Bubonico


Total Damage: 287

Accuracy: 25

Fire Rate: 3.83

Reload: 2.1 seconds

Critical Chance: 25%

Critical Multiplier: 2.3 times

Status Chance: 9.3%

A fan of bio-chemical war? Bubonico is your pick, hands down! This shotgun has an alternative fire mode in which you can make a plethora of plagues and diseases fall on your enemies that would explode on impact. Once all the bad guys are weak and dying, use the main fire mode to release multiple poison shots and finish them up. This intricate mechanism and the shotgun’s instant effectiveness place it on the top of our list.

2. Cedo


Total Damage: 180

Accuracy: 20

Fire Rate: 3.83

Reload: 2.2 seconds

Critical Chance: 20%

Critical Multiplier: 2.4 times

Status Chance: 0.3%

Cedo is undoubtedly a shotgun made for skilled players. Because its stats look straight, you may be under the impression that it isn’t worth trying out. But, once you understand its mechanisms and work in-depth, you can use it to your advantage uncomparably. Start with Cedo’s glaive fire mode to inflict elemental damage to your foes. Next, move on to the buckshot mode to shred them to pieces! Cedo’s deadly synergy is often enough for maximum targets.

3. Fulmin


Total Damage: 500

Accuracy: 9.1

Fire Rate: 2.17

Reload: 3 seconds

Critical Chance: 30%

Critical Multiplier: 2.2 times

Status Chance: 16%

Fulmin is the perfect fusion between a rifle and a shotgun. It is the undisputed top choice of the Warframe Wisp. Its secondary mode swiftly transforms it into a rifle with hit-scan projectiles. But, if you think the rifle mode is a little weak, try the shotgun one. It is powerful and CRIT-oriented, which relieves your worries about any arms and ammunition since this shotgun replenishes and recharges its ammunition pool.

4. Kuva Kohm

Kuva Kohm

Total Damage: 20

Accuracy: 8

Fire Rate: 4.17

Reload: 2 seconds

Critical Chance: 19%

Critical Multiplier: 2.3 times

Status Chance: 90%

Kohm and Kuva Kohm both have a trigger function called auto-spool, which makes them unique. What’s more interesting is that each time you fire the gun, the next shot contains an additional pellet, automatically increasing its fire rate. This way, it can reach a maximum of 12 pellets per shot. That, plus its exceptionally high-Status Chance, makes it a powerful weapon. It also features several additional bonus damages, increasing its worth.

5. Corinth Prime

Corinth Prime

Total Damage: 540

Accuracy: 9.1

Fire Rate: 1.42

Reload: 3 seconds

Critical Chance: 30%

Critical Multiplier: 2.8 times

Status Chance: 9%

What you need to have for this is an accustomed play of well-placed buckshot. The alternate fire launches a grenade that you must aim carefully at the enemy. Then, on pressing the same button again, it will manually explode and ensure that your rivals are done for. That, plus its massive damage, makes it a highly recommended warframe shotgun. It is arguably the best narrow shotgun pellet spread for any player.

6. Phantasma

Phantasma .jpg

Total Damage: 90

Accuracy: 100

Fire Rate: 12

Reload: 0.5 seconds

Critical Chance: 3%

Critical Multiplier: 1.5 times

Status Chance: 18.5%

Phantasma is a beam weapon that has an alternate fire that acts like a grenade launcher. Because of its primary function, it has perfect accuracy. Now, the reason we have included it here is because even though it is a beam weapon, it releases its beams in groups of 6, and since they are all concentrated in the same direction, it becomes tough to tell them apart. Its stats, too, balance each other out with a fast fire rate despite lower damage.

7. Exergis


Total Damage: 1,620

Accuracy: 15.4

Fire Rate: 3.33

Reload: 3 seconds

Critical Chance: 8%

Critical Multiplier: 1.4 times

Status Chance: 36%

Exergis is basically a Corpus shotgun that acts as its single-shot pump-action version. It is designed to fire a shot of narrow crystal-like projectiles at the foes. Although this shotgun has highly accurate damage, players must pay for that by reloading after every shot. Also, it can hit enemies from quite a decent range. Exergis is a versatile option for doing physical damage, too. However, you might be disappointed if you want to use it as a CRIT weapon.

8. Astilla Prime

Astilla Prime .jpg

Total Damage: 240

Accuracy: 25

Fire Rate: 4.33

Reload: 2 seconds

Critical Chance: 21%

Critical Multiplier: 1.9 times

Status Chance: 37%

For all the ruthless warframe players out there, try the Astilla Prime. It fires shells loaded with broken glass. In the first phase of this directed damage, the enemies first experience the slug impact. And then, they face the second glass shrapnel explosion, which causes slash damage. Along with this, you can use it as a CRIT weapon, a status weapon, or even a hybrid. Its accuracy and fire rate make it an excellent gun to play with.

