Making your Warframe Mag Prime character more powerful can be a fun task in your gaming experience. But many people doubt how we can do this without any problem. We will discuss the best ways to make your Mag Prime Warframe super powerful. Think of your Mag Prime becoming incredibly strong and crushing enemies easily.

You can do this in a better way. Mag Prime is a fantastic Warframe, and with the right setup, you can make it even better. We’ll cover the basic steps and equipment you need to create an awesome Mag Prime build. You won’t need any special skills to understand this.

So, if you want to make your Mag Prime a true force and more powerful, give these a try to learn more about the Mag build to increase your gaming experience.


  • 💥 She’s a Warframe that can strip Shields, strip armor, crowd control, jam weapons, create choke points, group enemies up, and nuke rooms with magnetized.
  • 💪 Modding Mag in Warframe requires a balance of range, power strength, efficiency, and survivability, especially for new players without access to advanced mods and augments.
  • 🔮 Mag’s polarize ability not only strips armor and shields from enemies but also restores it to her and her teammates, while also dealing damage based on the amount stripped.
  • 🔋 Using thermal Sund subsumed onto Mag can restore all of her Shields when using heat and cold together, making her even more powerful.
  • 🔮 Using projectile-based weapons is the best way to utilize Mag’s abilities, turning her into an absolute blender that kills everything inside the bubble.
  • 💥 The Topaz Shard built to restore Shields when dealing blast damage is a game-changer for tanky Warframes like Mag, allowing for almost indefinite Shield upkeep.

The Best Mag Prime Builds

The Best Mag Prime Builds

1. Mag Prime Polarize Build

Mag Prime’s Polarize Build is powerful. It helps you fight enemies a lot by messing with their shields and armor. When you use this build, her Polarize move becomes even more powerful. It can hit more enemies in a big area, so it’s great for smashing lots of opponents at once. You need to use simple mods and make her potentially tough.

Then, Mag Build turns into a tough fighter against the Corpus and Grineer enemies. She can really pack a punch and take them down easily. So, if you want to beat those enemies without any problem, this build is perfect for you. It’s all about making Mag build a real powerhouse.

2. Greedy Pull Build

The Greedy Pull Build for Mag Build is great for making things easier. It helps her Pull strength to not just bring in enemies but also collect useful resources like money and things you need from far away. When you make Greedy Pull better, Mag Build becomes a pro at collecting things you want because it can get them from far away and does it really well. So, if you like getting lots of good things without trouble, this build is for you. It makes Mag Prime awesome at collecting, and that’s a good thing.

3. Mag Prime Crush Build

Mag Prime’s Crush Build makes her ultimate move. With this setup, her Crush potential gets much bigger, and she can use it to stop many enemies at once. This works great in small places and when things are really tough. Having Mag build your team is very important because she can greatly help.

When she uses Crush with this build, there is a big explosion of power that hits all the nearby enemies. So, if you want to have an easier time in your battles, pick Mag Prime and use this build. She’ll make things much simpler for you and your team.

Mag Prime Abilities

Mag Prime Abilities

1. Pull

Mag Prime is a big magnet. She can make the enemies come closer to her. This helps her beat them up easily. Mag’s build is super strong, and she uses her magnet power to keep herself safe. When she uses her strength, the enemies can’t run away.

They get stuck close to her, and she can defeat them easily. She’s really good at what she does, and it’s cool to watch her in action. So, Mag Build prime is good and uses her magnetic ability to bring enemies closer and protect herself.

2. Polarize

Mag Prime can make big shakes that injure enemies and remove their tough cover. When Mag Prime uses her power, This helps you and your team because when the enemies lose their armor, they become easier to defeat. So, if you’re playing with Mag Prime, remember to use her shockwave to weaken your opponents. It’s a smart move to help your team win battles in the game.

Mag Build is a Warframe with amazing abilities. Her ability can help you a lot in fights. So, don’t forget to use it wisely to beat the enemies and protect your team. Keep practicing, and you’ll become a skilled Mag Prime player quickly.

3. Crush

Mag Prime’s powerful attack is squashing the enemy into the ground. It’s a powerful move that can really help defeat the bad guys in the game. When Mag Build uses this move, you can see enemies getting crushed. It’s fun to watch and makes Mag Prime a great choice when you want to win battles easily. So, next time you play the game, remember to use this cool move to crush your opponent and be a winner.

How to Craft Mag

How to Craft Mag.png

To make a Mag Prime, do these things: First, get the Mag Prime Blueprint, Mag Neuroptics, Mag Chassis, and Mag Systems. Then, go to the Foundry in your spaceship. Pick the Mag Prime Blueprint and start making it. It will take a while, so wait.

