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The Index is also a part of Warframe, but it was no so famous in its early days. However, it has come into existence after few years of its launch, and since then, it has made its name in Credit farming.

In this guide, we will discuss every point that focuses on the Index and the weapons that will be necessary for us in the missions. Also, this guide will focus on the critical objectives of Warframes, different mechanics, and weapon choices that can put us in a better place for understanding.

The Index Guide

The first and foremost thing that we want you to note is that the Index itself is not complicated. Besides, it is a simple build that we can use in our mission. However, it seems a bit rough because of the risk and payout but, the higher the risk, the higher is the payout. In this case, you will also be needed to know if you are choosing a higher risk, then that means that the level of the enemies will also be higher.

The Index – Endurance Run

As we just discussed that the Index itself is simple, and you only need to choose a risk for your group to wager some credits. However, the only thing that you will have to take care of is that once you choose a high risk then, the level of the enemies in the mission will also be higher. Also, Index is a team-based game, and therefore, four Warframes are needed for that.

The Index – Endurance Run

You can also choose to play it solo or with one friend, but in that case, the remaining slots will be filled by random Warframe Specters. You can also try to hold on in the game so that you earn more points but remember that you need not hold on for more than 15. Do not go at high risk if you are playing solo or with a single friend. Always remember that to go for the high risk you should be a part of a team.

Picking Your Load

This is the second most important thing in the Index. If you want to be successful in the Index then you will have to understand that it depends on the choices of Warframes, teammates, and the Weapons.

The enemies that are there inside the Index are of higher level, and they also possess some abilities that are difficult to counter if you do not have much idea about the Index. Therefore a team is always recommended before taking part in the mission.

However, if you are more interested in going solo, then you can choose a low-risk mission for yourself. This mission will not be that helpful or provide more payout, but it can still provide you a little payout along with experience of the mission.

So, before entering the mission, you must do a thorough check of the mission to get the knowledge of whether it is suitable for you to go alone or with the team.

How to beat the Index Alone?

Now, we will discuss how we can beat the Index alone if we have entered the mission without a team. For this, the first and the foremost thing that you need to take care of is that you choose an easy or medium-level risk mission so that you can survive throughout the mission.

Doing the higher-risk mission is not recommended if you are playing solo. So, if you did not find time to go looking for a team then, you can give it a solo try.

How to beat the Index Alone

Always keep in mind that double credit events will double the profits in the end so, it is mandatory for you to spend a few Platinum on the one-day booster. Now, as you will be playing with three computer allies then, you can try to play around them so that they get killed, and you collect the dropped points for yourself. Another thing is that you can offer them as bait for the enemies and let them come to get them, and then you can kill them with your abilities.

Build the Right Team

As of now, you must have known that how important a team can be in the mission. It is always suggested that you must be a part of some team so that there will be three allies supporting you if you are going with higher risk. So, building the right team is the essential task that is there for the mission. A team must contain a Tank Warframe, Utility Warframe, DPS Warframe, and an Energy Warframe.

Build the Right Team

If your team has these Warframes, it will be easier for you to survive throughout the mission, and killing enemies will also be an easier task for you. These Warframes have abilities that you can use to kill enemies.


In this guide, we discussed how we can build our team for the Index and what are the things that we must keep in mind while building our team. Do remember that playing solo is useful only if you are choosing a low-risk mission.

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