Are you looking to master Build and find the best builds for 2023? Well, the dark and mysterious Warframe has captured the hearts of players with its unique abilities and playstyle. We’ll reveal the secrets of obtaining Sevagoth and jump into the most effective builds to control the game.

Think of a shadowy game where build powers rule supreme. But how do you unlock this secret Warframe? We’ve got you covered.

We’ll walk you through the steps to obtain build, ensuring you’re ready to harness its dark energy. We’ll reveal top-tier setups that combine easily with their abilities. From releasing harmful attacks to enveloping its weird form, these builds will maximize your potential on the battlefield.

Be ready to be enveloped in a game of power and mastery as we guide you through obtaining build and crafting killer builds.

Whether you’re a seasoned Tenno or a new press, this guide is your gateway to becoming a building legend in 2023.

Understand Warframe Sevagoth Build

Understand Warframe Sevagoth Build

In the game Warframe, you can pick from various Warframes, each with its unique powers. Sevagoth is one of the strongest. This build is excellent at controlling many enemies and causing big damage using two different forms. To make the build tough, use mods that boost abilities like Gloom and Reap.

These not only help you control enemies but also deal a ton of damage over time. To make the build tougher, add mods like Narrow Minded and Vitality. They make building harder to defeat. To save energy, use mods like Flow and Streamline.

And if you want to use abilities faster, try Natural Talent. In Warframe, you can personalize the build by trying different mods. Don’t be afraid to experiment. By understanding how build powers work and choosing the right mods, you’ll be ready to handle any mission in your way.

How to Get Build in Warframe

How to Get Build in Warframe

1. Call of The Tempestarii

To start your fun journey with a build, you must complete a special mission called Call of the Tempestarii. This mission is like a cool story where you explore strange storms and a spooky Warframe named Sevagoth.

In Call of the Tempestarii, you’ll find yourself in a really interesting tale. It’s all about mystery and finding out stuff as you go into the heart of the strange Void Storms, which are like super powerful cosmic storms.

As you go through these crazy storms, you’ll slowly learn the secrets of building a unique and classy Warframe. The quest takes you on an adventure full of puzzles and challenges, which makes it even more exciting.

2. Farming Parts

Once you finish your quest, it’s time to gather the stuff you need to make a build. Head to the Void Storm missions and settle into your comfortable Gaming chair. There, you can find build blueprints, Chassis, Neuroptics, and Systems.

To get these parts, you have to fight the bad guys and open special boxes called Void Relics. So, go out there, defeat enemies, and look for those special boxes. Inside them, you’ll find the important pieces to assemble your Sevagoth Warframe. Have fun on your adventure.

3. Assemble and Craft

Let’s break it down into easy steps. First, get all the stuff you need, like you’re getting ingredients for a recipe. Then, go to your Orbiter’s Foundry. It’s like your space workshop. Now, start building goth parts, kind of like making a robot. But the fantastic thing is, it only takes 72 hours, which is just three days.

Think of it as if you’re assembling a big puzzle, and every day, it gets closer to being done. After those three days, your build will be all set. It’s like having a buddy ready for adventures and battles. You and your build will be an amazing team. Prepare to face anything the universe throws your way.

Best Sevagoth Builds in Warframe

Best Sevagoth Builds in Warframe

1. Reaper of Shadows Build

We aim to make him good at handling big groups of enemies and being strong. We’ll use some special upgrades called mods to make his Shadows of the Dead power even more amazing. Watch for ones like ‘Despoil’ and ‘Soul Survivor.’ But hold on, there’s more to the plan.

We’ll also add some extra mods that help him use his powers even better and cover a much bigger area on the battlefield. This way, he can take charge of the fight and be the best at controlling everything. So prepare to see Build in action, showing off his awesome powers.

2. Harbinger of Doom Build

If you love doing big damage in the game, the Harbinger of Doom build is perfect for you when playing as a build. This build makes Sevagoth powerful when attacking. To do this, you need special mods like ‘Power Drift,’ ‘Intensify,’ and ‘Transient Fortitude.’

These mods make his Specter of Death and Gloom abilities much more muscular. This means the build can crush enemies with tough attacks. With the Harbinger of Doom build, you can deal huge damage and beat foes coolly.

