Destiny 2 How to Get Sturm & It's Catalyst in 2023

If you’re here to learn how to get the powerful hand cannon known as Sturm and its Catalyst, we’ll walk you through the steps to obtain this impressive weapon and increase its capabilities.

So, how do you get Sturm catalyst? Sturm is a legendary hand cannon that is unique in your Destiny 2 adventures. It’s not just about shooting enemies; it’s about shooting them better.

The Catalyst makes Sturm even more unique. Getting Sturm and its Catalyst can be a rewarding experience. We’ll break down the process into steps so you can enjoy the power of Sturm in no time.

So, if you’re ready to go on a mission to get Sturm and its catalyst in Destiny 2, put on your armor and check some challenges, missions, and epic battles that await you. Let’s find out How to get Sturm catalyst.


  • 🚀 The best public event to search for on Nessus for the Sturm catalyst is the “Glimmer Extraction” because it spawns tons of ads, making it easier to progress.
  • 💰 Running the lost sector multiple times not only helps progress the Sturm Catalyst, but also allows players to earn faction tokens.
  • 🔫 Supering the ads at a certain point makes obtaining the Sturm catalyst nice and easy, taking about an hour to complete.
  • 🔥 Sturm kills and Drang kills while equipped doesn’t seem too bad, certain catalyst here which requires you to get kills what Sturm and Drang while having them both equipped.
  • 🔫 Progressing the Sturm Catalyst by killing enemies in a specific location is more efficient than participating in public events or timed events.
  • 🔥 The key to easily obtaining and progressing the Sturm Catalyst & Masterwork in Destiny 2 is to kill everything and loot the sector repeatedly.
  • 🎮 After clearing the whole sector, you can get 8% progress per run, making it pretty easy to complete in about an hour.

How to Get Sturm in Destiny 2

How to Get Sturm in Destiny 2

How to get Sturm catalyst: Sturm, a special hand cannon in Destiny 2, stands out for its one-of-a-kind abilities and strong bullets. If you want to get this amazing gun, here’s how to do it.

1. Complete the Main Campaign

To even begin your gameplay to acquire Sturm, you must complete the main campaign in Destiny 2. This is essential as it gets the world of exotic weapons for you.

2. Pursuit Missions- Relics of The Golden Age

Once you’ve finished the main campaign, you’ll receive the Relics of the Golden Age pursuit missions. This mission line will lead you to the Nessus planet in the EDZ, where you will see the remains of the legendary Golden Age colonists and their technology.

3. Gather Drained Ether

During the pursuit missions, you’ll be tasked with collecting Drained Ether, which drops from Fallen enemies on Nessus. It is hard but an essential step in the process.

4. Decrypt Drained Ether

How to get Sturm catalyst: after collecting enough amount of Drained Ether, you’ll need to decrypt it at Failsafe’s Exodus Black location on Nessus. This will progress the mission line.

5. Defeat Kendricks-7

How to get Sturm catalyst, continuing the missions. You’ll face off against Kendricks-7, a powerful Servitor. Defeat this boss to obtain the Sturm Und Drang mission step.

6. Acquire Drang

Now, you need to acquire a sidearm called Drang. It can drop randomly from any legendary engram, but there’s also a guaranteed way to obtain it. Visit Tyra Karn at the Farm and complete the A Fateful Gift challenge.

7. Complete Sturm Und Drang missions

Equip Drang and complete the Sturm Und Drang challenge. This mission involves killing enemies and generating Orbs of Light. Once completed, you’ll finally receive Sturm as your reward.

How to Find the Sturm Catalyst

How to Find the Sturm Catalyst

Here’s how you could find the Sturm catalyst based on the information available.

1. Complete Activities

How to get Sturm catalyst: to find the Sturm catalyst, you need to engage in various in-game activities such as Strikes, Nightfalls, Gambit matches, and Crucible matches. The catalyst could drop as a random reward while playing these activities.

2. Check Triumphs

You could also monitor your Triumphs in the Triumphs tab. Some Triumphs were linked to catalyst progress, so completing specific challenges and objectives within these activities could contribute to your catalyst progress.

