Do you want to enter the era of the classe lineage 2 revolution in 2023? We are here to help you. It’s a place of adventure where you need courage and smart thinking. Our revolution class full guide will help you learn about all the classes in the game. Think of it like a map that shows you how to be really good at playing, just like in a story where strong heroes do big things. Each class in the game is special.

Here, we will tell you all about these classes so you know how to use their special skills. It doesn’t matter if you’ve played a lot or just started. It’s like wearing the right armor for a fight.

Along the way, you’ll find stories hidden in the game that you can discover when things become hard. So come on to make your mark in classe Lineage 2 Revolution.

Base Classes Lineage 2 Revolution

Base Classes Lineage 2 Revolution

1. Mystic

In Lineage 2, Revolution’s vast realm, the Mystic class weaves magic and spirit into a powerful force. Mystics channel elemental energies, capable of wielding destructive spells or mending wounds. They excel in both offense and support roles. Clad in robes, they rely on intelligence and wisdom, preferring staves orbs as their tools.

With skills like Elemental Burst and Healing Circle, they unleash devastating magic or mend allies’ health. Masters of control, they can manipulate foes’ movements and crowd dynamics. Mystic’s classe lineage 2 adaptability in solo play or group battles, along with the power of their Gaming Laptop, makes them a flexible choice.

2. Rogue

The Rogue classe lineage 2 Revolution is like a clever and skilled character. They use daggers and wear light armor. Rogues are great at quick attacks and staying hidden from enemies. They’re really good at landing powerful hits and using poisons. They also move very fast. With abilities like Backstab and Deadly Poison, they can deal a lot of damage and make enemies weaker.

Rogues do best when they surprise enemies by attacking suddenly and using their weaknesses. They’re also good at avoiding attacks and staying alive because they can move quickly. If you like careful and tricky attacks that need a plan, Rogues is the right choice for you.

3. Warrior

Strong and brave, the Warrior class displays its might on the classe lineage 2 Revolution battlefield. Wearing heavy armor and using swords, axes, or hammers, Warriors rush into fights. They mainly soak up damage and guard their friends. Using moves like Cleave and Shield Bash, they deal significant damage while maintaining control over foes.

Warriors have a lot of health and are excellent in direct battles. Their sturdy defense helps them endure hits and keep enemies at a distance. A crucial part of teamwork, Warriors grab enemies’ attention, allowing other classes to perform well. Choosing the Warrior class means being resilient and taking charge.

Different Types of Classe Lineage

1. Dwarf


Dwarves are tiny folks who are really skilled at making things. If you want to obtain a Xaku, you must go underground to the Mines of Moria, where the dwarves reside. There, you’ll need to battle dwarf miners and collect special items for crafting the Xaku. The Mines of Moria is a dark and winding place with many tunnels and rooms. Dwarves are well-known for their talent in creating items.

To create the Xaku, you must battle, gather items, and then use them. The Mines of Moria is where the dwarves spend time, but it’s not a sunny location. It’s challenging inside, with numerous tests and fights to get what you require. Once you have all you need in classe lineage 2, you can assemble an Xaku using the special items collected from the Mines.

2. Dark Elf

Dark Elf

The Dark Elves live in a special forest called the Enchanted Forest. They are clever and can do magic. To find their hidden city, Eldoria, you must solve puzzles and do tasks. Become their friends and make their leaders. This might make them help you get something called Xaku. Xaku is important to you.

It’s great to have the Dark Elves on your side because they know special things and have special powers. So, it’s good to be nice to them and show you are good. You can do this by finishing challenges and being brave. If you do well, they might help you with Xaku, which is really important. Remember, the journey might be tough, but with their help, you can do it.

3. Elf


Elves live in a quiet place called Eldertree Glade. It’s very beautiful and connected to nature. You will help the old Eldertree become strong again by going on a journey. You’ll need to be skilled at archery and magic to gain the elves’ trust and discover Xaku’s mysteries. This adventure lets you demonstrate your abilities and make friends with the magical elves.

The clearing of classe lineage 2 is peaceful, and the Eldertree is important, so this is a significant task. You’ll use your bow and special abilities to impress the elves. As they start to believe in you, they’ll share secrets about Xaku. Be prepared for this trip, where you’ll showcase your talents and be kind. You’ll know the secrets while enjoying nature and the elven realm, which is truly impressive.

