Nekros Prime Builds Guide

Nekros was launched during its beta phase launch in the year 2013. Since then, it has become one of the most dangerous and each player’s build because of its boosting resource farming. Apart from this, it also has a great skill set, which is another reason this build is so popular.

It can be super tanky and can be helpful for the new beginners also. More so, the build can be used in almost every mission, and this is why it can be easy to find the premade group with it.

Nekros & Nekros Prime Builds Guide

Another good point about the Nekros is that you can use it with any other build and settings because it allows the Naramon Polarity, Corrosive Projection, and Rejuvenation to run along with the build.

Overall, the Nekros build can be taken along with every other feature and ability that we do for any other mission. Also, this build is efficient for everyone in getting through the mission and in earning the rewards.


  • 💀 Necros Prime is a must-have in your Arsenal because of his ability to drop additional loot, making him one of the best looter frames in the game.
  • 💀 Nekros Prime’s Gloom ability provides life steal and slows enemies within its radius, creating great synergy with other abilities.
  • 💀 Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead ability can redirect damage to summoned shadows, providing a unique layer of protection.
  • ⚔️ Running low efficiency can be replaced with transient fortitude to maintain power strength at 155 percent.
  • 🔥 Using the phantasma for its high fire rate and status chance can significantly enhance the primary weapon build for Nekros Prime.
  • 🔥 The overwhelming attrition gives us a 1200 percent base damage increase for every non-status and non-crit damage we deal, making it a crucial evolution for our latim build.
  • 💥 Using Berserker Fury mod for attack speed is great for high spawn rate missions like survival and disruption missions.

Abilities of Nekros Build

The primary abilities of Nekros are, namely, Soul Punch, Terrify, Descrate, and Shadow of the Dead. One should know each ability to get through the mission. Let us discuss each build one by one.

  1. Soul Punch – The first and the foremost ability of Nekros build is the Soul Punch. It blows a powerful punch to the enemy causing more damage.
  2. Terrify – This is the second ability of Nekros build that provides a terror in the hearts of enemies through which they run away from you.
  3. Descrate – This is the third ability of Nekros build that forces to fall the enemies around you.
  4. Shadow of the Dead – This is the most potent Nekros buildability that allows the dead enemies to reawake and fight from your side till they die again.

The Different Nekros Builds

Finding the perfect build is the goal of each player to use the skills and abilities against their enemies and get through the mission and earn the rewards. However, when it comes to Nekros build, it is not easy to find the correct, or you can say, the right build to show your abilities. Because this build does allow some of the abilities to combine with some others and restricts the use of some weapons for which you may face some issues.

Like every other mission, this mission also has different builds essential for you to survive the whole mission and earn your rewards. You can also use the most famous premade group, the Naramon polarity, for the Corrosive Projection and Rejuvenation in a helpful move.

Another thing that can be useful for you is the Energy Siphon to provide you enough energy on your energy pool that even if enemies are attacking you, you still have a chance to survive as you will have good health.

Main Build: The Group Farmer

Main Build The Group Farmer

The first and most crucial reason behind the Nekros build’s strength is its third ability that is known as Descrate.  This ability is so famous because it allows you to get another chance for loot when one enemy is killed.

For this, you need to channel your third ability and use the energy to dissolve the corpses around you, and you will activate this ability. This build is pretty good and easy to go with and even in a short span. You can also use Endo, Life Support, and the Power cells in this build.

You will also get as much efficiency and range as required to get through the build successfully. When you find the energy, it will also allow you to cast Shadow of the Dead from time to time.

It will also allow you to gain some more energy as per your requirement. If needed, it can revive an ally, or if you need survivability for a short amount of time, it will also be beneficial for you. This is why it is relatively famous among all the other builds usually chosen by the players.

The Solo Farmer Build

The Solo Farmer Build

You cannot find a Trinity in the recruitment chat, and many times you want to join some random group, but you will find that getting extra resources and credits is not an easy task. The build pretty much revolves around the augmented mod Despoil. You can also use your energy pool in the health pool and vice-versa, as per your need and requirement.

You can use this Solo Farmer Build in which you will be allowed to use Rejuvenation that is far better than the Energy siphon. Another good point that can be added here is that you will use the health orb drops now and then.

Also, you will find that health orb drops are more common than energy orb drops. The Descrate will help you in getting more health orb drops than the energy orb drops. It will provide you adequate healing capacity along with protection from the attacks of enemies.

Shield of Shadow: The Tank Nekros

Shield of Shadow The Tank Nekros

The fourth ability that is Shadow of Dead, can revive up to seven enemies that are dead, and they will fight from your side. If you want that them fight for you for a long time, you can increase their survivability to live and fight for you.


So far, we have discussed many things about the Nekros build and how it provides you enough healing capacity to deal with the damage.

Also, you can use the running speed booster to increase your speed, and in this way, you can chase your enemies faster, and you will have a good chance of destroying or killing them.

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