3. Complete Challenges

Pay attention to any in-game challenges or objectives that mention catalyst advancement. These challenges could be activity-specific and often require you to use Sturm during the activity to progress toward the catalyst.

How to Get the Sturm Catalyst

How to Get the Sturm Catalyst .jpg

How to get Sturm catalyst, obtaining Sturm is just the beginning. To maximize its potential, you’ll want to get its catalyst, which improves its performance.

1. Complete Activities

You’ll need to complete various in-game activities to get the Sturm Catalyst. This includes Strikes, Nightfalls, Gambit matches, and Crucible matches. The more you participate in these activities, the higher your chances of receiving the catalyst.

2. Check Triumphs

Monitor your Triumphs in the Triumphs tab to see your progress toward getting the Sturm Catalyst. It may take some time, but keep engaging in different activities, and eventually, the catalyst will drop for you.

3. Complete Challenges

Some challenges and objectives within these activities may specifically contribute to your catalyst progress. Pay attention to any in-game notifications that mention catalyst advancement.

4. Equip Sturm

How to get Sturm catalyst: make sure you have Sturm equipped when you’re completing these activities. Catalysts are more likely to drop for the weapon you’re actively using.

Resources Needed to Purchase Sturm

Resources Needed to Purchase Sturm .jpg

1. Exotic Cipher

Exotic Ciphers are valuable items in Destiny 2 used to obtain exotic weapons and armor. They are typically earned through various in-game activities, such as completing the Beyond Light campaign, earning Triumphs, or participating in seasonal events.

2. 100,000 Glimmer

Glimmer is the standard in-game currency in Destiny 2, and it can be earned by completing activities, defeating enemies, or selling unwanted gear and materials. How to get Sturm catalyst, 100,000 Glimmer is an important amount, but it can be obtained through regular gameplay.

3. 150 Microphasic Datalattice

Microphysics Datalattice is a planetary material specific to certain locations in Destiny 2. You can typically find these materials while finding destinations such as Nessus, Io, or Titan. They are used for various in-game purposes, including upgrading gear and trading with vendors.

4. Ascendant Shard

Ascendant Shards are high-level upgrade materials used to improve and masterwork exotic and high-end legendary weapons. They are relatively rare and valuable, often requiring the completion of challenging activities such as Nightfall- The Ordeal or raids.

Sturm Perks

Sturm Perks

1. Extended Barrel

To truly appreciate the Sturm, you need to understand its perks. How to get Sturm catalyst, first up, the Extended Barrel. This perk increases the hand cannon’s range and recoil control, allowing you to engage enemies from a greater distance with improved accuracy. This extended range can be a game-changer in both PvE and PvP activities, as you can pick off enemies with accuracy, even at a distance.

2. Extended Mag

Next on the list is the Extended Mag perk. This perk increases the Sturm’s magazine size, granting you more rounds to release on your enemies before reloading. This can be especially beneficial when facing multiple enemies or bosses, as you can keep the pressure on without frequent interruptions to reload.

3. Storm and Stress

The core of the Sturm’s uniqueness lies in its Storm and Stress perk. This distinctive ability allows the Sturm to become more powerful when paired with the Drang sidearm. How to get Sturm catalyst: when you score kills with the Drang, it will generate energy that overflows into the Sturm, empowering it with bonus damage rounds. This synergy between the two weapons can be destructive, especially when facing tough adversaries or high-level foes.

4. Combat Grip

Last but not least, the Combat Grip perk rounds out the Sturm’s perks. This perk improves your handling and stability while using the Sturm, making it easier to land shots and maintain control during firefights. The improved stability can be a game-saver in situations where accuracy and quick aiming are important.

Sturm Intrinsic Traits

Sturm Intrinsic Traits


The primary intrinsic trait of the Sturm is called Accomplice. How to get Sturm catalyst: this unique trait is the foundation of Sturm’s gameplay identity. It’s closely tied to its synergy with the Drang sidearm. When you have both the Sturm and Drang equipped, the Accomplice trait comes into play.


