If you’re here, you’re probably super excited about getting the cool Protea Warframe. Don’t worry. We’ll help you learn how to get all the important parts so you can use this strong Warframe. Protea is a special Warframe that can control time and do many things. To get it, you need to go on missions and face different challenges.

It’s like an adventure with steps, and we’ll explain them. You’ll find Protea’s parts in different missions of the game. The Warframe game is all about having fun while finding things and making progress. So start scrolling, gather your team, and start the missions.

Before long, you’ll have all of Protea’s parts and time powers to be super strong in battles.

Let’s start the mission to get the Protea Warframe for yourself!

Requirements for Protea in Warframe

Requirements for Protea in Warframe

For a Protea quest, you’ll need a few essential components. Firstly, you’ll need Blueprint, which can be acquired from the Deadlock Protocol quest on the star chart. Additionally, you’ll require her Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems blueprints, which drop from the Jackal elimination on Venus.

To craft these components, you’ll need resources like Copernicus, a control module, Rubedo, Alloy Plate, and more. Make sure to gather these materials in advance to hurry the crafting process.

Once you have all the blueprints and resources, head to your Foundry to start building Protea. With these components in hand, you’ll be well on your way to adding this versatile warframe to your weapons.

How to Farm Warframe Protea Parts

How to Farm Warframe Protea Parts

Gathering the best Protea warframe farm guide parts demands a few steps. Fight against Granum Void enemies on various Ship tilesets to obtain Granum Crowns. Use these Crowns at the Vallis Granum Crowns in Fortuna.

Participate in Granum Void missions by inserting Crowns into the machine and defeating enemies – the tier of Crown used affects drop rates. To farm Protea’s blueprint, fight Jackal on Fossa, Venus. His boss fight can drop the blueprint. Vitrica requires Entrati standing – reach Family Rank 5 and buy the blueprint from Grandmother.

Collect resources like Vitrica Blade and Vitrica Essence from Necramechs in Isolation Vaults on Deimos. Combine these components to complete the Vitrica sword. Remember, persistence is key when farming Protea parts – with determination, you’ll soon wield power in battle.

Parts of Protea

1. Protea System

Protea System

To acquire the essential parts for building a Protea warframe abilities, you’ll need to understand its complex systems. These surround the Warframe’s core functionalities, influencing its performance in combat. Systems hold the blueprint for Protea’s abilities, guiding time manipulation and mechanical skills.

Engaging in specific missions and enemy encounters allows one to obtain these popular systems. Jump into various missions to gather these pieces, each contributing to Protea’s unique skill set.

2. Protea Neuroptics

Protea Neuroptics

To obtain Protea Neuroptics, travel into the Granum Void located on Jupiter. Within its mysterious depths, you’ll confront Jackal, a dangerous bunch of bosses.

Participate in battles and become the winner to improve your odds of obtaining the Protea Neuroptics blueprint. Determination is key, as multiple attempts might be necessary. Arm yourself with your finest equipment and harness your Tenno skills to overcome this challenge.

3. Protea Chassis

Protea Chassis

Land on a mission through the complex types of Ship tileset in chasing off the Protea Chassis blueprint. Your target is the Isolator Bursa enemy, a formidable opponent with the potential to yield this valuable blueprint.

Engage with these opponents closely and go on until they give up the famous Chassis blueprint. Your dedication and combat skill will ultimately complete this important segment of your best Protea warframe collection.

4. Protea Blueprints

Protea Blueprints

Involve in the narrative of the Deadlock Protocol quest, which unfolds on the attractive landscape of Venus. This quest not only covers the backstory of Protea warframe and origins but also grants you access to the main blueprint as a given reward.

Navigate through the quest’s complexes, following each step to unlock this essential component. Your commitment to the quest’s challenges will reach a peak in attaining Protea’s main blueprint, setting your connection to this powerful Warframe.

Unveiling Protea Resources

1. Morphics


Collecting Morphics is an essential step in building the various parts of the Protea warframe. Mars is the designated planet for acquiring Morphics, with missions such as the Mars Junction and War missions offering ideal opportunities for collecting Morphics.

An effective strategy for gathering Morphics is to participate in missions. Remember that Morphics can be acquired both from the environment and as drops from defeated enemies during these missions.

2. Copernics


Completing your cache of Protea warframe quest components has a reserve of Copernics. Involve in activities within the group of dominated domains of the Star Chart to procure this essential resource.

