Guide for Best Melee Weapons in Warframe

Are you also looking for the absolute coolest tools to crush your enemies in the game? You’re in the right place. We’re here to chat about the best melee weapons Warframe offers. It’s like you’re in the middle of the action, facing off against all sorts of baddies. What’s the one thing you need by your side? They are the most awesome melee weapons that can deal some serious damage up close.

We’re talking about the kind of weapons that make you feel like a true space ninja. From just using a single bullet to that final knockout punch, these melee weapons are your ticket to victory.

We’re about to solve the problem of finding the best weapon for you from all categories.

Best Primary Weapons in Warframe

Best Primary Weapons in Warframe

1. Soma Prime (MR6)

Soma Prime is a cool gun that shoots really fast, and it’s great for players who are at Mastery Rank 6. You can get it pretty easily from Twitch Prime loot packs. This gun is strong, and a lot of players like using it. Now, talking about the greatest melee weapons in Warframe, there are some really awesome choices out there. These are the weapons you use up close, like when you want to hit bad guys with your sword or other close-up weapons. Just like Soma Prime is a top choice for shooting from far away.

2. Sybaris Prime

If you really like dealing big damage and causing special effects, Sybaris Prime is the weapon for you in the world of Warframe. This weapon is great for people who’ve played Warframe for a long time and know how cool critical hits and special effects can be. When you’re talking about the best melee weapons in Warframe, Sybaris Prime is like a special tool that’s effective in battles. It’s not just good; it’s one of the supreme melee weapons in Warframe. So, if you’re all about taking down enemies with style and power, this is the weapon you should definitely consider getting. Sybris is a type of weapon that will destroy your enemy quickly.

3. Ignis Wraith (MR9)

The Ignis Wraith is like a super tough fire gun that can make enemies melt fast. It’s perfect for fighting really tough enemies, even when they’re really durable. To use this fiery weapon, you must be pretty nice and have reached Rank 9. Now, let’s talk about the best melee weapon in Warframe. These are the weapons you use up close to smack and hit enemies. One of the top choices is the Ignis Wraith. It’s not just a fire gun, and it’s also great for close-up fighting. You can hit enemies with it, and they’ll feel the heat.

4. Tigris Prime (MR13)

The Tigris Prime is like the superstar of weapons in Warframe, but to unlock its full power, you must reach Mastery Rank 13. This gun is no joke when it comes to hitting hard, and it has the biggest base damage in the whole game. That means it’s the perfect pick when you’re up against really well-built enemies. Regarding the best melee weapons in Warframe, the Tigris Prime is definitely one of the leading. It’s like the king of the battlefield. To unlock its strength, you must show you’re a real pro by reaching Mastery Rank 13. Tigris is the weapon you will want as a primary as it is one of the best primary guns in Warfrme.

5. Vaykor Hek (MR12 Shotgun)

The Vaykor Hek is a supercharged Hek shotgun that you can get from the Steel Meridian. It’s like a pumped-up version of the regular Hek shotgun. This one is even more powerful because it can shoot faster, has a better chance of landing critical hits, and can hold more ammo in its magazine. So, when you’re in the game Warframe, and you want one of the best melee weapons in Warframe, think about the Vaykor Hek. It’s a real powerhouse that can help you defeat your enemies with a bang.

Best Melee Weapons

Best Melee Weapons

1. Nikana Prime

This super-tough melee weapon is just right for tough end-game battles, giving a big hit with every swing. It’s like a champion among the best melee weapons in Warframe. When you’re facing the hardest challenges, this weapon is your friend. It hits really hard and makes those enemies think twice. In the game Warframe, when you’re up against the toughest missions, you need the melee weapons to win. This one is one of the greatest. It is like swinging it and knocking down enemies with one blow. It’s like being a superhero in the game.

2. Orthos Prime

Long ago, they brought out Orthos Prime. It’s still good with lots of power and reach. Maiming Strike can make it even stronger. In Warframe when people talk about the best melee weapons in Warframe, Orthos Prime is a name that stands out. It’s got that special something that makes it one of the chief. With its ancient origins, Orthos Prime hasn’t lost its touch. It can deal with big hits and reach far, which is pretty awesome. And then there’s Maiming Strike, that’s like a secret power-up. It takes Orthos Prime from good to incredible.

