Crafting the Ignis Wraith Build Warframe [2023]

Do you also want to make your Warframe battles even more awesome? This guide is here to help you become a pro with the awesome Ignis Wraith build in the game. We’re keeping things simple and easy to understand, so there’s no need to worry about complicated stuff. Think that you’re in the game, facing tough enemies, and you’ve got the Ignis Wraith in your hands.

With the right build, this weapon becomes your trusty partner, helping you deal with strong hits and special effects. It’s like having a secret weapon that gives you support in battles. We’ll show you step-by-step how to create amazing Ignis Wraith weapons.

If you are excited to level up your game, then let’s learn more about the Ignis Wraith build and turn yourself into a Warframe pro.


  • 🎮 The guide takes a new player friendly tone, aiming to help anyone watching understand how the weapon functions and how it should be built.
  • 🔥 The Ignis Wraith is still an amazing weapon and something that you need to experience, especially for newer players coming to the game.
  • 🎮 The choice of elemental damage can make a big difference in the effectiveness of the Ignis Wraith against different enemy types.
  • 💥 The weapon has no issue whatsoever in annihilating and melting down everything that stands before you in AOE fashion with basically no effort whatsoever from the user.
  • 🔥 “Prioritize explosion radius, fire rate, multi-shot, and projectile light speed for a more comfortable primer.”
  • 🎯 The new enemies are extremely beefy with 15,000 ehp and vulnerable to radiation, making them a challenging target to take down.
  • 🔥 The Ignis Wraith can tear through enemies like a hot knife through butter, making it a powerful weapon in Warframe.
  • 🛡️ ESS Rafe is still quite the popular weapon, still easy to use, and you should definitely have it in your Arsenal.

What is Ignis Wraith?

What is Ignis Wraith?

The Ignis Wraith is a special kind of weapon in the game Warframe. It’s like a super cool flamethrower that shoots out a big fire. It’s an upgraded version of another weapon called Ignis. People like it because it’s very strong at making things burn with its powerful fire.

When players want to beat the enemies in the game, they often use the Ignis Wraith because it’s so strong against the opponent. If you want to make your Ignis Wraith even better, you might want to look for some tips on strengthening it. This way, you can make it even more awesome and crush those enemies like a pro.

Pros & Cons of Ignis Wraith



The Ignis Wraith is a smart weapon. It’s like a fire gun that can hurt enemies with fire. It’s great because it can hit lots of opponents all around you at one time. And it’s not just a random weapon. It’s good at aiming. Also, it shoots fast and can even shoot through many fellow competitors at once.

Another neat thing is that it doesn’t waste too much ammo, so you can shoot for a long time before needing more ammo. Plus, it can carry many ammo, so you don’t have to worry too much about running out. If you want to make your Ignis Wraith even better, you can try different ways to build it up.



But there’s a catch with the Ignis Wraith build. It’s like a stylish weapon in a video game, but it’s not great against certain opponents. The thing is, it doesn’t strongly hurt them. So, when facing some tough enemies, it’s not very good. Plus, it’s a bit slow when shooting and making the most damage. You need to be an experienced player to handle it well, as it’s a bit tricky to use.

And there’s another problem: it can’t hit those enemies that are far away. So, if you think that the Ignis Wraith has awesome sounds, it has its not-so-good sides too. Just remember, it’s like picking the right tool for the right job in your favorite game.

How to Get Ignis Wraith

How to Get Ignis Wraith

To get the Ignis Wraith, you can put it together using a specific plan. This plan can be bought from traders with something different to sell, or you can trade with other players who already have it. The Ignis Wraith build means following the plan to make it. Think of it like building a toy. You gather the pieces and then put them together using the plan.

This special gun is worth the effort. Remember, you need the plan, and then you can build the Ignis Wraith. So, look out for those traders or players who might have the plan you need. Have fun finding and building your Ignis Wraith.

Ignis Wraith-1: Weapon Characteristics

Ignis Wraith-1- Weapon Characteristics

The Ignis Wraith is like a cooler version of the Ignis flamethrower. They’re like siblings, a bit different but still sharing some traits. The Ignis Wraith still shoots flames, just like the regular Ignis, but it’s gotten some upgrades.

Think about it this way: if the Ignis is a basic model, the Ignis Wraith is the fancier one. They’re both flamethrowers, but the Ignis Wraith is the best choice. You can learn how to make your Ignis Wraith work even better in battles. Using a gaming mouse along with this will help a lot to maintain sensitivity.

Ignis Wraith-2: Base Stats Of Ignis Wraith

Ignis Wraith-2- Base Stats Of Ignis Wraith

It’s a strong weapon that shoots really well and can hit targets accurately. Sometimes, it even does extra damage, which is awesome. It shoots quickly, too, so you can shoot many shots as fast as you can. But, after you shoot a lot, it needs some time to fill up again. The Ignis Wraith has a big ammo holder, so you can shoot for a while before needing more ammo.

