If you’re a fan of Warframe and want to make your Mesa or Mesa Prime even more awesome, you’re in the right place. Think about having a Warframe that’s like a space gunslinger that’s Mesa. And Mesa Prime? Well, it’s like the fancier, shinier version of Mesa. We will show you how to gear up your Mesa and Mesa Prime with super cool builds that will make you a powerhouse in the game.

A supercharged Mesa or Mesa Prime is ready to take down enemies like a space ninja. We’ll break it all down for you step by step. We’ll discuss the best abilities to focus on and the mods that’ll make your Mesa even more unstoppable.

We know it might sound a bit tricky, but don’t worry. We’ll use simple words and make it all super interesting. So, if you’re ready to fall into the game of Mesa and Mesa Prime builds, let’s charge up and get started.


  • 🎯 Ballistic Battery ability converts a percentage of total damage inflicted by primary and secondary weapons into stored bonus weapon damage, which is then used upon the next shot fired when the ability is deactivated.
  • đź”® Shattershield reflects hit scan bullets back to the attacker and diverts non-hitscan projectiles randomly up to 45 degrees from the point of impact.
  • 🔫 Mesa’s Peacemaker ability has a built-in damage buff, making it a powerful tool for taking down enemies.
  • 🔫 “Peacemaker gameplay is all about positioning check your radar for where enemies are coming from position yourself activate your two other abilities and then activate peacemaker watch your energy levels and watch your focus ring.”
  • 🔥 Prime teeter charge is necessary as it’s the only prime status mod for secondaries and will greatly impact your damage per second.
  • ⚡ Energize is a necessity for Mesa’s build, providing the initial energy boost needed when starting out.
  • 🎯 “Former vigilante pursuit is here so that you have a better idea of where enemies are before you go activating peacemaker.”
  • 🔥 Mesa is usable in almost any mission, whether in a group or for solo play, making her a versatile Warframe choice.

Understanding Mesa Prime Builds

Understanding Mesa Prime Builds

Mesa Prime, the super good gunslinger Warframe, uses guns and cool powers for fun battles. She’s all about using guns and cool powers for fun battles. If you enjoy doing big damage from far away, Mesa Prime is the one for you. Her super strong move, Peacemaker, turns her into a powerful shooter with two pistols that can beat up enemies.

To make Mesa Prime even tougher, work on making her Strength and Duration better. This helps her Peacemaker do more damage and last longer. You can use special add-ons called mods to help with this. Mods like Intensify and Continuity are awesome for that. You can also pick Narrow Minded to make her powers last longer, but she won’t shoot as far. It’s a trade-off, but it’s worth it for more damage.

Remember, in Warframe, you can make your character fit your style and the mission. Try different things and have fun making the best Mesa Prime build with fit guns and superpowers.

How to Craft Mesa Prime

How to Craft Mesa Prime

1. Acquire Relics

Go on distinct missions all over the Origin System to get rare Relics Lith M3, Neo M1, Axi H2, and Meso F2. These Mesa prime builds have cool stuff inside to help you in your adventures. Think about you’re going on fun missions in rare places in the Origin System. When you finish these missions, you can get these unique Relics as rewards.

Each Relic has hidden treasures, and when you open them, you might find awesome things that make you even better at the game. Whether you’re going on missions alone or with friends, trying to get these Relics makes the game more exciting. Look for the unique missions that let you get a certain type of Relic.

2. Gather Prime Parts

When you do missions and open up Relics, you’ll get wonderful stuff called Prime parts. These parts are important because they’re like the pieces of a puzzle. You need them to make Mesa Prime. There are multiple types of Prime parts. You’ll find Mesa Prime Neuroptics, which is the brain; Mesa Prime build Chassis, which is the body; and Mesa Prime Systems, which are a bit like the arms and legs—these three parts matter.

But then there’s one more thing that’s super important: the Mesa Prime Blueprint. This is like the main plan that tells you how to put all the other parts together the right way.

3. Cleaning and Luck

Use a gaming mouse to efficiently gather Void Traces, improving the process of upgrading your Relics for best results. This helps you get the mesa prime build parts you want. When you open your Relics, these upgrades increase your chances of getting the desired stuff.

It’s like giving your Relics a power boost to make them work even nicer. So, collect Void Traces to make your Relics powerful and get the things you want easily.

4. Assemble the Blueprint

First, get all the things you need. Think about you’re collecting ingredients for a recipe. Next, go to your Foundry. This is your crafting workshop. Now, think of solving a fun puzzle. Fit all the collected items together, following the instructions, just like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. When you’re done, you’ll have your Mesa Prime Blueprint. It’s a bit like building a model or a really exciting toy.

Remember, the mesa prime build Blueprint comprises different parts that work together. Think of these parts as the pieces that make up the blueprint puzzle. Your Foundry is where the magic happens. It’s where these parts come together to create something awesome. So, gather, put together, and enjoy making something cool step by step.

5. Crafting

You’re almost done with the Mesa Prime Blueprint. It’s a bit like putting together a big puzzle. Just get the things you need and some credits. Think of it as a recipe for a tasty dish. The blueprint is your recipe, and now gather what you need. These could be metals, minerals, or other stuff. When you have your recipe and stuff, go to the crafting place. It’s like your kitchen where things get made.