After some time, you’ll have your mag build Warframe all set to use in battles. Creating a Mag Prime is fun, but it needs some time. So, don’t rush and enjoy the process. You’ll soon have a powerful Warframe to help you in the game. Just follow easy steps, and you’ll be a Warframe expert quickly.

1. Mag Blueprint

The Mag Prime Blueprint is a map. It tells you how to make Mag Prime. You must have it to begin creating a mag build in your workshop. You can get this blueprint by doing important missions or trading with other teammates.

Once you have the blueprint, you can start making Mag Prime. You gather the special parts, and then you use the blueprint to put them together. When you’re done, you’ll have your very own Mag Prime. So, you need to know that the blueprint is like your guide on this exciting search to build something amazing.

2. Mag Neuroptics

The Mag Neuroptics are like Mag Prime’s brain. They’re what make her special ability work. To get them, you have to finish certain missions or fight certain bad guys. When you gather plenty of them, you get closer to making Mag Prime.

So, it’s important to keep hunting for these important parts. It might take some time but don’t give up. Keep playing missions and defeating enemies. Little by little, you’ll have all the parts you need. When you finally have all the Mag Neuroptics, you’ll be on your way to creating Mag Prime.

3. Mag Chassis

The Mag Chassis is her body. It’s the frame of Mag Prime. You can find the Mag Chassis parts by playing missions or trading with other members. It’s not very hard to get them. Once you have all the pieces, you’re on your way to creating your Mag Prime Warframe. So, you go on missions with other players, defeat bad guys, and collect the necessary parts. When you have all the pieces, you can put them together.

Then, you’ll have your very own Mag Prime Warframe, and you can use it to fight even stronger opponents. It’s a lot of fun, and you’ll become a powerful space warrior.

4. Mag Systems

Mag Systems are the special parts inside her body that make her strong. You get these Mag Systems by finishing missions or defeating tough enemies. Once you have collected plenty of them, you can start building your amazing mag build. With Mag Prime, she becomes even more powerful and can do amazing things.

So, keep going on those missions and take down the bad guys to get more Mag Systems. When you have lots of them, you can create the most awesome mag build ever.

Suggested Builds

Suggested Builds

1. Fracturing Crush Build

This Mag Prime setup increases her Crush ability. By boosting her power, you can really crush enemies hard. You can also attach some upgrades that make her strong so she can keep on crushing without getting hurt. This way, you’ll be able to take on lots of enemies and have fun doing it. Mag Prime is a special character with her crushing abilities, and with this build, she becomes even more awesome at it. So, move forward and give it a try, and you’ll see how much fun it is to crush your opponents with Mag Prime’s amazing abilities.

2. Greedy Pull Build

Using the Greedy Pull setup for Mag Prime makes her Pull ability even stronger. To make it work even better, you can make her range and efficiency better. This helps a lot in getting all the cool things that your enemies leave behind. So, with this setup, Mag Prime’s Pull ability becomes a magnet on steroids, attracting all the good resources without much effort. You can increase the range and efficiency to make it even more effective at gathering all the loot and items dropped by your enemies. This way, you’ll be a loot-collecting master in no time!

3. Range Build

This is all about Mag Prime’s Pull and Magnetize powers. When you make her reach bigger, she can draw in enemies from far away and make big magnetic bubbles to catch them. This is like a strong magnet that can grab enemies from a distance and then crush them with their bullets. Mag Prime is very helpful and is considered the best when it comes to pulling and trapping enemies.

4. Strength Range Build

The Strength Range build is like giving Mag Prime more power and making her magnetic abilities affect a bigger area. This means her special moves can hit harder and catch more enemies in their pull. This makes Mag Prime the best option on the battlefield. So, if you want to make her stronger and have a wider impact, this build is the way to go. This is similar to giving her a big boost in her ability to take down opponents.

5. Full Strength Build

In the Full Strength setup, Mag Prime becomes more powerful with magnets. Her special moves, like Polarize and Crush, get super powerful. This setup makes it simple for her to defeat many enemies quickly. With this configuration, Mag Prime can take on many enemies without much trouble.


When it comes to making your Mag Prime strong, you can choose from different ways to make her powerful. You can add mods to increase her abilities.

Some mods make her abilities hit harder, while others help her survive longer. So, you can pick the ones that suit your style of playing. You can change your mods based on what you’re fighting.

If you’re facing tough enemies, use mods that give Mag Prime more strength. If it’s a fast fight, you might want mods that make her abilities faster. You have many options to make your Mag Prime a real force in the game. Just keep experimenting, and you’ll find the best build for you.

If it’s boosting her capacity or making her more tough, Mag Prime can be a real powerhouse with the right setup. So, move forward and have fun with your Mag Prime.

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