Warframe Ember Farm Guide 2021

Ember is a new Warframe that can be acquired later in the game. To obtain Ember, you must complete the “New Strange” story quest missions along with some more small missions.

After completing these missions, you must head towards defeating General Sargas Ruk, and if you defeat him, he will drop all the blueprints and essential resources required to build Warframe Ember Farm.

Warframe Ember Farm

In this guide, we will discuss everything about Warframe Ember. We will also discuss some of her abilities along with her farming process. We hope that this guide will help you in farming Ember quickly.


  • 🎮 Let’s get this started and I’ll show you guys some tips and tricks on how to defeat this boss.
  • 🔥 The drop chances and ingredients for farming Ember are on the left and right, respectively.
  • 🎮 It’s important to know the mechanics of the boss fight in order to effectively destroy the parts and defeat the boss.
  • 🔥 This boss can be one-shotted with a really strong friend or squad, making the farming process much quicker and easier.



Ember is considered one of the best Warframes because of her unique abilities. It mainly focuses on using her fire abilities to deal

The only disadvantage is that she has weak armor and shield; otherwise, she is an excellent Warframe and can be modded easily depending on your needs.


Ember has various special abilities; she can send a large fireball to burn her enemies and creates a fire ring that expands and burns enemies inside.

Let us discuss some of its abilities in detail:

1. Fireball


Fireball is one of her best abilities and is capable of damaging enemies within its range. You can also charge up this ability to increase the damage output, and there is a combo window too, which makes successive fireballs for dealing even more damage.

This ability is ideal for dealing with damages, whether the enemies are near or far. You can use Augment Mod along with the fireball to provide 100% additional heat damage for 40 seconds while casting.

2. Immolation


Immolation is another ability of Ember, allowing her to grow over time, which is indicated by a bar on the screen slowly.

Her heat will slowly over time but casting fireballs again and again will result in her shield burning up fast.

If the heat ber becomes complete, she begins to lose her energy, but this ability controls her other abilities to balance all of them.

This ability can be mainly used to give Ember more survivability and help her survive against enemies.

3. Fire Blast

Fire Blast

Fire Blast is another unique ability that Ember can use to send a fire wave that knocks out enemies and sets them on fire. It is considered one of the crowd control abilities as it sends all the enemies back.

You can use Augment Mod and this ability to heal Ember by around 25 to 50 health for each enemy that hit.

4. Inferno


Ember also can call down comets from the sky, which results in damaging every enemy in the radius around her. It also results in making a ring of fire around all of them.

The fire ring expands over time and causes more enemies to take damage from them. The ring’s damage increases based on Immolation; it can deal more damage based on how high the immolation level is.

How to Get Ember

How to Get Ember

The blueprint of Ember can be purchased from the in-game store in exchange for 25,000 credits. General Sargas Ruk drops all the other essential parts of Ember after killing him.

General Sargas Ruk is a powerful enemy with thick armor and can easily take down most of the weaker Warframes.

To draft him, you have to mod your Warframe with health. It is recommended to use Vitality along with Steel Fiber, and it helps in improving your sustainability.

Follow the steps to trounce the Sargas Ruk:

1. Shoot the Right Arm

At first, the boss uses his flame thrower if you are far enough, and then he will switch it with a melee weapon. After every attack, some portion of his right arm becomes open. It would help if you shot it there. This will result in exploding that part of the armor.

2. Shoot his Chest.

Now, the boss will cast a Fire Blast, which results in creating a fireball around him. After every attack, some portion of his chest will open. You must attack him there until it explodes.

3. Shoot his Back.

Now, the boss uses Inferno. Thus, time the back of his armor will open, you must attack him there, which results in killing him finally.

Best Warframes to defeat General Sargas Ruk

You can pick any of the Tank Frames to absorb the damage dealt by him. Some of the best examples are Rhino, Chroma, Inaros, etc.

Some other great choices are:

  • Loki, Ivara, Ash, etc., are excellent options. You must make sure that you do not get hit by any AoE damage.
  • Frost has considered one of the best options because of his Snow Globe augment. It can deal damage to the invalid portion of Sargas Ruk efficiently.
  • Limbo can also be used to defeat the Sargas Ruk as he can rift and avoid all the boss’s damages.
  • Saryn, another great Warframe, is used because of her strength. Using her Toxic Lash can lead to dealing extra toxin damage, which makes her weapons stronger.

Best Weapons to defeat General Sargas Ruk

Before choosing any weapon, you must keep in mind that Sargas Ruk is very weak to Radiation damage.

Some of the recommended weapons are:

  • For a Sniper: Lanks, Vectis, and Runico are a great choice and can deal with very high critical and status chances.
  • Tigris and Alca Plasmor can also be used because of their high-status damage.

Final Words

Ember is a very good Warframe, and its essential resources can easily be obtained by defeating the main boss Sargas Ruk. You can purchase its primary blueprint from the in-game store in exchange for 25,000 credits.

The primary boss fight is straightforward; you must attack his weaker areas to trounce him. Ember has exceptional abilities which can help her to kill a massive number of enemies at once.

This is all about this guide. We have discussed everything about Warframe Ember Farm; if you find this helpful article, please share it once. If you think we have missed any important detail related to Ember, do not forget to tell us by commenting down below.

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