Seek out resource deposits or take opportunities from fallen adversaries to gather Copernics, underscoring the need for attention during your missions. Your resourcefulness will undoubtedly be the key to collecting a large collection of Copernics.

3. Orokin Cell

Orokin Cell

Obtaining Orokin Cells is essential for successfully assembling the best Protea warframe. These cells are mainly found on the Saturn and Ceres planets. To gather Orokin Cells, engaging in Survival or Defense missions on these planets is important.

While on these missions, look for specially marked storage containers, as they frequently house Orokin Cells, providing an extra incentive for thorough exploration.

4. Carbides


Carbides, the strong building blocks of Protea’s parts, can be secured through fast combat against enemies in Grineer-controlled sectors, particularly highlighting Disruption missions. The crucible of battle yields these tough materials, a testament to their importance in creating various facets of the Protea warframe farm guide.

Push yourself forward in battles, shifting the balance in your favor to gather a stock of Carbides for your attempts.

5. Control Module

control module

Control Modules hold a major role in the construction process of the Protea warframe quest. These modules can be sourced from the Europa tileset. Among the Jupiter nodes, Elara stands out as a prime location for acquiring Control Modules.

Engaging in survival missions or efficiently eliminating enemies on this point will increase your chances of obtaining these vital components for Protea’s assembly.

6. Cubic Diodes

Cubic Diodes

These remarkable devices are essential for crafting Protea’s components. Traveling into the depths of Railjack missions will lead you to the hidden troves of Cubic Diodes. Find with sharp eyes to uncover these vital components, and be on the lookout for special containers or lockers where this semiconductor device might be hiding away.

To increase your purchasing potential, consider equipping a resource-boosting Warframe or gear tailored for resource addition. Your dedication will be rewarded with these otherwise elusive items.

7. Cryotic


The addition of Cryotic plays an important role in the overall construction process of the Protea warframe quest. For those aiming to gather Cryotic efficiently, digging missions on planets like Pluto, Earth, and Europa present optimal sources.

Mining the Cryotic deposits during these missions allows you to assemble the required quantity. Notably, higher-level digging missions offer greater Cryotic rewards, making them the preferred choice for those looking to streamline their farming efforts.

8. Neural Sensors

Neural Sensors

Neural Sensors are incredibly valuable components required for crafting the Protea warframes, the versatile Warframe. These sensors can be located on Jupiter, specifically on the Io and Alad V nodes.

To increase your chances of obtaining Neural Sensors, it’s advisable to engage in repeated runs of these nodes. The distinctive blue, glowing containers often contain these sought-after sensors, so observe while being thorough in your search.

Tips for Building Protea in Warframe

Tips for Building Protea in Warframe

Building an effective Protea Warframe while utilizing a mechanical keyboard requires strategic mod choices. Start with strengths, a frame with excellent crowd control and damage abilities. Begin by increasing the Blaze Artillery’s ability to add mods that boost its damage and efficiency. Use Dispensary to keep your energy up to prioritize mods for energy generation and duration.

For survivability, focus on Shield Saturation to increase shields and shield recharge rate—Protea warframe abilities temporal anchor benefits from mods that extend the duration. Don’t forget Grenade Fan augments it for added utility. Adapt mods based on your play style. If you favor the offense, highlight strength and damage.

For a support role, concentrate on energy management and survivability. Remember, Protea excels in flexibility, so mix and match mods to suit your preferred playstyle.


We’ve seen that obtaining Protea warframe farm guide parts in 2023 requires careful planning and dedication. By facing the enemies in the Granum Void on Jupiter’s tileset, you can gather the needed Granum Crowns. These Crowns unlock special treasure rooms that grant essential Protea blueprints. Regularly participating in Void Storms offers an additional chance to collect Crowns. Coordinating with fellow Tenno for efficient missions can lead to quicker Crown collection.

Remember, patience is key when aiming to collect Protea’s components. Actively engaging in missions and gathering the rewards of the Granum Void will gradually bring you closer to success. As you journey through the process of obtaining Protea’s parts, enjoy the excitement of discovery and the fellowship of working alongside other players.

With determination and team spirit, you’ll soon have all the components needed to craft the Warframe abilities and add unique abilities to your weapons. So, gear up and enjoy the adventure that Warframe’s universe offers in 2023.

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