Follow simple steps, like making a meal. Follow the blueprint’s directions and use the stuff you have as your ingredients. Add the credits, like fuel. And that’s it. You’ve started crafting. Before you know it, your mesa prime build Blueprint will be a real thing you can use.

6. Patience Pays Off

We know crafting Mesa Prime might seem time-consuming, but believe me, the final result will be awesome. You will have this tough Warframe that can do some seriously big damage. It’s like a powerhouse on the battlefield. So, even though waiting can be tough, remember that good things are coming your way.

Your patience is like a key that unlocks the door to incredible power. Just hang in there a little longer and be ready for the moment when you can release all that devastating force.

Types of Mesa Prime Builds

Types of Mesa Prime Builds

1. Peacemaker Dominance

This upgrade makes Mesa’s fourth power, Peacemaker, much more powerful. It turns her into a super turret. Using special parts like Pistol Gambit, Target Cracker, and Hornet Strike makes her pistol do more damage. Parts like Narrow Barrel and Anemic Agility make her shoot even faster.

With these changes, Mesa Prime’s build becomes tough, knocking down enemies with her powered-up pistol skills. It’s as if she’s a fast and powerful shooting machine. So, if you like big firepower and want to beat enemies easily, this upgraded Peacemaker ability is for you.

2. Shatter Shield Tank

If you want Mesa to be really tough in battles, go for the Shatter Shield build. This way focuses on her second ability, making her great at facing long-range attacks. To make this work, use unique power-ups called mods, such as Shatter Shield, Vitality, and Adaptation. These mods give Mesa extra protection against enemies who shoot from far away. It’s sort of like giving her a hard shield.

With the Shatter Shield build, Mesa Prime build becomes a master at staying alive in tough situations. Even when she deals with strong enemies and their faraway attacks, she can stay fit. This is a great plan for getting through hard fights and winning.

3. Regenerative Muzzle Flash

This plan mixes attack and defense using Mesa’s third power, Shooting Gallery. This makes enemies stop and her attacks powerful. To do this, choose add-ons like Shooting Gallery, Quick Thinking, and Primed Flow. These add-ons work well together, letting Mesa deal more damage and stay in the fight. Shooting Gallery not only stops enemies but also helps Mesa Prime build attacks better.

Quick Thinking changes energy into health when her health goes down. This lets her fight for longer. Primed Flow increases her energy so she can use her powers more. This plan helps Mesa deal big damage and stay fit in fights. By using this plan, players can make the most of Mesa’s strengths and help her with their weaknesses. This makes her a muscular fighter overall.

4. Flexible All-Rounder

Make Mesa flexible for different situations by equipping a high-quality gaming headset. Use mods like Augur Message, Continuity, and Stretch to make Mesa hard and ready for varied battles.

Augur Message helps get more energy, Continuity makes abilities last longer, and Stretch makes abilities reach far. These mods together make Mesa Prime build good for all kinds of missions. Whether enemies are close or far, this Mesa build works well.

5. Eidolon Hunter

Mesa Prime is great at beating really big enemies called Eidolons. With special power-ups such as Radiation Damage and Maim and hard weapons like the Rubico Prime, she gets powerful during Eidolon Hunts. Think of her as a brave hunter, all set to defeat these huge foes and make a big mark.

When Mesa Prime build uses these power-ups and weapons, it’s a really good mix that makes hunting super fun. If you want help in fighting Eidolons, Mesa Prime, with her multiple changes and awesome weapons, is the best choice.

6. Speedy Gunslinger

This setup for Mesa Prime is all about speed and excitement. It’s great for players who enjoy fast action. Use rare mods such as Firewalker, Rush, and Mobilize to make her move even faster. Her unique powers, Ballistic Battery and Trick Mag, not only make her shots strong but also help her shoot quickly. If you like making quick decisions and fighting quickly, this Mesa Prime build setup is a really good choice.

You can jump into the action, move around fast, and defeat enemies with quick and tough attacks. Whether you’re trying to get high scores or you really like fast battles, this setup is perfect for a fun and speedy gaming experience.

7. Supportive Mesa

While Mesa is usually known for attacking, this setup does something else by focusing on helping instead to improve comfort during extended gaming sessions, as well as changes to Muzzle Flash and Staggering Shield.

Mesa Prime can control groups of enemies and make sure her teammates stay safe. This is very useful when the team works together on missions, showing that Mesa is important for more than just attacking.


We found powerful ways to make these Warframes even stronger. We started by understanding their abilities and strengths. Then, we looked at different mods and how to use them wisely. Remember, a good build depends on your playstyle.

You can focus on shooting enemies from afar or being up close for a showdown. Mesa’s shooting skills and Mesa Prime’s stylish look give you exciting options. Using the right builds can make your gaming experience awesome. You’ll defeat enemies faster and be a real star in your squad.

With Mesa and Mesa Prime build, you’re on a game to become a better, tough space ninja. So, keep experimenting, keep having fun, and keep finding new ways to make these Warframes truly yours.

So, Tenno, go out there and show the Origin System what you’re made of. Fight smart, play hard, and enjoy every moment of being a space gunslinger.

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