9. Tigris Prime

Tigris Prime

Total Damage: 1,560

Accuracy: 9.1

Fire Rate: 2

Reload: 1.8 seconds

Critical Chance: 10%

Critical Multiplier: 2 times

Status Chance: 11.25%

The damage of this shotgun is undoubtedly unmatched. In the hands of an experienced player with the right skills, this weapon can create undisputable, monstrous damage. Although other shotguns have succeeded this one due to enhanced features, Tigris Prime remains the best warframe shotgun for its absolute no-nonsense mode. But, you may feel that the frequent reloading might be a hurdle, even though it gives the player two shots per reload.

10. Boar Prime

Boar Prime .jpg

Total Damage: 320

Accuracy: 5

Fire Rate: 4.67

Reload: 2.75 seconds

Critical Chance: 15%

Critical Multiplier: 2 times

Status Chance: 11.25%

Why Boar Prime? It is a commendable replacement for automatic rifles. Even though the experienced players feel the shinier, more recent shotguns are better, this one still manages to create formidable damage when used wisely. It has a fast fire rate, which is unfortunately employed at the cost of a bullet scatter. Thus, it’s best to use this for low or medium-range shots. Moreover, the players also have to deal with the slow reload speed.

11. Sobek


Total Damage: 350

Accuracy: 9.1

Fire Rate: 2.5

Reload: 2.7 seconds

Critical Chance: 11%

Critical Multiplier: 2 times

Status Chance: 16.2%

Sobek suits its Egyptian Crocodile God name pretty well, as it consistently succeeds in destroying its enemies. It is an automatic Grineer shotgun that shows a large magazine capacity. It has a high impact damage that can help you efficiently deal with different shields. Its high-status chance compensates well for the reduced damage per shot. It also has an average spread, but you can use it for impacting large-area damage.

12. Vaykor Hek

Vaykor Hek

Total Damage: 525

Accuracy: 9.1

Fire Rate: 3

Reload: 2.25 seconds

Critical Chance: 25%

Critical Multiplier: 2 times

Status Chance: 10.7%

Vaykor is a variant of Hek and has the apt Justice syndicate effect. It creates blast damage in a considerable radius around the user. Furthermore, it also restores 25% health, and once you acquire 1000 affinity, it gives you an armor boost of 15% for 30 seconds. It’s a steel Meridian-exclusive variant that brags of double the magazine size with an enhanced fire rate. What might create a hurdle is the slow reload, which must be made up for with tact and skills on the player’s part.

13. Convectrix


Total Damage: 24 (80% slash)

Accuracy: 50

Fire Rate: 16

Reload: 2 seconds

Critical Chance: 16%

Critical Multiplier: 2.4 times

Status Chance: 45%

Convectrix is a slash-damage shotgun that has two powerful barrels that release converging beams. If used correctly, your enemies will be sliced to pieces. Or, players can use its alternate fire mode, where the beams spread outwards instead of the usual pattern between your warframe and the enemies. Although the Convectrix causes middle-range damage, it is an incomparable weapon for players who want fast shotguns in close-range shootouts.


Not only does the list of warframe best shotguns vary according to the player’s requirements, but it also continues indefinitely. You must select the shotgun depending on the type of mission, the equipped warframe, and the enemies. Warframe has several shotguns with high total damages, like Fulmin, Corinth Prime, Exergis, Tigris Prime, and Vaykor Hek. You can also find shotguns with a high fire rate, like Convectrix, Kuva Kohm, and Phantasma. Or are you looking for creative shotguns? Try Bubonico or Astilla Prime. Ultimately, it depends on the player and their choices.

Even though our recommendations for the best warframe shotgun were limited to only 13 weapons, there are several others that you can explore, like Phage, Kuva Drakgoon, Hek, or Arca Plasmor. According to your experience, which are the best warframe shotguns sure to destroy enemies? Let us know in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best Shotgun in Warframe During the Early Stages of The Game?

For beginners, Kohm and Hek are incredible shotguns for low MR players. The former has an innate multi-shot feature that continues to increase. In contrast, the latter has a narrow cone and works excellently well for moderate distances. The blueprints for both these shotguns can be purchased in the market.

Is Boar a Good Shotgun?

Boar is a Tenno automatic shotgun that works incredibly well to deal with many enemies. However, it has less accuracy and damage per pellet, which may prove to be an obstacle if your enemies are highly armored. If you wish to use the features of Boar, try Boar Prime, which is much more helpful.

Which are Some of The Strongest Primary Weapons in Warframe?

Phenmor, Acceltra, Phantasma, Kuva, Cedo, and Torrid are some of the strongest primary weapons in Warframe. However, if you genuinely want to increase your strength, you should explore the Prime versions of these shotguns. These have more features and can crush your enemies faster and more efficiently.

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