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He distracts. He confuses. He is stealthy. He brings a painful death to the enemies. Is he a Ninja? Yes, initially, the Ash Warframe was also known as Ninja due to the techniques he uses. Ash is one of the veteran Warframe having a versatile set of abilities.

Overall a balanced Warframe, Ash is best suited for a stealthier approach towards the enemies. Ash Prime is the primed version of Ash Warframe. He has an additional polarity along with higher shields, armor, and sprint speed.

With time Ash Warframe has become obsolete and has lost the fan following. The main reason behind this can be its super slow abilities which are not useful at all in multiplayer mode. However, inspired by Ninja, Ash can be lethal in melee combats and possess unique and fascinating skills dealing with damage to the enemies. Now let us take a detailed look at different Ash Prime builds and his abilities.


  • 💪 The Archon Ash Prime build focuses on maximizing ability strength and energy effectiveness, making it a powerful choice for endgame content.
  • 🎯 We cannot really control the critical chance on blade storm even though we see a great chance procking going on there.
  • 🔪 The guaranteed proc of Slash damage ensures that even if the enemy isn’t instantly killed, the bleed damage will finish the job.
  • 💡 “I’m just going to put on coaxial drift on here. But I do recommend powertruth instead.”
  • 💪 “Arcane trickery is also mandatory, if you do not have this you will have a lot of trouble with this build.”
  • 🕹️ Prime continuity is essential to increase the status duration, making Banshee’s silence ability even more effective for crowd control.
  • 🎮 The archon update has put Ash Prime in a position to really compete in endgame content.

How to acquire Ash Prime Warframe?

The blueprints of Ash can be acquired only from the Void Relics.

Abilities of Ash Prime:

Shuriken – Using this ability, Ash launches a blade just like the Ninjas. The blade deals severe damage and impales the enemies to the walls.

Smoke Screen – Like the Ninjas again, Ash drops a smoke bomb to become invisible for some time. The smoke stuns the enemies and blinds them for a moment, making them vulnerable.

Teleport – Ash can teleport himself near the enemies forcing melee combat and making them vulnerable to the finishers.

Blade Storm – Like a real Ninja. This ability lets him teleport quickly and finish the enemies in quick melee combats using the blade. He creates chaos within the enemy camps.

Ash Prime Build:

Although Ash is not quite popular now, his abilities are quite spectacular to use and watch. So, you can have fun in some lower to mid-level missions. As you must know, these builds are the most potent Prime Ash builds that can help you survive throughout the mission. To get through the builds, one needs to have full knowledge of the mods in the builds. Let us take a look at some powerful Ash Prime builds.

Ash Prime Build – Splinter Cell

The very first Prime Ash build that we will be discussing is its Splinter Cell Prime Build. This build allows us to use every aura mod and any arcane as they work relatively well with each other. This build allows you to use the Corrosive projection mod and the primed flow mod that helps in decreasing the Armor reduction.

The Steel charge and the Coaction Drift allow you to increase the melee weapon damage and increase the ability strength and ability duration.

Ash Prime Build – Splinter Cell

The other essential mods that can be used here are the Rising Storm and Narrow-minded which provide us the capability to increase the melee weapon counter. The Primed Continuity mod of Ash allows you to increase the ability duration, increasing the duration of your survivability. The Umbral Vitality and the Umbral Intensify are the two main mods that can be used herein the mission.

Ash Prime Build – General Use

The next significant build of Ash is its General Use build. This Prime Ash build is stocky spam build, and that is why it is paired with a Decaying Dragon Key that allows you to gain survivability.

The most important mod of this build is the Brief Respite and the Cunning Drift mod that allows the player to activate slide, friction, and increasing the energy level. Also, the Fleeting Expertise and the Augur Reachability of Ash build allows increasing the duration and efficiency.

Ash Prime Build – General Use

The increased duration, range, and efficiency help the player track the enemies on the radar itself, and they can kill them without getting closer to the enemies. The Overextended mod of the Ash build also allows you to increase the ability strength, and if you combine this mod with the Fleeting Expertise, then you will get maximum strength. So, the essential thing in this build is to combine the right set of mods.


So far, we have discussed the various Prime Ash builds and how we can use the mods in those builds. As we now know that using the Corrosive projection reduces the armor reduction.

The best mod that can be used with the Corrosive projection is the Steel charge that will be increasing the melee weapon damage.

With this combination, it will be easier for you to face opponents. Always keep in mind that there are various mods, and you have to pick the combination that can be used well by you.

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