Want to add a cool new character to your game? Check out these secrets of unlocking Xaku in 2023 with our easy-to-follow Xaku Farm Guide. Just like your map in a treasure hunt, here we will help you step by step to get the powerful Xaku Warframe.

These valuable instructions are reshaping how battles are won. Each phase of his Farm Guide holds its unique strategies, adding a lot of excitement to your game.

Just like heroes with extraordinary powers, like Ember’s burning flames or Rhino’s solid strength, Xaku’s abilities make battles thrilling. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting on your quest, the Xaku Farm Guide 2023 offers a valuable vision to increase your skills.

So, grab your virtual armor and involve yourself in the world of Xaku, where this list will be your compass to victory and discovery.

1. How to Get Xaku

How to Get Xaku.jpg

If you want to get the cool Warframe named Xaku for your game in 2023, you can get it. Just do these things. First, you should try using LED lighting to set the mood as you start on the Heart of Deimos quest on Deimos.

Then, you can go to the Entrati Syndicate place. There, you can find the main plan for him. To get it, engage in bounties and earn Entrati points.

You can use those points to unlock the main plan. Oh, and don’t forget about the other pieces you need. There are three Chassis, Neuroptics, and Systems. You get them by completing Necralisk bounties.

When you have all the plans, combine them under the attractive glow of LED lighting and start making them. It’s like solving a puzzle, but a fun and well-lit one. So, let’s check, do quests, earn points, and make your new Warframe buddy.

2. Crafting Xaku

Crafting Xaku.jpg

After you get his plan and its parts, go to your Foundry to make it. Collecting the things you need is important. Make sure you have plenty of Rubedo, Hexenon, and Heart of Deimos stuff, and other usual things, too.

It takes 12 hours to make each part and the main plan, so you have to wait patiently. Don’t forget to check back after the time is done to see your new Xaku. It’s a cool robot you can use in the game.

Remember, gathering all the things you need might take a bit, but it’s worth it when you finally have your ready to play with. Just be patient and keep collecting things, and soon you’ll have your very own Xaku.

3. Xaku Blueprint

Xaku Blueprint

The Xaku blueprint is like a crafting recipe you really need. You get it from Mother, who lives in Necralisk on Deimos. To get this blueprint, you must do things for the Entrati Syndicate and complete the tasks they give you. This helps you earn Standing, which is like points. You use these points to be able to get the blueprint.

So, first, you help the Syndicate, then you earn points, and with those points, you can ask for his blueprint. It’s like a special mission that needs a plan to get what you want.

Remember, Mother has the blueprint, but you must work for others to get it. It’s like trading help for a prize, which happens on Deimos, in the Necralisk place.

4. Crafting Requirements for Xaku

Passive Abilities of Xaku

If you want to make Xaku, you need three parts: Chassis, Neuroptics, and Systems. These are like the pieces of a puzzle. You also need the main part. Get things like Hexenon, Rubedo, and Heart of Deimos parts, which are like building blocks. Collect these things so you can put him together faster. Having all the parts is important for making Xaku.

It’s a bit like cooking. You need all the ingredients before you can make your meal. So, make sure you have everything you need before you start making Xaku.

This way, you won’t have to wait too long to play with your new creation. Just like when you have all your toys ready, you can start playing immediately.

5. Crafting Materials for Xaku

Crafting Materials for Xaku

Gather what you need for each part: blueprint Chassis, Neuroptics, and Systems. Hexenon, Rubedo, and Heart of Deimos stuff are super important, along with regular things. Look in your stuff collection to make sure you have plenty of each thing before you start making. This will help you avoid any problems while crafting.

It’s a good idea to double-check everything before you begin so you don’t run into any issues later on. Make sure you have all the necessary materials before you start creating the different parts.

This way, you can have a smooth crafting process without any hiccups. Remember, having enough of each material is the key to successfully building what you want. So, gather up your resources, check your inventory, and show your creativity.

6. Xaku’s Abilities

Xaku’s Abilities

He has three special powers called The Lost. These powers help them fight in different ways. The Lost has Grasp of Lohk, The Lost Accuse, and The Lost Deny. These powers let him control weapons, hurt enemies, and keep friends safe. You can try different ways of playing with Xaku to see how strong they can be.