As the Sturm shows overcharge energy, it can overflow with a maximum of 20 bonus damage rounds. These bonus rounds deal increased damage and can be a game-changer, especially when dealing with tough enemies or bosses in Destiny 2. The more Drang kills you get, the more overcharge energy you can store in the Sturm, increasing its effectiveness.

Is The Sturm Catalyst Worth It?

Is The Sturm Catalyst Worth It?


  • Increased Range: The Sturm Catalyst primarily improves the weapon’s range. This can make it more effective at longer distances, increasing its flexibility in various activities.
  • Stability Boost: The Catalyst also grants a stability boost to the Sturm, making it easier to handle during rapid firefights. This improved stability can help you land shots more consistently.
  • Masterwork Stat: Upon completing the Catalyst, the Sturm becomes a Masterwork weapon, allowing you to track your kills with it.


  • Resource Investment: To obtain the Sturm Catalyst, you must invest time and effort in Destiny 2. To get a Sturm catalyst, you’ll need to defeat enemies and complete activities while having both the Sturm and Drang equipped, which may take some time.
  • Preference-Dependent: If the Catalyst is worth it depends on your preference. If you enjoy using the Sturm and are looking to maximize its potential, the Catalyst can be a worthwhile pursuit. However, if you don’t use the Sturm frequently, you may find the investment less rewarding.

Tips for Getting the Sturm Catalyst

Tips for Getting the Sturm Catalyst .jpg

How to get Sturm catalyst, equip Sturm and Drang to progress toward obtaining the Sturm Catalyst, and ensure that both the Sturm hand cannon and the Drang sidearm are equipped. This is a major part of making progress.

1. Defeat Enemies

Engage in various PvE and PvP activities while using this Sturm-Drang combo. Defeating enemies with both weapons equipped will contribute to your Catalyst progress.

2. Focus on High-Enemy Density Activities

To expedite your progress, consider participating in activities with many enemies, such as strikes, public events, or Lost Sectors. These offer ample opportunities to rack up kills with the Sturm-Drang combo.

3. Track Your Progress

Keep an eye on your Catalyst progress in your Pursuits or Triumphs tab to see how close you are to completing the requirements.

4. Patience and Persistence

How to get Sturm catalyst obtaining the Sturm Catalyst may take some time, so be patient and persistent. Keep using the Sturm and Drang combination in your adventures, and you’ll eventually reach your goal.


Now you know How to get Sturm Catalyst, getting Sturm and its Catalyst in Destiny 2 is exciting. We learned that Sturm is a powerful hand cannon, and its Catalyst makes it even better. To get Sturm, play the game and complete the campaign missions.

Keep an eye out for special missions. If you find the missions, follow it, and you’ll eventually get Sturm. Once you have Sturm, getting its Catalyst is the next step.

Play activities on the planet Nessus to find exotic engrams. Decrypt these engrams to get Drang, a legendary sidearm. Use Drang while having Sturm equipped to complete the Drang and Sturm missions. After completing the missions, you’ll get Sturm’s Catalyst. With Sturm and its Catalyst, you’ll become a Guardian in Destiny 2.

Remind to upgrade the Catalyst by defeating enemies to release its full potential. Enjoy your shots in the Destiny 2!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Obtain the Catalyst for Sturm in Destiny 2?

The catalyst for Sturm can be obtained by completing activities on Nessus, such as public events and strikes. Keep using Sturm to increase your chances of obtaining the catalyst.

What Does the Sturm Catalyst Do, and How Does It Upgrade the Weapon?

The Sturm catalyst increases the weapon’s handling and stability while granting a chance to generate an Orb of Light on kills. It significantly improves the weapon’s overall performance.

Are There Any Specific Activities on Nessus that I Should Focus on For the Sturm Catalyst?

A6: While completing various activities on Nessus, you should pay attention to public events, lost sectors, and strikes, as these have a chance to drop the Sturm catalyst.

Can I Obtain Sturm and Its Catalyst if I Missed It During a Previous Season or Expansion?

Yes, Sturm and its catalyst are part of the core Destiny 2 experience and should be available to obtain, regardless of past seasons or expansions.

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