4. Bishop


The Bishops in classe Lineage 2 will see your good actions and help you learn how to use Xaku’s healing powers. These powers can make things better. So, if you’re kind and give a hand, the Bishops will share important knowledge with you.

5. Silver Ranger

Silver Ranger

Silver Rangers are really skilled at using special sticks to shoot pointy things called arrows. They live up high in big rocky hills known as the Silverpeak Mountains. These classe lineage 2 Rangers are really good at aiming and shooting those arrows exactly where they want them to go. This shows that they understand how to use their shooting skills and stay safe when they are outside.

If you decide to become a Silver Ranger in classe Lineage 2, you can learn a lot about shooting, just like them. They will also teach you how to use Xaku’s power to shoot things from a long distance. So, if you really like using bows and arrows and want to improve your shooting skills, becoming a Silver Ranger and exploring the mountains could be a really exciting thing for you to try out.

6. Temple Knight

Temple Knight

The Temple Knights are very brave protectors. They keep the Grand Citadel safe. These knights need strong heroes to help them. You can be one of those heroes. You’ll do important missions that make sure things are fair and right. You can also show how well you fight. If the knights like you, they might teach you how to fight like Xaku.

Xaku is really good at fighting up close. This is a big chance to get even stronger and better. If you want to join this good group in classe Lineage 2, you must take on challenges. You should be fair and show your good fighting. Then, you can be a real defender of the Grand Citadel with the Temple Knights.

7. Gnomes


In the Clockwork City, there are clever creatures known as Gnomes. These Gnomes really like finding new things. They spend time fixing their machines. When they find tricky puzzles, they might ask you for help. If you help them and they like you, they tell you important things to help you make special gadgets for Xaku in classe lineage 2. Working with Gnomes is great because you fix things and learn.

The city is full of gears and machines, and Gnomes know a lot about them. They’re happy to share what they know if you’re a good friend. So, when you go to the Clockwork City, help the Gnomes, solve puzzles, and fix machines. They’ll tell you secrets to improve Xaku’s gadgets as a thank you.

8. Orcs


Orcs are strong and live in hot Ashen Peaks. Show you’re strong by fighting big creatures in classe lineage 2. If you’re good, Orc leaders will teach rituals to use Xaku’s power. Xaku’s power is old and wild. It’s important to fight well and learn from Orcs to use it in classe lineage 2.

9. Dungeons


The Labyrinthine Depths are tricky mazes where Xaku’s parts are hidden. You have to be really brave to go through them. Inside, there are big scary monsters you have to beat and lots of tricky traps to avoid. If you can do all this, you’ll collect the special pieces you need to assemble Xaku. It’s like solving a puzzle while facing big challenges in the classe lineage 2.

10. Moon


Discover the magic of the Moon at the Moonlit Observatory. Take a special trip to the Moon and solve fun puzzles in classe lineage 2. Learn about how the Moon changes its shape and brightens up the night sky. You can also find special powers inside Xaku, like a hidden treasure. These powers are like the Moon’s special energy that can help you do amazing things.

11. Yana


Yana is a clever and mysterious oracle who lives in a special place called the Sacred Grove. You can ask for her help by doing quests and solving tricky puzzles. Yana’s clever ideas will help you find all the amazing things that Xaku can really do. It’s like she has secret knowledge that can make Xaku even better!

12. Shilen


Find the Shadow Caverns, a dark place where Shilen’s mysterious whispers can be heard. Inside, face your hidden fears and show how strong you are against the tricky challenges of darkness. Learn from Shilen’s lessons to unlock Xaku’s puzzling abilities with shadows.


Looking ahead, entering classe lineage 2 Revolution’s class world in 2023 has been really exciting. Our helpful class full guide has shown how to unlock these characters and understand their powers.

You have to remember that here, you can get better with players’ discoveries. Each class adds its own fun to the game, making it even more interesting.

With their special abilities, players can find different ways to succeed. But remember, players are what make the game special. Every step to master a class is cool and rewarding, making the game more enjoyable.

Don’t forget you’re part of a friendly player community. Sharing your experiences makes your adventure better and makes others happy, too.

So, enjoy the classes, use their cool powers, and start your gaming journey as a hero. The game world is waiting for you to join and have a great time.

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