And here’s the cool part: it damages the enemies you’re shooting at. To use this weapon, you must reach a certain level of experience. So, if you want to make your Ignis Wraith even better, you should focus on a strong Ignis Wraith build for weapons.

Ignis Wraith-3 Sample Builds

Ignis Wraith-3 Sample Builds

There are different ways to make the Ignis Wraith better. You can change its mods to make it work better for you. You can make the Ignis Wraith build stronger and do things you like by adding and changing its parts. It’s like giving the weapon new clothes. By changing the mods, you can make it more powerful. It’s like getting new tools for a toolbox.

If you want it to shoot faster, hit harder, or be more accurate, you can pick the right mods for your weapon. This way, you’ll have an Ignis Wraith that’s just right for you and makes you ready to take on any challenge. You should use a gaming chair for comfort while gathering mods.

Long Range Combustion Build (IW-4)

Long Range Combustion Build (IW-4)

One cool way to change up your Ignis Wraith is by adding the Combustion Beam mod. This mod makes defeated enemies explode, which is fun. Other mods make your weapon stronger and hit things from far away. These mods are like power-ups for your weapon.

When you use the Ignis Wraith build with the Combustion Beam mod, it’s like having a fireworks show in the game. When you beat the opponents, they burst into pieces, making you feel like a real hero. And those other mods make your weapon even better. You can defeat enemies from a distance and do a lot of damage.

Short Range Combustion Build (IW-5)

Short Range Combustion Build (IW-5)

This version of the ignis wraith build is a bit like the one before, but it’s even better for closer enemies. It shoots more and hurts them more, but you have to be pretty close to using it. So, if you like getting up close with the enemies, this build might be just what you need. It’s all about getting in their faces and giving them a taste of your firepower.

Remember, it’s not for far-away fights. You want almost to hug those enemies to feel the power of this ignis wraith. So, be prepared, get close, and let those bullets fly with this flaming setup. Using a gaming headset will help you to get better sound quality while shooting at opponents.

Elemental Critical Build (IW-6)

Elemental Critical Build (IW-6)

This Ignis Wraith build helps your weapon do much more damage. It’s great for those enemies who don’t like certain elements like collecting ignis wraith. It also converts critical hits into super-strong hits. You can think of it as making your weapon extra powerful. When you fight enemies that are weak against specific damage, this build helps you beat them quicker.

And when you get a really good hit, it’s like a big punch that the enemy won’t like. So, if you want your Ignis Wraith to be really strong, this is the way to do it. The elemental ignis wraith build lets you give all that power in your hand, and then you will love the game even more.

Status Build (IW-7)

Status Build (IW-7)

This Ignis Wraith build makes the weapon really good at doing special things and hurting enemies over a while. When you use the Ignis Wraith with this build, it can do modish stuff to enemies. They might get burned, frozen, or even shocked, like magic. Not just that, this build also makes sure the injury stays. It’s not just a quick hit-and-done.

Enemies will keep feeling the pain for a long time. So, you can just shoot once and watch them hurt for longer. The Ignis Wraith build we’re talking about here is all about making your weapon cooler with special effects and keeping the hurt going. It’s like giving your weapon superpowers. Adding a gaming keyboard will give you the best gaming experience in Ignis Wraith.

Hybrid Build (IW-8)

This special Ignis Wraith build mixes ideas from different builds to create a weapon that can do strong hits and cool effects. It’s like having a fun toy that does two exciting things simultaneously. When you use this Ignis Wraith, it gives a surprise to the enemies whom you’re fighting with. This build provides you with many types of advantages that will help you kill enemies easily.

This Ignis Wraith is great because it can do lots of awesome stuff. It’s not boring at all. It keeps your enemies guessing what you’ll do next. If you want to take in your control with a super strong weapon, this Ignis Wraith build is the one for you. It’s all about making your game time more exciting and full of fun moments. Using a gaming monitor for amazing graphics can help you a lot.


So, that’s how you put together your best Ignis Wraith build. Building it is like crafting your special gaming weapon. It’s not just about playing the game. You’re becoming a true game expert. By mixing different ideas, you can make your Ignis Wraith super strong and give it awesome effects. It’s like having a double dose of fun in one weapon.

When you’re battling enemies, you’ll surprise them with strong hits and magic attacks. The best part is you don’t have to choose between powerful hits and cool effects. You can have both. So, now you have the best ideas for Warframe with your Ignis Wraith build. Load the weapon, make it better, and let the fun begin. You’re the game’s hero now, facing challenges with your super Ignis Wraith.

Enjoy as you get to know more about all that power.

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