3. Soul Reaver Support Build

This build is awesome for team players. If you like playing together with your squad, this is perfect. Use mods like ‘Energy Siphon,’ ‘Cunning Drift,’ and ‘Aegis Aurora’ to make build energy and shields better. These mods will give him more energy and fit shields. To be good, focus on keeping build in his shadow form.

This is important because it helps control groups of enemies and gives healing to your team. By sticking to his shadow form, you become a big help with controlling the bad guys and helping your team, so they stay strong when fighting.

Remember, building isn’t just about hurting enemies. It’s about helping your team stay powerful. So, if you like working together with your friends and helping them out, give this build a try.

4. Eternal Elegy Farming Build

Use the Eternal Elegy build. Put on the ‘Pilfering Strangledome’ and ‘Despoil’ mods to help build and grab even more valuable things while you play. Build can turn into a shadow to fight enemies and keep you safe. This makes him awesome for missions where you want to get things. Consider you’re on a mission, and there are bad guys all around.

But don’t worry, build shadow form is like a shield. You can focus on getting game stuff without any problems. Build is like your best friend for farming because he can get you tons of good stuff while also protecting you. By giving Sevagoth the Eternal Elegy build, he becomes the perfect partner for missions requiring many resources.

Don’t miss this wonderful trick to make farming fun and get everything you need.

Warframe Sevagoth Abilities

Warframe Sevagoth Abilities

1. Reap

Sevagoth’s first move is called Reap. It helps you bring out spooky wisps that grab enemies and hurt them. Think of it like an impressive tool to control lots of enemies and make them take damage. You can use it alone or with friends as a team. It’s like having a shadowy sidekick that helps you fight the baddies and keep them in line.

So, be ready to use those shadowy wisps, stop your enemies, and show them your strong powers. Build Reap isn’t just about the damage. It’s about showing your enemies you’re the boss. Whether you’re playing alone or with friends, this move makes the game exciting with lots of action and fighting.

2. Sow

Choose to build a powerful hero using a classy move called Sow. He makes a big blast of darkness that smacks all the bad guys nearby. It’s perfect for zapping lots of enemies together.

When things get crazy, and you need to beat many bad guys quickly, this move is like a secret weapon. Build goes, Sow. and poof. No more bad guys. That’s why players really like this move. It’s like being the hero in a dark adventure all at once.

3. Gloom

Gloom is like Sevagoth’s super ability number three. It’s like he makes a shadowy bubble that slows down bad guys around him and makes them get hurt. Inside the bubble, build also gets a shield, like a force field in a space movie. This shield is really important because it helps him stay safe when everything is chaotic and crazy around him.

Think of him in a big battle, enemies all over, but he’s not scared because he has Gloom. It’s like his secret weapon to stay alive. Gloom shows how cool their build powers are. He can control darkness to fight off danger and keep himself from getting hurt. So, when things get tough, build turns on Gloom and becomes a hero of darkness that can’t be stopped.

4. Shadow

The last thing to talk about is to build a super move, Shadow. It lets players turn into a tough ghost-like thing. In this special form, the build gets new, unique powers that are different. This makes the build extra strong and can hurt the bad guys greatly. It’s like being a superhero with amazing abilities.

So, when the build goes into Shadow mode, prepare to see some cool action as it fights enemies with its new powers. It’s like turning the battle around in an impressive way. Just think of Build becoming this amazing wraith and using its fantastic powers. It’s a total game-changer.


In the game of Warframe, mastering build is within your catch. By blending power and strategy, you’re on the path to get this difficult frame. First, walk through the Void Storms, hiding their disorganized life.

Collect those Void Traces to clear Relics overflow with potential. But wait, there’s more to harness build. True might jump into the art of the best builds.

A balance between Shadows and Gloom grants you strength, like covering for your soul. Fill Death’s Harvest and Sow to reap enemies’ strength while supporting yours. And as you soar, let the Umbral mods shine bright, increasing build natural power. Sevagoth beckons you mysterious, potent, yours to command.

Venture away, Tenno, grab the thrill of the hunt, and beat with your newfound knowledge. As you decorate with your signature build, remember it’s not just a frame but a canvas of your strategic artistry. Race the shadows, shape your destiny, and dominate the stars.

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