They have a unique style you can test out. It’s fun to see what he can do with their special abilities. When you use their powers, you can learn how to use them better. Remember, he is a special character with special skills. So, try out The Lost and enjoy using his cool abilities in battles.

7. Popular Xaku Mods

Popular Xaku Mods

Make him better by using special mods like Accuse’s Gaze, The Lost’s Wander, and Deny’s Manifest. These mods can make him stronger in fights. You can change him to match how you like to play by picking mods that follow your plan.

When you equip mods like Accuse’s Gaze, The Lost’s Wander, and Deny’s Manifest, he becomes more powerful. This helps a lot when you’re in battles.

To make him even better in fights, you can choose mods like Accuse’s Gaze, The Lost’s Wander, and Deny’s Manifest. These mods work together with Xaku’s abilities and make them work even more effectively when you’re fighting.

You can decide which mods to use with him, like Accuse’s Gaze, The Lost’s Wander, and Deny’s Manifest. These mods will help Xaku be stronger when you fight, and you can select the ones that fit how you like to play.

8. Passive Abilities of Xaku

Passive Abilities of Xaku

He is a special Warframe with special skills that make it better. When hit by Void damage, it takes 25% less damage. Also, when fighting in Void Fissures, its Void damage becomes 25% stronger, which greatly helps in those missions. This makes him really strong and helpful in those situations.

So, if you use it in missions where Void stuff happens, it’s really good because it can take less damage and deal more damage, which is great. People like to have him on their teams for these reasons. It’s important to understand these abilities and use them wisely to do well in the game and complete missions successfully.

9. Xata’s Whisper

Xata's Whisper

Xata’s Whisper is a special power that Xaku has for fighting. This power makes his weapons stronger by giving them Void power, which is good against enemies who are weak to it. You can change the type of Void power to match the enemy you are fighting. This helps a lot because different enemies have different strengths and weaknesses.

By doing this, he becomes better at fighting and can easily defeat enemies. It’s like a game plan. You choose the right power to beat the bad guys. This makes the fights more interesting and helps him do a great job in battles. So, Xata’s Whisper is a smart move that makes him strong and clever in fights, and that’s really cool.

10. Bind Foes with Gaze

Bind Foes with Gaze

Xaku has a special power called the Grasp of Lohk. With this power, he can point at bad guys and make their weapons float in the air. This makes the bad guys lose their weapons, and those weapons become his helpers for a short while.

These helpers help him to fight the bad guys. This special trick can really help in a fight because it stops the bad guys from being dangerous and makes Xaku stronger.

Check his points at enemies; their weapons go up, and those weapons start shooting for him. It’s like having extra friends to help in the battle. This makes the fight easier because he doesn’t have to worry about the bad guy’s weapons and becomes more powerful with the extra weapons on his side.

So, his power is great for controlling the situation and turning the fight in its favor. It’s like a superpower that helps Xaku win battles.


Looking ahead, obtaining Xaku in 2023 through the Xaku Farm Guide has been quite an exciting journey. We carefully examined the steps needed to unlock him and checked the best ways to collect the necessary resources.

As we progress, remember that this list isn’t set in stone and can evolve with player experiences and discoveries. His unique abilities bring a new dimension to the game.

However, beyond the guide itself, the players truly make the experience special. Each step for acquiring him holds its significance and rewards, contributing to the overall enjoyment of the game.

Remember, you’re part of an energetic community of players, so sharing your experiences and insights can increase the collective enjoyment of the game. So, equip Xaku, tackle its intriguing powers, and start on your game as a distinguished space adventurer. The cosmos eagerly awaits your precious presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Obtain Xaku in 2023?

To obtain him in 2023, you must farm their parts from the Deimos open-world location in Warframe. His blueprints can be acquired by defeating the Necramechs during Isolation Vault Bounties and completing the Xaku quest line.

Which Resources Are Essential for Xaku Farming?

To farm Xaku, you’ll need to collect various resources found on Deimos, such as Spinal Core Sections, Cerebrum Magna, and Chassis Anomalies. You can gather these components by participating in Isolation Vault Bounties and exploring the Cambion Drift.

What are the Isolation Vault Bounties?

Isolation Vault Bounties are mission chains on Deimos that involve completing specific objectives to uncover Vaults. These Vaults contain valuable rewards, including Xaku parts. Bounties are accessible from Mother, the NPC located in the Necralisk hub on Deimos.

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