3. Lesion

Lesion is a really strong polearm weapon in Warframe. It’s like a super-long stick with a lot of power. This stick is great for fighting against really tough enemies. When you use Lesion, you can hit those bad guys from far away and give them a lot of damage. It’s one of the best melee weapons in Warframe. Think that you’re in the game, and you have this cool stick called Lesion. You can hit the big enemies that are hard to beat. Lesion makes it easy because it can reach far and hit them really hard.

4. Gram Prime

Gram Prime’s big sword is a real beast in Warframe when you make it strong with good crit and a chance to cause status effects. It can smash through any enemy and make them sorry they crossed your path. When you’re talking about the best melee weapons in Warframe, Gram Prime definitely deserves a mention. It’s like having a powerful monster in your hands, and when you build it the right way, it becomes even scarier for your enemies. So, if you’re looking for a weapon that can really pack a punch up close, Gram Prime should be on your list of weapons to try.

5. Galatine Prime

Think of a really strong sword that’s the leading of its kind. When you make it just right, it becomes powerful. This sword is like a champion among other melee weapons in Warframe. It’s known as one of the very best melee weapons in Warframe. In the game, this sword stands tall. When you build it perfectly, it becomes unbeatable in its might. Other melee weapons can’t compare to its strength and awesomeness. When you create it with the perfect setup, it becomes incredibly strong.

Best Secondary Weapons

Best Secondary Weapons

1. Tomb Finger Kitgun

This cool shooting gadget is already pretty tough, and you can make it even stronger by adding some special Rifle mods. These mods will give your shooter an extra boost, making it even more awesome in battles. If you’re looking for the best melee weapons in Warframe, you’re in the right place. These are the weapons you use up close to knock out enemies and save the day. So, if you want to be the ultimate warrior in Warframe, don’t forget to pick the right mods for your shooter.

2. Kuva Nukor

The Kuva Nukor is a special weapon in Warframe that’s really good at handling groups of enemies. It’s like a tough tool with a chain beam that zaps lots of bad guys at once. People love it because it can hurt enemies a lot when you aim just right. When many enemies are around, the Kuva Nukor is like a powerful weapon that saves the day. It’s known for being great at crowd control, which means it helps keep all those baddies in check. Think of you’re in a big fight, and you need to stop many enemies from coming too close. It is much more powerful than the best melee weapon in Warframe.

3. Sporelancer

Sporelancer is a cool weapon in Warframe that’s really good at shooting powerful toxic explosions. It’s like a superhero shooting out big booms of poison. This weapon is prime for getting up close and personal with the bad guys. It’s like having a secret weapon to defeat enemies who are standing really close to you. Think that you’re in the game, and you have the Sporelancer. When you shoot it, it makes a huge blast of poison that’s powerful. It’s like a big punch to the bad guys who are nearby. It’s better than the best melee weapon in Warframe.

4. Zymos

Zymos is an awesome tool in Warframe. It’s good at handling status effects, especially when you hit enemies in the head. Think of using it to be the greatest at close-up fighting. When you’re in the game, and you want to make your enemies weak, Zymos is the way to go. It’s like having a secret weapon that works really well. Now, let’s talk about the best melee weapon in Warframe. When you’re up close and personal with the bad guys, you need something powerful. That’s where the melee weapons come in. These weapons are like your trusty sidekicks in the game. They help you fight and win battles.

5. Gaze Kitgun

Shoot a precise cutting beam for really accurate hits, making it an awesome finisher tool. The Atomos works the same way and is just as good. Regarding the game Warframe, these are some of the best melee weapons in Warframe. They’re great for getting up close and taking down enemies. Think about how cool it feels to zap foes with that pinpoint accuracy. The Atomos is like a twin to the cutting beam, and both pack a punch. If you want to excel in Warframe, these weapons should be your go-to choice for close combat.


So, there you have the best melee weapons in Warframe, primary and secondary weapons in Warframe. We talked about some seriously cool tools you can use to defeat the bad guys and dominate the game. When it’s about getting up close and personal, the melee weapons in Warframe really shine. They’re like your trusty sidekicks, helping you take down enemies with ease.

From the precise cutting beam that hits the mark every time to the awesome Atomos zapper, these weapons are your go-to friends. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, these weapons won’t disappoint you. They’re simple to use, and you’ll quickly get the hang of them. Remember, in the Warframe, having the right gear can make all the difference.

So, if you’re looking to level up your game and have a blast while doing it, make sure to give these weapons a try. The melee weapons in Warframe are waiting for you to grab them.

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